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Which Archwing is best for you?
Let them be your wings.

Ah, Archwing. Your Warframe might be able to leap and jump through the air and run on walls, but you’re still limited to fighting things on land. The Archwing changes that. You can fight using the Archwing’s abilities in space in Archwing specific missions, or later, on Railjack missions. You can also fight from the skies of the open-world regions of Earth, Venus, and Deimos. You also use the Archwing to move through any aquatic tiles. Here’s a list comparing all the current Archwings in the game to help you choose the right one for you.

5. Odanata

​This is your introductory Archwing. It’s named after the order of carnivorous insects which include dragonflies, which your Warframe somewhat resembles when in Archwing mode – and you’re now just as deadly in the skies. Basic but balanced, this is a decent start, but nothing exceptional.

The Odanata’s first ability, ‘Energy Shell’, creates a shield that absorbs enemy fire for a time. The shield will move with you, so it’s only good at blocking anything from the front, and can’t do anything against are-of-effect damage. Any shots fired through the shield from you or your allies will gain heat and critical damage. The second ability, ‘Disarray’, creates a flare that will neutralize any enemy projectiles or missiles. It can also be used to stun enemies but does not affect Dargyns.

‘Seeking Fire’ is an offensive ability that creates homing missiles, chasing an enemy down for a distance and dealing blast damage on impact. These missiles are affected by ‘Energy Shell’. Be careful using this ability on any close-range enemies though, as it can do damage to Warframes caught up in the blast. Fortunately the fourth ability, ‘Repel’, allows you to push back enemies whilst dealing impact damage and disabling their mobility for a time.

What the Odanata Excels In:

  • Getting you started
  • Defending – ‘Repel’’s ability to push enemies back is    helpful, and your relatively stationary position makes ‘Energy Shell’ much easier for allies to use.     

How to Get Odanata: Received during ‘The Archwing’ quest on Mars.

Odanata details

4. Odanata Prime

This is the prime version of the Odanata. It has slightly improved stats, with better health, shields, and flight speed. It also has an additional Naramon polarity. However, since this has the same ability set as the base Odanata, this Archwing is ultimately nothing to write home about. As the only prime Archwing, this is probably the hardest to get a hold of, and for most people, it’s just not worth it. Unless you really love your Odanata or are a completionist, it’s probably not worth the effort.

What the Odanata Prime Excels In:

  •  Everything the basic Odanata does, whilst being a little tankier and faster

​How to Get the Odanata Prime: Collect and open relics or trade for the blueprints.

Odanata Prime details

3. Elytron

The Elytron has the highest total health and shields of the currently available Archwings. This is appropriate, given its name refers to the hardened forewings of beetles. Elytron’s first ability fires a projectile that will track an enemy within close range. If none are in range, it instead will track your HUD’s reticle. Reactivating the ability will detonate the charge, dealing blast damage.

Elytron’s second ability is comparable to the Odanata’s, as it also neutralizes missiles and projectiles. Instead of producing a flare, ‘Core Vent’ leaves contrails behind. Whilst lacking ‘Disarray’’s additional ability to stun targets, these contrails can be affected by duration mods and can therefore persist for much longer.

The third ability ‘Thumper’ launches a beacon that will detonate on impact or by reactivating the ability, dealing blast damage within a radius. This also pushes enemies back, making this comparable to Odanata’s ‘Repel’, but with more control over the point enemies are pushed back from. Elytron’s fourth ability, ‘Warhead’, releases a reticle-guided missile that deals blast damage to the first solid thing it comes into contact with. This detonation also pushes enemies back.

The Elytron was designed with offense in mind, and it shows. Whilst it’s reliant on your detonating projectiles at the most opportune moment, the Elytron has a lot more damage potential than the Odanata, earning it a higher place on this list.

What the Elytron Excels In:

  • High shield and health for survivability  
  • Damaging abilities

How to Get the Elytron: Acquired from the Tenno Research Lab in the Clan Dojo.

Elytron details

2. Itzal

Itzal means shadow, an appropriate name for the stealth Archwing. Probably your best choice for solo play, the Itzal is also the fastest of the current Archwings. This also makes it a popular choice when combat isn’t the priority, like if you’re wanting to use an Archwing to just get from A to B.

The Itzal’s first ability, ‘Arch Line’, fires a grappling hook. Hitting a location will pull you to it, or you can hit an enemy or ally and pull them to you. Enemies hit by it are also dealt slash damage. This ability is considered silent by the game, so it will not break stealth.

The second ability, ‘Penumbra’, creates a stealth field for you and your allies. It drains energy whilst it’s active – fortunately, the Itzal has the largest base energy pool of all Archwings. This ability also reset enemy alertness and even nullifies tractor beams, so it’s a useful defensive ability mid-combat too.

‘Cosmic Crush’ forms a black hole in front of you that pulls in enemies and drops within range, before eventually exploding within blast damage. The Itzal’s final ability, ‘Fighter Escort’, creates drones that will continuously attack enemies, dealing electricity damage. At the end of the ability’s duration, or if a drone is destroyed by enemy fire, a drone will deal blast damage within a radius.

The Itzal’s ability to stealth as an Archwing, alongside its diverse damage types and top speed, make it one of the best Archwings in the game. 

What the Itzal Excels In:

  • Going fast     
  • Stealth

How to Get the Itzal: Acquired from the Tenno Research Lab in the Clan Dojo.

Itzal details

1. Amesha

Amesha’s name refers to how survivable this Archwing is, being translated as either ‘powerful’ or ‘immortal’. It is the only Archwing that can heal and generate energy, and has an excellent supportive kit, earning it the top spot on this list.

‘Watchful Swarm’, the first ability, creates defensive drones which will block an instance of damage each – including area-of-effect damage. The higher the ability strength, the greater the number of drones. Allies can be targeted to provide them with drones, and the ability does not interrupt any other activities, so this can easily be activated whenever necessary.

The second ability, ‘Benevolent Decoy’, generates two differently sized bubbles from Amesha’s current location. At the center is a small bubble, which will block friendly and hostile projectiles passing through it, effectively creating cover. Any damage done by enemies to the bubble will heal any allies within range. The large bubble redirects any hostile fire towards the small bubble, showing the area of its pull. The duration of this ability can also be stacked up to three times by recasting the ability on the same location, and up to three decoys can be created at a time.

Amesha’s third ability, ‘Warding Grace’, creates a field effect that renders all allies within its status immune along with removing existing negative statuses. Enemies within the field have their movement and attack speed reduced, allowing this ability to act as both a cleanse and control. It is important to be aware that the ability will persist and continue to drain energy until you deactivate it by pressing its key again.

Finally, Amesha’s fourth ability, ‘Vengeful Rush’, creates a field that will convert all damage taken by Amesha into Energy. You and your allies also gain a bonus to ability range, strength, and duration, making Amesha excellent at synergizing with other frames’ damage abilities. Amesha is effectively immortal until their energy pool is filled whilst this ability is active, making this the most survivable Archwing.

What the Amesha Excels In:

  • Buffing and healing your allies
  • Debuffing your enemies
  • Regenerating energy

How to Get the Amesha: Acquired from the Tenno Research Lab in the Clan Dojo.

Amesha details

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