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Just like candy, if you bring 'The Pain" to school, you have to share it with the rest of the class.

       You finally just crawled out of the backwoods and swamps of Tamriel with your newest character at a Level 10, and it’s time for you to whoop some serious PvP butt. Hold up a minute though, adventurer! There’s been so many changes over the last few months with patches, are you SURE you’re the best ESO Class to take on other players these days?

        Before you get caught with your greaves down, let’s see what some of the experts have come up with here in our comprehensive Top 10 List. No YouTubers or forum discussion admins were harmed in the making of this list, but players’ opinions were heavily weighed and taken into consideration. We then took all that raw data and fed it into a spreadsheet (a magical spreadsheet, where equations are devised by grouchy math pixies) and it spat out this list. What a perfect way to help you develop your next Champion, eh?


10. Magicka Warden

               Good news for Wardens! PvP still likes them a little bit in this series of patches. They still have one of the best regeneration and their firepower is quite monstrous. Literally! Because they still like to hurl giant birds at you and send even bigger spirit beetles to nip at your legs. Magdens are just not as fast as their Stamden siblings, whom we see further up the list. Also, this class still plays very favorably as Vampire, so just some food for thought there.

Best Bits:

  • Slotting animals on the front bar gives the player an increasingly higher Damage Passive. (You want the bear slotted at all costs.)
  • Seeing slightly increased DPS lately, but there is still HUGE Survivability available.
  • Winter’s Revenge and Deep Fissure are your spammables – use them wisely.

Here are some the more creative Magden builds to toy with:




9. Magicka Dragon Knight


            It must be difficult being a Mag DK, whose big brother is still basically running the show in both PvE and PvP. Sorry, Mag DK. They may be hotter, but you still share some wonderful qualities with them. What about Lava Whip and the fact you have some of the very best Crowd Control? Plus, you’re a hair faster these days, too! But that’s not saying too much when you were basically a tortoise before.


Best Bits:

  • Battle Roar on the Earthen Heart list, is one of the most well-implemented Ultimates, hitting Health, Stamina and Magicka at the same time like a Tri-Pot.
  • Bank on your Engulfing Flames because of the added 10% damage – being specific with your slotting choices will beef up this Class.
  • …which leads us to CP allotments: Repeat after me, Elf Born, Elemental Expert, Magician…There is a way to make this Class the badass you need it to be.

A couple Mag DK Builds to get you started:




8. Stamina Nightblade

          Oh man, is the Stamblade ever fast! Very fast build, but not always the best character when it comes to active self-healing. From the Stamina perspective, their Regeneration is what keeps their little jackrabbit hearts pumping as the flit from offensive move to offensive move. The “Slice & Dice”, if you will, particularly if they implement Dual Wield. Always remember that rotation with Nightblades, either kind, can be incredibly tricky even for seasoned players.

 Best Bits:

  • Stamblades are at least the 2nd fastest Class in the lists, so don’t squander their speed.
  • Right out of the gate, they have one of the most explosive Burst Kits in the game, able to mete out sick damage in AoE and Single-target
  • Heavy Attacks refill your Stamina, so pepper those throughout your usage of your front bar skills.


How the other guys build ‘em:




7. Stamina Warden

        Speaking of someone who doesn’t need to worry about their ability to self-heal, the Stamden has nothing to be embarrassed about in this setting. They receive a lot of recognition in PvP for their pre-packaged Stam Heals, their Major Mending and their wicked AoE Burst Kit. Yes, they are a little faster in comparison to the Magden and their crowd control isn’t too shabby either. 

Best Bits:

  • She’s cute, she’s tiny, she heals the ever-living heck out of you. It’s the Blue Betty and she’s one of your greatest, most adorable allies ever.
  • Crazy-Strong AoE Burst Kit on this one
  • It’s a balanced Class – and the bits that hurt the Stamden in PvE are complete positive attributes in PvP.

A build you may like:



6. Stamina Templar


          Sometimes that which goes up must come down. Stamplars are experiencing a bit of a hiatus from the top rankings here in PvP, but still a very reliable build. Known for knocking their opponents off their feet and performing somewhat awkward rituals in the heat of battle, the Stamplar has one of the most unique Stamina Bursts, as well as one of the most powerful Ultimates in the game with Crescent Sweep. 

Best Bits:

  • Excellent Sustain: Fire up the Controlled Fury passive and it will keep you floating through the next battle.
  • Unique Stamina Burst, ride the wave of quick-succession violence.
  • We all know how Templars love their Blinding Javelins. With the Stamina Templar, distance and damage are more.

Maybe give these a whirl:




5. Stamina Sorcerer

              Here we have the fastest Class Build of the entire game, the Stamsorc. Very smooth and easy gameplay, just without quite the DPS of their sibling, the Magsorc. But it's good to try new things, and they are not nearly as dependent on their Gear as the Mags either. This bodes well for less veteran players who are not quite accustomed to leveling up their Gear and need more time to grow accustomed to the nuances of the game.

Best Bits:

  • They have some of the most fluid, easy mobility making gameplay enjoyable at any level. (It feels more like dancing than fighting)
  • Stamina Sorcerers turn Magicka into even MORE Stamina almost just by thinking about it, thus allowing for their sickening level of Sustain and their seemingly endless ability to just keep running!
  • Stamsorcs exercise excellent management of their Resources, they and their passives are meant to go the very-long haul.


Get your mitts on these builds:




4. Magicka Templar


Want to worry less about sustaining yourself while in the midst of a high-impact battle? Go Magplar, by all means! Radiant Aura will keep you afloat as you put the whammy on your opponents. A very aggressive build, you have the ability to subdue your opponents, knocking them off their feet or running a javelin of light straight through them. Watch out, Werewolves, as you may have met your match in the Maglar. They are basically born, bred and  built to take you out!


Best Bits:

When you are looking to find the balance between Mobility and Tankiness, let the Magplar cast a little light on the subject.
Wicked-Strong Magicka Burst, making Maglars capable of laying wasye in moments in bothe AoE and Single-target.
Crescent Sweeps with that much power behind them are just killer to execute and are to date, the most potent Ultimate there is.


More to delve into:




3. Magicka Sorcerer


       The “Darling of the Ball '' when it comes to PvE is still placing pretty high in the PvP lists. Magsorcs traditionally seem as constant and reliable as a Stam DK, as both place high in the tiers, both have reasonably comfy play rotation and they both bring the DPS with a quickness. Not to mention, Magsorcs are satisfyingly fast. The fastest of the Magicka ilk, they are. A very versatile Class Build and one that so seldomly disappoints.

Best Bits:

  • Best Damage Shield of the game is awarded to Magsorcs.
  • They have the uncanny ability to heal themselves continuously as you watch, while meting out damage left and right.
  • Most mobile Magicka Class of the entire list, it’s nice to be able to blast away at an opponent…and also outrun them for once, too!

Oooo…these look fun!

“Soul Burst” https://www.tamrielfoundry.com/articles/soul-burst-pvp-mag-sorc-extreme-...

“Frag Out” http://deltiasgaming.com/eso-pvp-magic-sorcerer-build/


2. Stamina Necromancer

         There is much deliberation, it seems, within the discussion forums about whether the Stamcro is a viable contender especially in PvP. Well, particularly with the Greymoor expansion and this spring-summer's set of patches, there's little doubt this Class is coming into its own. Yes, yes...most of the spells any Necromancer drops had better not be within town limits, or you'll find yourself toe-to-toe with the local authorities. That aside, this is a thrilling Class to play. Nothing like reanimating the dead or flinging skulls at opponents' heads to build up morale.

Best Bits:

  • Best Burst Kit in Game, the newest patch has really put some distance between Stamcro and the rest of the pack.
  • Strongest Regen from Pets actually goes to the Stamcro, though I don’t know if I would consider a ghost a “pet”.
  • They use the corpses from Ghosts and Blast Bones they conjured to heal themselves. How cool is THAT? Waste not, want not…

I personally LOVE my Stamcro. (Was a little surprised that it’s climbing the charts in PvP, though.) Here’s a few things to consider:




1. Stamina Dragon Knight

        We have now arrived at "The King of the Jungle", the Stam DK. The quintessential jock of all Class Builds, this varsity bad boy letters every time. No character or Class tanks quite like them, almost like they're on autopilot. Wonderful in group or solo, one of the best additions to any battle effort. The only drawback is possibly the repetition of rotation, and that’s a super small price for getting those “W’s”. Please do not let that stop you from enjoying one of the finer points of Tamriel. Hint: Argonians may very well be the very best Stam DKs there are.

Best Bits:

  • Dragon Leap as an Ultimate is easily one of the most gratifying to perform. What’s not to love about sprouting dragon wings spontaneously and then jumping down onto your enemies, knocking every single of them back?
  • Virtually impossible to take down: Do. Your. Homework. Find a build that works for you, but tank them the heck out for your own sake. You will not be disappointed.
  • You’re either love Dizzying-Swing or you don’t, but you cannot deny the power and the damage of just that singular move.

It’s time to get tanky:



            So, with this huge wealth of knowledge of who’s who in ESO, it is our greatest wish that you give as many Classes as possible a trial run. Find out what works the best for you, and by all means, stay tuned to find out what Bethesda has planned for each expansion. They keep it hoppin’, that’s for sure.

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