Top 25 Best ESO Addons Every Player Needs To Use

Best ESO Addons
Addon's - they don't just look cool

What are addons and why you need them?

Addons are a great tool that PC players of the Elder Scrolls Online can take advantage of. Designed and created by other canny players of the game, addon’s adapt and change the player's ability to play the game to their preferred style, with the addition of searchable guild stores, mini map overlays, buff counters etc. Whilst no two addons for ESO are the same, each do add a lot to the gameplay and customizability of the player screen for PC gamers. 

Depending on your prefered method of gaming, you might like to track your PvP kill count in order to know what a God of the slice and dice you are. Or, as a thieving Tamriel Junkie you might want to deconstruct stolen armour and sell your wares for the best price in order to make millions of morally-dubious gold. Whatever your desires, there is most likely an addon out there for you. And to cut down your research time, here are the top 25 Best ESO add-ons to consider. 

What is Minion and why should you use it?

There are two ways of adding addons into your game. The first involves locating your ESO folder on your computer and searching for the addon folder within. This works with Steam players in particular. Once found, simply download the addon you want and extract the files to the addon folder and voula. 

The other option is by utilising an application known as Minion, and no, we’re not talking about the yellow blobs that work for Gru...Minion is a piece of software that allows ESO enthusiasts to not only download addons, but saves them the hassle of having to manually update the addons when new patches come out.  

To download simply go to

Once installed, the software will keep a tally of all the addons you have installed for ESO and will tell you when they need to updating. It does this automatically for one once you hit the update button, so you won’t need to trudge through all your folders in order to drop the new patch notes in. 

And added bonus of Minion is that you can search for new ESO addons via their ‘find more’ button and it will link you directly to the website from the same screen. 

25. Sorry, Not Sorry!

What is there to say about this one? Though it is simple and we hope to never have to use it, there is no denying that on occasion, as with any game, we want to, no need to shut someone up! Sorry, not Sorry is a private message blocker that means you do not have to listen to other people's nonsense in chat, whilst also not having to block them altogether. You know, so you can turn that nerd into dungeon dragon fodder without hurting their feelings. 

How Sorry, Not Sorry is Useful:

  • Blocks private messages without blocking player
  • Stops you from feeding the Trolls
  • Effectively shut up people you enjoy playing with but don’t like listening to - because they talk rubbish

Get the mod here.

24. Pet Zone 

Pet Zone is an easy to use app that allows players to customers their non-combat companions based on the zone they are in. For instance, some pets are found or are more aesthetically suited to particular locations, such as the Baby Griffin to Summerset. However, this app really comes in handy when playing in highly populated areas, such as when running dolmans in the dessert or dungeons, as you can pre-set your pet to off and save yourself from laggers death. 

How Pet Zone is Useful:

  • Allows for easy pet customizability 
  • Puts your pet away in high traffic areas
  • Cuts down on pet lag

Get the mod here.

23. Mini Maps

Mini Maps is a fab little app - by providing players with, as the name suggests, a mini map in the corner of their screen with all the same information as the games main map, this addon cuts out the need for hitting a button every time you want to know where the nearest Wayshrine is. 

How Mini Maps is Useful:

  • Players can see what is around their avatar without having to pull up a new screen 
  • Several styles of map mean finding the best fit for you
  • Never miss resources again!

Get the mod here.

22. Kill Counter

Ever wondered just how much of a demon you are in PvP? Well, thanks to the Kill Counter, you can find out! Tallying your kill record in Cyrodil and other player vs player combat areas such as battlegrounds, it's a great way of focusing on your gameplay whilst being able to easily see how awesome you are. 

How Kill Counter is Useful:

  • Keeps track of the death tally and stats 
  • Kill Streak Alerts to make you feel like a God
  • Keep and Resource Capture alerts for players in PvP

Get the mod here.

21. Skyshards


Skyshards are perhaps the most coveted resource in ESO as they aid players in gaining skill points. However, they are hard to find if you don’t know where to look. You could easily spend many hours riding through Tamriel on your noble mount searching...or you could just download Skyshards and have all of their locations pinned on your map. Whatever floats your boat really. 

How Skyshards is Useful:

  • You need skill points, and Skyshards give them to you
  • Easy to find, less frustrating and allows you to keep from pulling your hair out
  • Allows you to see all uncollected Skyshard in map, whether in delves, Cyrodiil etc. 

Get the mod here.

20. Dressing Room 


Ever get frustrated swapping equipment and skills in your action bar from PvP to PvE? Well Dressing Room is the addon for you, my friends! Not only does it allow you to tailor your fighting skills to your environment, but it allows for easy weapon and armour swaps too. With up to 24 configurations tailored for you, by you, never again will you get annoyed that you forgot to put your Selene set on in the middle of a fight. 

How Dressing Room is Useful:

  • The customizability of armor and weapon sets for easy switching
  • Relieves brain function by not making you remember to put all your gear on  
  • Hotkeys - because clicking things is redundant. 

Get the mod here.

19. Item Saver

Item Saver is a life saver for anyone looking to collect certain set pieces, make gold or just not forget themselves and hit destroy on an item they want. Using a colour coded symbol system to help identify different types of valuables, such as Monster Sets, high-value pieces etc, the Item Saver addon not only shows you what you have but can lock items. Thus preventing you from accidentally losing them by selling, trading or any other such stupidity. 

How Item Saver is Useful:

  • Customizable Item key for your inventory
  • Locks items so you don’t get rid of them by mistake
  • Shows bindable items before they are bound to character

Get the mod here.

18. Advance Member Tooltip

Are you a Guild Master or one of their lackeys? Do you need to keep an eye on guild activity or are just nosy and want to see how much gold other people are making the Guild Bank? Advance Member Tooltip shows useful information about your Guild’s recruits such as how many days since they joined and the income they have contributed to the cause via the bank. 

How Advance Member Tooltip is Useful:

  • Can see how long members have been with the guild
  • Tracks deposits and withdrawals from the Guild Bank to see if anyone is taking advantage. 

Get the mod here.

17. Lights of Meridia

Whilst its all very well and good running around in a group, it's not always as easy to keep an eye on your team. Whilst the Crown or group leader is often shown on your map bar, problems arise when looking for other players in your group or when you are the Crown yourself. This addon allows you to see your teammates without having to open the map. By casting them in coloured beams of light that can be seen from a distance. 

How Lights of Meridia is Useful:

  • Works in Battlegrounds, Cyrodiil and World Zones
  • You can change the colours to suit your preference
  • Track fallen members with different highlights so you can help them more quickly. 

Get the mod here:

16. Voltan’s Fisherman

Ah fishing, the Trisitan pass-time for Perfect Roe hunters and recipe seekers alike. Voltan’s Fisherman is a very useful app that allows anglers to see what bait to use and what fish they have previously caught in a fishing hole. This is a great way of tracking what is available in certain areas and keeping an eye on your Master Angler achievement. 

How Voltan’s Fisherman is Useful:

  • Shows where fishing holes you have previously been to are
  • Show what fish have been previously caught in certain areas
  • Shows rarer items in different colour

Get the mod here.

15. Craft Bag Extended

Craft Bag Extended is an addon for ESO Plus Members that allows for easier access of your craft bag supplies. By allowing you to retrieve and stow crafting materials without first having to split the stack into your inventory, Craft Bag Extended grants access to your materials through all inventory menus, such as banks and player to player trading.  

How Craft Bag Extended is Useful:

  • Easy access to crafting materials
  • You don’t have to take up bag space by splitting stacks in order to interact with crafting items
  • Adds inventory info bar to the bottom of craft bag. 

Get the mod here.

14. Potion Maker 

Potion Maker is the addon for all alchemy enthusiasts. Altering your crafting screen at the alchemy station, the addon allows for easier crafting of different potions. By using a symbol system instead of written, creation of certain concoctions is simpler, whilst also providing you with a running tally of your reagents so you can see what can and can’t be made.

HowPotion Maker is Useful:

  • Easy to use
  • Marks potions already in your inventory
  • Favorites option

Get the mod here.

13. Buff Timer

It’s so easy to forget to renew your buffs whilst in combat and find yourself dead on the floor because you were too focused on the fight before you. Buff Timer adds a countdown to your abilities bar that literally ticks down the seconds until you can use a skill again. Customizable, the addon allows you to focus on one or all buffs, so that you can concentrate on defending yourself instead of spamming a spell thats not ready again yet. 

How Buff Timer is Useful:

  • Shows cooldowns for all buffs 
  • Easy to read
  • Doesn’t only work on buffs but abilities as well

Get the mod here.

12. Action Duration Reminder

Similar to our previous entry, the Action Duration Reminder is a countdown addon focusing on the remaining duration or cooldown of buffs and abilities. Unlike its predecessor however, this addon shows not only the active abilities bar, but both, so you can always keep tabs on what can be renewed without having to flick back and forth. 

How Action Duration Reminder is Useful:

  • Shows cooldowns
  • Tracks both buff bars
  • Blinks 0.0 at you when the timer runs out so you don’t forget to hit it again

Get the mod here.

11. Craft Store


A blessing for all crafters! Craft Store tracks all known traits, styles, recipes, and blueprints for all Crafting types that can be viewed across all characters. Why is this so great? When you find a motif or trait, you can check straight away if it's useful to you without having to go to a specific crafting station. It’s such a time saver! 

How Craft Store is Useful:

  • Tracks all learnable skills such as styles, recipes and traits. 
  • Can set research and mount training reminders
  • Can easily view all crafting skills in one simple screen. 

Get the mod here.

10. Dolgubon’s Lazy Writ Crafter


Another great app for crafters. Dolgubon’s Lazy Writ Crafter auto creates items for Crafting Writs, provided you have the necessary ingredients. This addon works for all areas of crafting aside from Provisioning and Alchemy and is a real time saver for those looking to rush through the daily writ. 

How Dolgubon’s Lazy Writ Crafter is Useful:

  • Saves time
  • Creates items in the 9 basic styles
  • Customizable

Get the mod here.

9. Combat Metrics


Seeking to become indestructible? But can’t fight to save your life? Whilst leveling up and developing new skills and characters always comes with a learning curve, Combat Metrics seeks to limit the timeframe in which you can become an awesome fighter by providing you with a tool to analyze your fight so that you can improve. 

How Combat Metrics is Useful:

  • Allows you to seem when you DPS is at max level
  • Tracks all fights for self-reflection 
  • See how you died

Get the mod here.

8. Srendarr - Aura, Buff & Debuff Tracker

Not every buff trackers is made equally, and Srendarr is a cut above the others in that, not only does it come with a shiny green tracker that ticks away around the icon border, but it trackers group member states as well. That’s right. You can now see how your healing and area of effect skills are affecting your friends and aid accordingly. 

How Srendarr is Useful:

  • Cool countdown graphics as well as practical ones
  • Tracks buffs and debuffs etc
  • Shows group members states as well

Get the mod here.

7. Master Recipe List


Calling all crafting enthusiasts! Here is the one-stop shop for all your provisioning abilities - in that it shows you everything you can craft in one useful location. Making provisioning easier, the addon allows for specific searches, such as recipes involved in active writs, and provides you with a list of all known, unknown and writ-required recipes. 

How Master Recipe List is Useful:

  • Can delete tracking for old characters
  • Can open multiple recipe lists at once
  • Ability to track certain ingredients 

Get the mod here.

6. Advanced UI

This is an addon for the ventran player as well as the new. Providing useful tools and stat tracking, it is completely customisable; Advance UI provides players with the unique ability to tailor their in-game screen to suit their needs. For instance, you can add a mini map, customize your action bars, have stats for groups, boss and raids, and track buffs, all to suit your tastes. 

How Advanced UI is Useful:

  • Can track combat and health for bosses, teammates etc
  • Customizable, so you can have as many or as few of these extras as you like
  • The ability to move where you want the overlays to appear on your screen

Get the mod here.

5. Chest Master 9000

Chest Master is a useful tool for all the treasure hunters out there. Whilst activated the addon tracks all of the treasure chests you find within Tameril and adds them to the World Map for easy relocation the next time you are in the area. 

How Chest Master is Useful:

  • Remembers the chests you’ve previously found
  • Helps you find expensive items and gold 
  • Can work with other addons

Get the mod here.

4. Harvest Map

Harvest Map is a Godsend for anyone looking to max out their craft bag with all the resource goodies they can find. By displaying map pins and an icon in the 3D world, Harvest Maps is an easy way for players to collect resources quickly. The app tracks where you have found previous items, such as plants and logs and displays them on your map thereafter. 

How Harvest Map is Useful:

  • Displays all resource nodes that you have previously found
  • Also displayed chests and fishing spots
  • Makes your area map look festive whilst creating an easy to mine harvest path 

Get the mod here.

3. Awesome Guild Store

Awesome Guild Store is just as the name suggests. Awesome! And it makes life so much easier for those looking to purchase from a Guild trader. But adding the ability to search for items, the addon allows for quicker navigation to the items you are actually looking for. Down to searching for traits and specific levels, the Awesome Guild Store is a nifty tool for anyone who regularly participates in buying and selling through a guild. 

How Awesome Guild Store is Useful:

  • Quicker navigation 
  • Refinable Searching
  • Shows Guild Trader location for members selling items from the bank

Get the mod here.

2. Map Pins

For the player that likes to know where everything is, and I do mean pretty much everything - there is Map Pins. From lore books, skyshards, Mundus locations and even Vampire and Werewolf shrines, Map Pin’s is the Bee’s Knees in zone information. With the ability in the menu to turn certain items on and off, players can quickly find what they are looking for in a matter of moments.

How Map Pins is Useful:

  • Choose which pins you want to see
  • Marks everything from World Achievements to Survey Maps
  • Shows locations of Treasure Maps and Surveys in your possession 

Get the mod here.

1. Master Merchant 


Ever seen someone ask about the price of an item in the zone chat? Well that peasant should have downloaded Master Merchant, and so should you. Primed with the knowledge of a thousand guild trades, the Master Merchant helps players find the most recent sales price for their items. By telling you how much gold you can make, this addon allows you to maximise your limited shop space with profitable sales so you can buy the Daggerfall Castle you’ve always wanted. 

How Master Merchant is Useful:

  • Shows average and most recent prices of recently sold goods
  •  Tells you when you have a bargain or a winner
  • Overlays Guild Stores with an easy to search menu

Get the mod here.

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