Templar class revealed with release of Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

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With the release of Morrowind, the Elder Scrolls Online finally introduces a new class.

The existing classes lack a structured skill tree

The Warden does what the existing classes lack: clear cut skill lines, making the skill tree easier to navigate.

Currently, ESO has four classes: Dragonknight, a damage dealer or tank, Sorcerer, damage dealing or healing, Nightblade, damage or healing, and Templar, a multi spec class. Unlike most other MMOs, the ESO classes don’t allow for easy skill progression based on your selected specialisation. Each class has many different abilities that can be used with all weapon sets, so it is up to the player to decide how best they want to play their spec.

This all changes with the Warden. With three clearly defined roles, the skill tree becomes well defined.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – Naryu’s Guide to the Wardens

The Wardens redefine the ESO skill tree

Damage dealers will follow the skill line for Animal Companions. Each skill selection gives you a different animal ally to aid your damage. Cliff Racers, Shalks, Fetcherflies, and Betty Netches are at your call to deal physical and magicka damage to your enemies, and restore health and magicka to your character. Your ultimate ability calls a Feral Guardian to your side, a fearsome war bear with a one minute cooldown.

Healers will select the skill tree for Green Balance. Nature will give your Warden everything it needs to protect and heal yourself and your teammates. Your abilities will grow plants straight out of the ground, healing your allies in a 10 meter diameter. Your ultimate ability boosts your healing powers with a forest that heals up to six of your group at once, perfect for those near wipe raids.

Tanks will move up the skill line for Winter’s Embrace. Your tank will call upon the cold, icy hands of winter to deal damage, heal yourself, and protect you and your allies. The Winter’s Embrace Warden extends frost shields and barriers, brings a powerful healing wind, and brings stakes of ice down at enemies, while the ultimate ability attacks up to 6 targets with a frosty storm and protecting your nearby allies.

However, while there are very clearly defined skill trees, Wardens are not a class for beginners. Many of the abilities require precision and sophistication to use them to deal the most damage or heal accurately.

Who are the Wardens?

In Elder Scrolls lore, many believe that the Wardens are closely connected to the Wood Elf priests known as Spinners. They have a close connection to the god Y’ffre, the deity of song and forest, as do the Spinners. The difference lies where Wardens are militant and will not hesitate to kill to protect the wild, unlike their passive counterparts. Wardens can also come from any race, making them the ultimate customizable character.

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