[Top 12] Elder Scrolls Online Best Potions In The Game

Tamriel's Red Bull for epic chaos. Shake, sip, and brace for mudcrab duels and dragon antics!

In the vibrant realm of The Elder Scrolls Online, potions are like magical energy  shots with a twist of Tamrielic flair.

These elixirs are your quick fixes, healing  wounds, boosting stamina, and unleashing mystical powers at the snap of a finger.  Picture them as the fantasy world's Red Bull, keeping you charged and ready to face  everything from pesky mudcrabs to fire-breathing dragons – all with a dash of  alchemical charm and a sip of fantastical refreshment.

So, adventurers, grab a  bottle, shake it like a sorcerer in a mixology class, and let the potion-powered  adventures unfold! 

Why are potions important? 

Potions are the lifeline of any intrepid adventurer in The Elder Scrolls Online, serving  as the crucial resource for instant recovery and strategic boosts during perilous  quests. In the heat of battle, when health is dwindling or stamina is running on  fumes, a well-timed sip of a potion can turn the tide, ensuring survival and success. These magical concoctions not only provide a quick fix but also enhance the overall  gameplay experience, making them indispensable tools for navigating the unpredictable landscapes of Tamriel.


1. Crown Tri-Restoration Potion 

By seamlessly replenishing Health, Magicka, and  Stamina, it bestows a royal favour upon the user, ensuring they stand resilient in the  face of diverse challenges.  

Potion Stats:

  • Restores 8369 Health, 7582 Magicka, and 7582 Stamina. Grants Major Fortitude,  Major Intellect and Major Endurance which increase your Health Recovery, Magicka  Recovery, and Stamina Recovery by 40% for 47.3 seconds. 

This potion is the epitome of versatility, proving its worth in scenarios demanding a  holistic recovery. Whether enduring prolonged battles, engaging in spellcasting  marathons, or executing relentless physical feats, the Crown Tri-Restoration Potion  ensures you remain a steadfast monarch on the battlefield. 

Who should use this Potion: 

  • Versatile Vanguard: Ideal for characters embracing a versatile playstyle,  seamlessly switching between different combat roles and needing a  comprehensive restoration elixir. 
  • Magical Maestros: Perfect for spellcasters who desire a balanced rejuvenation  of Health, Magicka, and Stamina, ensuring they can continue casting powerful  spells without compromise. 
  • Endurance Champions: Tailored for characters who engage in prolonged  physical exertion, offering a sustained replenishment of vital resources during  extended encounters. 

How To Get this Potion:

This exclusive elixir can be obtained through the Crown Store, where it stands as a  testament to the grandeur of the adventurer's journey. A token of royalty, the Crown Tri-Restoration Potion is a coveted treasure that adds a touch of regality to your  alchemical repertoire. 


2. Essence of Health (Tri Stat) 

It's like the  Swiss Army knife of potions, providing a balanced boost to keep you kicking, casting,  and swinging with equal finesse. 

Potion Stats:

  • Restores 8369 Health, 7582 Magicka, and 7582 Stamina and recovers all stats by  20%. 

This potion is your go-to remedy for those epic battles or challenging dungeon crawls  where every resource counts. Need to swing that sword, cast that spell, and dodge  like a nimble acrobat all at once? This potion has got you covered, offering a  refreshing sip of vitality and versatility. 

Who should use this Potion: 

  • Tank Titans: For the unyielding defenders who want to soak up damage,  unleash magical prowess, and maintain the stamina for a strategic retreat  when necessary. 
  • Spell Slingers: Tailor-made for the arcane virtuosos who weave spells, brew  potions, and dance through combat with elegance, all while maintaining a  robust magical reservoir.
  • Stamina Sprinters: Perfect for those who believe running away strategically is  an essential part of the adventure, leaving enemies in a cloud of dust while  still having enough stamina for a victory dance. 

How to get this potion:

This versatile elixir can be acquired through the alchemical prowess of dedicated  potion brewers with the help of Bugloss, Columbine, Mountain Flower or acquired  from the knowledgeable merchants found in the bustling markets of Tamriel.  Alternatively, it might grace the shelves of guild traders, ready to empower  adventurers with its tri-stat magic. 


3. Essence of Weapon Power 

The Essence of Weapon Power potion is like the magical espresso shot your weapons need, granting a surge of raw power to turn  even the dullest blade into a gleaming instrument of destruction. 

Potion Stats:

  • Grants Major Savagery giving you 2191 Weapon Critical Rating for 47.6 seconds,  Major Brutality which increases your weapon damage by 20% for 47.6 seconds,  Major Endurance increasing Stamina Recovery by 20% for 47.6 seconds and  restores 7582 Stamina. 

For those moments when you want your foes to feel the full force of your weaponry,  this potion is your battle buddy. Whether you're slicing through hordes of undead or engaging in an epic duel, the Essence of Weapon Power ensures your every swing  is a symphony of devastation. 

Who should use this Potion: 

  • Dual-Wielding Daredevils: Perfect for those who prefer the thrill of wielding  two weapons, turning each strike into a mini-explosion of damage.
  • Bow Bards: Ideal for archers who want their arrows to hit like precision-guided  missiles, leaving enemies wondering if they walked into a hailstorm of pain.
  • Two-Handed Titans: Tailor-made for the mighty warriors who favour colossal  weapons, turning each swing into a cataclysmic event that leaves enemies  questioning their life choices. 

How to get this potion:

This potent elixir can be crafted by skilled alchemists using a mix of rare ingredients  or found in the inventories of savvy merchants scattered across Tamriel's bustling  markets. Keep an eye out for this game-changer—it might just be the edge you need  to triumph in your next epic showdown. To make it, you will need Lorkhan’s Tears  and a combination of Dragonthorn, Blessed Thistle, and either Water Hyacinthe or  Wormwood.  


4. Essence of Spell Power 

The Essence of Spell Power transforms incantations into a symphony of  arcane might, allowing mages to wield fireballs like meteors and healing spells like divine light.

Potion Stats:

  • Grants Major Sorcery and Major Intellect by 20% for 47.6 seconds. Also grants Major  Prophecy which gives you 2191 spell critical rating and restores 7582 Magicka. 

For wizards and sorcerers yearning to unleash spells of unparalleled might, this  potion is your arcane muse. Whether you're hurling fireballs at Daedric invaders or  mending wounds with healing light, the Essence of Spell Power amplifies your  magical finesse to unparalleled heights. 

Who should use this Potion: 

  • Fireball Flingers: Ideal for destruction mages who want their flames to scorch  the earth, turning enemies into crispy critters with every incantation.
  • Restoration Rockstars: Perfect for healers who seek to mend wounds with  unprecedented magical prowess, ensuring allies emerge from the fray  revitalized and ready for more. 
  • Frostbite Fanatics: Tailor-made for mages who wield the icy chill of winter,  turning every frost spell into a blizzard of arcane devastation. 

How To Get this potion:

Crafted by skilled alchemists versed in the arcane arts, this elixir can also be  unearthed in the hidden corners of Tamriel or acquired from mystical merchants who  understand the value of enhancing one's magical prowess. Keep an eye on the  market—it might just be the potion that transforms your next magical duel into a  spectacle of sheer wizardry. The ingredients for Essence of Spell Power are Lady's  Smock, Corn Flower, Namira's Rot, Lorkhan's Tears and Water Hyacinth. 


5. Essence of Armor

It's like wrapping  yourself in a magical forcefield, ensuring that when enemies come knocking, you'll  be as resilient as a dwarven centurion with a fresh coat of adamantium. 

Potion Stats:

  • Grants Major Resolve increasing Physical Resistance by 5280 for 47.6 seconds.  Also grants Minor Protection reducing the damage taken by 8% for 47.6 seconds. 

For those moments when you want to feel invincible, this potion is your go-to.  Whether you're facing a horde of Daedra or standing toe-to-toe with a dragon's fiery  breath, the Essence of Armor ensures you're as tough as the legendary ebony  armour of old. 

Who should use this Potion: 

  • Tanks and Defenders: Suited for characters dedicated to absorbing damage  and protecting their allies, enhancing their role in group play and challenging  encounters. 
  • Explorers of Dangerous Realms: Ideal for adventurers venturing into high-risk  areas where formidable foes and environmental hazards pose significant  threats. 
  • Boss Battlers: Tailored for individuals tackling powerful bosses or engaging in scenarios where enduring sustained attacks is paramount to success. 

How To Get this Potion:

This elixir of fortitude can be brewed by skilled alchemists using rare ingredients or  acquired from trustworthy merchants scattered across the realm. Keep an eye on  your local alchemy shop—you never know when you might need to fortify yourself  against the next onslaught of Tamrielic challenges. Ingredients: Mountain Flower,  Powdered Mother of Pearl, and Beetle Scuttle. 


6. Essence of Immovability 

By providing immunity to crowd control effects, it  transforms the player into an unstoppable force, navigating through chaotic  encounters with the grace of a nimble guar. 

Potion Stats:

  • Grants Immovability, making you immune to crowd control effects for 10.4 seconds.  Gaining Major Fortitude and Major Endurance by 30% for 47.6 seconds including a  quick bump of 8702 Health and 7582 Stamina on the spot. 

This potion proves invaluable in situations where being rooted or incapacitated is a  significant threat. Whether facing off against a meddlesome group of mages or  dodging the earth-shaking attacks of a colossal boss, Essence of Immovability  ensures you remain steadfast and unyielding. 

Who should use this Potion: 

  • Frontline Fighters: Ideal for characters leading the charge, as it allows them to  engage enemies without the interruptions of stuns or snares. 
  • PvP Prowess: Suited for players diving into Player versus Player (PvP)  encounters, providing a key advantage in the unpredictability of battles.
  • Boss Battlers: Tailored for individuals confronting formidable foes, ensuring  they can maintain control and momentum during intense encounters. 

How To Get this Potion:

Crafted by skilled alchemists with knowledge of elusive reagents, the Essence of  Immovability potion can also be sought from reputable alchemical merchants or  fellow adventurers well-versed in the secrets of crowd control resistance. To make  the Magicka version of Essence of Immovability, you need Columbine, Corn Flower, and Wormwood. To make the Stamina version of Essence of Immovability, you need  Lorkhan's Tears and any one of the following combinations: (Dragonthorn, Mountain  Flower), (Blessed Thistle, Mountain Flower), (Blessed Thistle, Columbine). 


7. Essence of Weapon Critical 

By enhancing Weapon Critical, it  transforms each strike into a potential game-changer, making combat a thrilling  dance where every swing has the chance to leave foes wondering if they're facing a  master duellist or a skilled marksman.  

Potion Stats:

  • Increase Weapon Critical Rating by 2629 for 47.6 seconds. Gaining Major Fortitude  and Major Endurance by 30% for 47.6 seconds including a quick bump of 8702  Health and 7582 Stamina on the spot. 

This potion shines in scenarios where dealing maximum damage is the key to  victory. Whether facing off against a notorious boss or engaging in a fast-paced duel,  the Essence of Weapon Critical ensures that each swing of your weapon has the  potential to tip the scales in your favour. 

Who should use this Potion: 

  • Masters of the Blade: Perfect for dual-wielding warriors or those who favour  precise, critical strikes, elevating their combat finesse to unparalleled levels.
  • Archery Aficionados: Ideal for ranged attackers who relish the thrill of landing  critical shots, turning each arrow into a potential game-changer. 
  • Swift Strikers: Tailored for characters who value agility and precision in  combat, ensuring their every weapon swing has the chance to strike true. 

How To Get this Potion:

Crafted by alchemists skilled in the art of enhancing critical capabilities, the Essence  of Weapon Critical potion can also be acquired from alchemical merchants or fellow  adventurers knowledgeable in the intricacies of critical strike elixirs. The ingredients for Essence of Weapon Critical are Dragonthorn, Mountain Flower, and Water  Hyacinth. 


8. Essence of Spell Critical 

By augmenting Spell Critical, it transforms every magical gesture into a potential spectacle of  devastation, ensuring that each spell has the chance to unravel the fabric of reality.  

Potion Stats:

  • Grants Major Prophecy which gives you 2629 spell critical rating for 36.6 seconds  and restores 7582 Magicka. Gaining Major Fortitude and Major Intellect by 30% for  36.6 seconds including a quick bump of 8369 Health and 7582 Magicka on the spot.  

This potion excels in scenarios where unleashing potent magical damage is  paramount. Whether confronting a den of Daedra or engaging in a magical duel, the Essence of Spell Critical ensures that each incantation has the potential to become a game-changing burst of arcane brilliance. 

Who should use this Potion: 

  • Arcane Artisans: Perfect for mages who weave intricate spells and desire to  maximize the impact of their magical arsenal, turning each incantation into a  potential masterpiece. 
  • Sorcerous Scholars: Ideal for those who delve into the realms of magical  knowledge, ensuring that their every spell has the potential to deliver a critical  surge of arcane power. 
  • Mystical Duellists: Tailored for characters who engage in magical duels,  ensuring their mastery of spellcasting is complemented by the unpredictability  of critical magical strikes. 

How To Get this Potion:

Crafted by adept alchemists with a deep understanding of critical spell augmentation,  the Essence of Spell Critical potion can also be sought from alchemical merchants or  acquired through trade with fellow spellcasters well-versed in the intricacies of spell enhancing elixirs. Essence of Spell Critical requires Namira's Root, Water Hyacinth,  and Lady's Smock.


9. Essence of Invisibility 

The Invisibility potion is a clandestine elixir, offering a moment of ethereal escape  amid chaos.

Potion Stats:

  • Grants Invisibility, rendering your unseen for 15.7 seconds. Also increases  movement speed by 30% for 15.7 seconds. Grants Minor Heroism restoring 1  Ultimate every 1.5 seconds for 47.6 seconds. 

This potion proves invaluable in situations where avoiding detection is crucial.  Whether infiltrating enemy camps, evading dangerous foes, or orchestrating stealthy  manoeuvres, the Invisibility potion allows for a temporary escape from the watchful  eyes of Tamriel's denizens. 

Who should use this Potion: 

  • Stealthy Shadows: Ideal for characters specializing in stealth and subterfuge,  allowing them to navigate dangerous territories undetected. 
  • Thieving Tricksters: Perfect for those who relish in the art of pilfering,  providing a brief window to slip past guards and snatch treasures unseen.
  • Strategic Spies: Tailored for characters engaged in espionage or tactical  manoeuvres, offering a fleeting moment of invisibility to outwit adversaries. 

How To Get Potion:

Crafted by cunning alchemists versed in the secrets of invisibility, the Invisibility  potion can also be acquired from covert merchants or traded among those who  understand the value of momentarily vanishing from the eyes of the world. It contains  the following ingredients: Blue Entoloma, Butterfly Wing, and Spider Egg. 


10. Essence of Detection 

The Essence of Detection potion is the adventurer's keen eye in a bottle, offering a  brief yet invaluable glimpse into the unseen.

Potion Stats:

  • Increases Stealth Detection by 20 meters for 12 seconds. Gaining Major Intellect by  30% for 36.6 seconds including a quick bump of 7582 Magicka on the spot. Grants  Major Sorcery by 20% for 36.6 seconds. 

This potion proves essential when facing elusive foes, uncovering hidden traps, or  navigating treacherous environments. Whether exploring dimly lit dungeons or  confronting foes adept at concealing themselves, the Essence of Detection ensures  you maintain the upper hand by bringing the unseen into the light. 

Who should use this Potion: 

  • Dungeon Delvers: Ideal for adventurers exploring dark and mysterious  dungeons, revealing hidden threats that lurk in the shadows. 
  • Sneaky Scouts: Perfect for characters who thrive on scouting ahead and need  to expose hidden adversaries or traps before they pose a threat.
  • Invisible Foe Antagonists: Tailored for those anticipating battles against foes  skilled in invisibility or stealth, providing a crucial tool to unmask their  concealed presence. 

How To Get this Potion: 

Crafted by astute alchemists knowledgeable in the art of detection, the Essence of  Detection potion can also be acquired from alchemical merchants or traded among  adventurers who understand the importance of foresight in the face of hidden  dangers. Ingredients include Torchbug Thorax, Wormwood, Corn Flower, and Lady’s  Smock. 


11. Essence of Speed 

By bestowing Major Expedition, it transforms the user into a blur of motion, ensuring they traverse the terrain with the speed and grace of a mountain gazelle.  

Potion Stats:

  • Grants Major Expedition, increasing movement speed by 30% for 15.7 seconds.  Grants a Heal Over Time for 1017 Health every second for 48.6 seconds (49,426  Health Total). Also, grants Major Vitality, increasing your healing taken by 30% for 15.7 seconds. 

This potion is a game-changer in scenarios where rapid movement is crucial. Whether covering vast distances across Tamriel, evading pursuing foes, or engaging  in hit-and-run tactics, the Essence of Speed ensures you move with the velocity of a zephyr. 

Who should use this Potion: 

  • Swift Scouts: Ideal for characters tasked with scouting or reconnaissance,  enabling them to cover ground swiftly and efficiently. 
  • Hit-and-Run Rogues: Perfect for those who favour guerrilla tactics, allowing  them to close in for strikes and swiftly retreat before adversaries can react.
  • Distance Travelers: Tailored for adventurers undertaking extensive journeys,  providing a burst of speed to expedite exploration across the vast landscapes of Tamriel. 

How To Get this Potion:

Crafted by adept alchemists versed in the intricacies of speed enhancement, the  Essence of Speed potion can also be found in the inventories of alchemical  merchants or obtained through trade with fellow adventurers attuned to the value of  swift elixirs. Here are the ingredients required to make Essence of Speed, Scrib  Jelly, Dragonthorn, Namira’s Root, Blessed Thistle. 


12. Essence of Heroism 

The Essence of Heroism potion is a draught fit for legends, fuelling the fires of  heroism within the adventurer.

Potion Stats:

  • Grants Major Heroism, increasing Ultimate generation by 1 every 1.5 seconds for  47.6 seconds. 

This potion shines in the crucible of battle, where building Ultimate is the key to  unleashing game-changing abilities. Whether facing powerful adversaries or  engaging in large-scale conflicts, the Essence of Heroism ensures you embody the  spirit of a true hero, with Ultimate power at your fingertips. 

Who should use this Potion: 

  • Ultimate Warriors: Ideal for characters relying on potent Ultimate abilities,  allowing them to reach maximum power more swiftly and frequently.
  • Battlefield Commanders: Perfect for leaders orchestrating group  engagements, ensuring they have access to powerful Ultimate abilities to turn  the tide of battle. 
  • Heroic Avatars: Tailored for those who seek to embody the essence of  heroism, using Ultimate abilities as a testament to their indomitable spirit. 

How To Get this Potion:

Crafted by alchemists well-versed in the alchemical arts of heroism, the Essence of  Heroism potion can also be sought from alchemical merchants or exchanged among  adventurers who understand the value of accelerating their journey to legendary  status. The Essence of Heroism recipe can be made by mixing Dragon's Blood, Columbine and Dragon Rheum.

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