[Top 10] ESO Best Sorcerer Builds 2021

ESO Best Sorcerer Builds
The Best of Sorcery

Elevate your Sorcery

You delve into the land of Tamriel and decide to pursue the magical arts as a sorcerer, You’re deciding what to do with it the sorcerer can Tank, Heal, and deal damage with their abilities, but what are they really the best for?

Are you looking to see what the Sorcerer can do? Or just looking for a new build to wreak havoc on your foes? Then This Guide is for You!

10. “Shock Scion” PVE Magicka Vampire Sorcerer

Vampirism and Sorcery

The Shock Scion Build Video

The Shock Scion is a great build combining the sorcerer’s abilities with the Vampire’s powers, you can deal enormous amounts of damage, with great Survivability during Solo fights.

The New Moon Set is a great damage set even with the extra cost to abilities it fits well in this build, it might take some time to obtain as it needs 9 Traits to craft, but with the help of a crafter you should be able to get this.

Excels In:

  • Great Sustain and High Damage Potential if you can utilize the Vampire Abilities
  • Easily Solos Most World Bosses
  • High Survivability and Resistances from the combination of Sorcerer and Vampire Skills


  • Learn to manage your Sated Fury (you only want it to be on for about 4 to 5 casts of your spammable before turning it off) and always have Critical Surge when casting it, once you are getting low turn Sated Fury off to heal back to full
  • Always have your Critical Surge and Boundless Storm up as this will make sure you don’t take too much damage as you will be up close with enemies.

9. “The Stormfather” Magicka Healer Sorcerer  

What a shocking Healer!

The Stormfather is a decent healer build if you need your Sorcerer to be in the supporting Role, the build has decent survivability for a healer and awesome Ultimate Generation so that you can cast your Aggressive Horn more often to deal more damage.

The Olorime and Saxhleel Champion Set may take awhile to get as these are trial sets from Summerset and Blackwood, but if you are able to get these for this build, you will be able to utilize the sets to increase your group’s overall damage substantially.

Excels In:

  • Great CC and access to burst heals, Excellent for a Dungeon Healer
  • Great option when you are teamed up with Magicka DPS allies as your Dark Magic Passive to increases your group’s Spell Critical.
  • Easy access to Lightning Skills to apply Concussion on enemies for them to take 5% more damage.


  • Make sure you constantly apply your Lightning Skills to have the highest uptime possible for concussion
  • Precast your Dark Magic Skills to gain the Spell Critical Buff
  • Your Twilight Tormentor's Heal has long range and it's a smart heal, utilize this if your groupmates are spread out and you can heal at least 2 from your group, even without looking at them, even better if you are in a small group or a dungeon. 

8. “Wildstorm” PVE Sorcerer Tank

Only thing better than a lot of resources is unlimited resources

The Wildstorm is an awesome Tank Option for PVE Dungeons, World Boss Content and even Trials, the build provides some of the best resource sustain and increases your group’s damage with your DoTs, Passives and Gear Sets, this build also has great survivability as you can easily manage your Stamina and Magicka thanks to the Sorcerer Skills.

The Build provides a good amount of gear options, as you won’t have access to Galenwe and Yolnahkriin Trial Sets early on, you are provided with easy to Obtain Overland and Dungeon sets with Plague Doctor and Ebon Armor which are great starter sets for tanks.

Excels In:

  • Resource Sustaining Tank, manage your dark deal and heavy attacks and you won’t fear running out of resources.
  • High Survivability with the Sorcerer Pet combined with Barrier, you always have an emergency Heal to keep you up in fights
  • Awesome Ultimate Generation and Crowd Control


  • Constantly Apply your Lightning Blockade and Restraining Prison on enemies to root them and keep them in your Blockade for the entire duration.
  • Utilize your Clannfear Heal whenever you are in a pinch and use your barrier when your group is going to take heavy damage and you need time to recover.
  • Utilize your Sets if you have Galenwe and Yolnahkriin, keep blocking and keep taunting to constantly apply your set’s effects.

 7. “Easy Sorc” PVE Magicka Heavy Attack Sorcerer

Easy to use but goes hard on the DPS.

The Easy Sorc Build Video

The Easy Sorc is a great balanced PVE Magicka Sorcerer DPS, combining high DPS with awesome survivability, it is also a good starter option for players as it is easy to learn, and the Undaunted Infiltrator, Infallible Aether and Medusa Gear Sets can be accessed from the Base game.

Excels In:

  • Great for Applying AOE Damage to enemies
  • A lot of options for applying Concussion to maximize uptime.
  • Insane Sustain with a Heavy Attack Build


  • Utilize targeting for your Daedric Mines, try to hit as many mines as you can to maximize your damage output
  • Always follow your rotation with a Heavy Attack in between Daedric Mines, it will provide you sustain and utilize your sets to their fullest
  • Utilize your Shields and make sure your Critical Surge and Boundless Storms are always up for survivability

6. “God Mode” Solo PVE Magicka Sorcerer

Godly Sorcery

The Solo Magicka Sorcerer is one of the best options for Soloing Arenas and World Bosses with ease, as this build has awesome damage and survivability for being a Magicka DPS, the Burning Spellweave, Medusa and Slimecraw sets are easy to obtain from the base game content.

Excels In:

  • High Survivability for Solo World Boss Content and Arenas
  • Awesome DPS Build viable for Difficult Dungeons


  • Keep your Resistance buffs up for to increase Survivability.
  • Use your Heals and Shields when you are in a pinch.
  • Get used to casting Crystal Fragments, it can be awkward to spam at first but is rewarding once you are able to get the timing right.

5. “Hybrid Sorc” Hybrid PVE Magicka/Stamina Sorcerer 

Blades and Magic 

Hybrid Sorcerer Build Video

The Hybrid Sorcerer is one of the most creative sorcerer builds, combining Stamina and Magicka Sorcerer Skills with a combination of Stamina and Magicka based Gear Sets it creates a build that is viable even in the most difficult Trials and Dungeons.

Excels In:

  • High DPS Build perfect for Trials and Dungeons.
  • Great Survivability with a lot of resources for dodge rolling and High Resistances


  • Make sure to follow your rotation to maximize your damage output
  • Use the appropriate spammable skills during your execute phase to make sure you can take out enemies faster.

4. “Meta” PVP Magicka Sorcerer

Be the God in PVP with sorcery


The Meta PVP Magicka Sorcerer is a great option to use for all PVP Content, using Sorcerer Skills, Gear Sets and Mythic Items, it provides awesome mobility, burst damage access and survivability to succeed in PVP.

Excels In: 

  • High Burst Damage for low health pool enemies
  • High Sustain with large Magicka Pool from Gear Sets and Sorcerer Skills 
  • Awesome Mobility with Streak and Boundless Storm


  • Make sure to have Shields up when you get into a fight to make sure your shields absorb most of the damage and allow you to win tradeoffs
  • Use Streak to get near or get away from enemies but always look at how many times you cast this, as continuous use will quickly drain you of Magicka

3. “109K+” PVE Stamina Sorcerer 

Boatload of Damage!

PVE Stamina Sorcerer Build Video

The PVE Stamina Sorcerer is one of the most viable and easy to use Melee Sorcerer builds that is viable in all PVE dungeon and Trial Content as DPS, this build has awesome survivability being a stamina build and access to the sorcerer’s healing Clannfear pet. 

Excels In:

  • Single Target Fights such as Trial Bosses
  • Dungeon and Trial Instances with such high DPS and Survivability


  • Always follow your rotation and make sure to be aware of your enemies hp to take advantage of your skills which are more effective during execute phase.
  • Always manage your DoTs to maximize your DPS on your enemies
  • You won’t need to cast your Twilight Tormenter’s Skill, as it is a waste of resources and doesn’t deal too much damage, use your resources on other high damage skills.

2. “Bonk” PVP Ganking Stamina Sorcerer 

Apply Bonk to your enemies 

The PVP Stamina Sorcerer is one of the best builds especially made for ganking in Cyrodiil, to take out your enemies with a combination of ranged and melee skills, they won’t even know what hit them.

Excels In:

  • Access to high burst damage to assassinate enemies
  • Great Sustain with Sorcerer and Mage’s Guild Skills
  • Awesome Mobility and Hiding Abilities to get away from Enemies


  • Utilize Sneaking as you ambush enemies, streak in and dodge roll to get near enemies to hit Heavy Attacks and unload your skills before streaking out.
  • Always make sure to check your resources before going in fights, look to replenish your resources with Dark Deal and Spell Symmetry before fighting again.

1. “Magicka Meta” PVE Magicka Sorcerer 

Magicka Sorcerer hit's hard

107K Magicka Sorcerer Build Video

The PVE Meta Magicka Sorcerer is the best Sorcerer build and even probably the best DPS class and build in ESO for trials and Dungeons, with the awesome sustain and damage provided by the class and your gear sets, this build can conquer any PVE content you throw at it.

Excels In:

  • Any Trial or Dungeon as a Ranged DPS, you have a substantial advantage especially in dealing with mechanics in Trials
  • Awesome Sustained Damage and Burst Damage with a combination of DoTs and Spammable Skills.
  • Great Execute Phase for a Ranged Magicka DPS


  • Utilize a Dynamic Rotation during your DPS Phase and you should be able to sustain your resource pool for the entire fights
  • Make sure you have your food buffs and utilize your potions as much as you can to maximize your damage output
  • Always make sure you have access to Minor Force, if you choose Barbed Trap or Channeled Acceleration as your Source.

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