[Top 5] ESO Best Race For Warden (Ranked Good To Best)

Each Race benefits the Warden build uniquely, so which is right for you?

W​ith any character build, you can create something great and unique to you. Depending on what party position you choose though, whether Tank, DPS, or healer, there are going to be better choices for you when it comes to race that will help you out long term.

The bow wielding forest dwellers with unmatched accuracy.

5. Wood Elf

T​he Bosmer (Wood Elf), can make such a great Stamina Warden DPS in ESO. With high mobility, fast stamina recovery, and great skills with the bow, It is easy to see why they can be a great character build.

  • H​igh Mobility: Passive skills joint with champion point additions will make your character faster than most to an almost ridiculous amount. It can be great for fast questing as well.
  • S​tamina Recovery: The race passives grant a couple thousand extra max stamina as well as stamina recovery. That can mean a large amount of skills and blows being dealt with little need for worry about running out of resources.
  • Experience: The Wood Elf has a connection with bows in lore, being known for insane accuracy and skill. This is present in ESO with racial passives giving the player an increase in bow skill experience gain by 15 percent.

"The Wood Elves, or Bosmer, are mischievous, curious and nimble. Because their homeland of Valenwood is often attacked by the Colovian Imperials, Wood Elves are experts at the art of defense. They are also gifted archers, perhaps the best in all of Tamriel. The capital of the Aldmeri Dominion, Elden Root, lies in the heart of their homeland. It has evolved into a center of political and cultural importance and is of vital strategic importance in the battle to control Tamriel. "

Full build details-https://elderscrollsonline.wiki.fextralife.com/Bosmer+(Wood+Elf)

This race takes walking through fire to a whole new level.

4​. Dark Elf

D​ark Elves have talents useful for a powerful build in ESO. With so much history and inspiring ancient stories to listen to on your quests, you can feel how much thought and back story went into these people and their traditions, culture, and ambitions. Playing as a Dark Elf I would say a DPS warden would be your best bet.

As a Dark Elf you have great potential, having a natural fire resistance, even in lava which is a bit crazy if you think about it. You gain added damage output, great magical and stamina affinity, and a boost to your dual wield skill line if you enjoy that style of fighting.

  • Fire Resistance: N​atural fire resistance, even in lava, is great if you play as a vampire, or are wandering around Morrowind. It can grant you an insane amount, up to 4,620.
  • Damage: T​he damage increase from your passives is a great bonus for putting out great numbers as a DPS.
  • Magicka and Stamina: W​ith a Dark Elf, you can get both magicka and stamina increases with your passives, making one heck of a Hybrid build.
  • Experience: This can be a fun play style, and Dark Elves have a passive to increase the experience gained by 15 percent.

"The Dark Elf homeland of Morrowind has been invaded many times by the Akaviri and the Nords. This history of conflict has transformed the Dunmer into hardened warriors. They also have a natural affinity for magic and great intellect, making them skillful sorcerers. "

Full build details-https://elderscrollsonline.wiki.fextralife.com/Dunmer+(Dark+Elf)

Swamps, poisonous plants, deadly creatures, and a strange history.

3​. Argonian

T​he Argonians have a uniquely strange history, which is saying something in ESO lore. They possess the ability to swim swiftly and have a natural immunity against disease, which stems from the environment they dwell within. A massive marsh that is connected by a type of hive-mind. The Argonians can make great Warden Healers.

A​s an Argonian, you have access to bonuses including healing, resistances, swimming, and resource management. This race has perks to offer, and if you are looking to create a powerful healer, Argonian is the way to go.

  • Experience: A bonus of 15 percent experience gain to the restoration staff skill line.
  • Swimming: I​ncrease of 50 percent swimming speed, that's some Michael Phelps kinda strokes.
  • Potions: D​rinking potions will restore 3125 Health, Magicka, and Stamina. That can be some easy resource management there.
  • Immunity: C​omplete immunity to the disease effect, and a big resistance to poisons as well.
  • Healing: L​astly if you do choose a healer, you gain an increase to healing done by 6 percent.

"The Argonians are possessed of a cool intellect, and are well-versed in the magical arts, stealth, and blades. They are also guerilla warfare experts, long accustomed to defending their borders from invaders. They often serve as the scouts and skirmishers for the forces of the Pact. "

Full build details-https://elderscrollsonline.wiki.fextralife.com/Argonian

Trained to fight, strategic enough to win.

2​. Imperial

I​mperials are one of the strongest Tank classes in ESO right now, and it is not too hard to see why. They have a long-standing battle history, as well as a desire to conquer. They are a warrior class not to be trifled with. Strong and smart, they represent tactics and training. The Imperials make for great Warden Tanks, while still putting out decent damage.

T​he Imperials passives are mainly poised around strength and withstanding blows. A bonus to health and stamina, extra experience to the sword and shield skill line, and if you like gold, they have a passive for that too.

  • Stamina and Health: W​ith stamina and health, you gain an extra 2000 max to both.
  • Experience: A​n extra 15 percent to the sword and shield skill line is a huge bonus when leveling up your character.
  • Gold: E​xtra gold gained might come in handy when heading into the local taverns, and as an Imperial you get a small bonus to gold gained as well.
  • Resources: F​or resource management, You get a reduction cost to all your abilities by 6 percent when maxed.

"Imperials are the natives of the civilized, cosmopolitan province of Cyrodiil. Imperials are also known for the discipline and training of their citizen armies, and their respect for the rule of law. Imperials have proved to be shrewd diplomats and traders, and these traits, along with their remarkable skill and training as infantry, have enabled them to colonize various other nations and create the Empire."

Full build details-https://elderscrollsonline.wiki.fextralife.com/Imperial

The hardy people from Atmora, conquerors, warriors, and war driven fighters.

1​. Nord

N​ords are the hardy, tale-loving, warriors of the winter. Strong and unmoving, they stand their ground against enemies others would fear. The joy of battle and the hope of a glorious death is the dream of this race. The Nords make incredible, and in my opinion the best Warden tanks.

The Nords have natural resistances to frost, and physical and spell damage. They get a bonus to health and stamina, as well as the ultimate skills. When consuming a drink, the effects will last longer, and to top it off, they have an increase in experience gained by the two handed skill line.

  • R​esistances: Resistances to frost, physical, and spell damage, can save a lot of healing, resources, and stress when in the midst of battle.
  • Experience: 1​5 percent increase in the two handed skill line helps you build up your character fast, so you can start taking on stronger foes.
  • Health and Stamina: A h​ealth bonus of 1000, and an increase in max stamina of 1,500 is a crazy good perk.
  • Consumables: W​hen drinking a consumable, the effects will last 15 minutes longer.
  • Ultimate: W​ardens have great ultimate skills, and with the extra boost to your ultimate, it will be ready to use when you need it most.

"The Nords once conquered most of Tamriel, and as a result, felt a certain entitlement to rule. They broke the power of the Ayleids, nearly drove the High Elves out of High Rock, and conquered much of Resdayn, the precursor to Morrowind. The Nords are excellent with arms. They are quick to anger, boisterous, and strong. They are natural-born warriors who fight with an ecstatic ferocity that terrifies their enemies. "

Full build details-https://elderscrollsonline.wiki.fextralife.com/Nord

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