ESO Best Class To Play Right Now (Ranked)

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Ax or staff, that is the question.

ESO Best Class To Play Right Now (Ranked)

First of all, there are no bad classes in ESO. Some are easier to play with, and some are more demanding. And it all depends on player style. Are you an assassin, or do you prefer your battles head-on?

If you are new to the game, this text might help you to choose your path, and become the legend of Tamriel.         

So here it is, Elder Scrolls Online - Best Class To Play Right Now!


10. Magica Nightblade

Unlike Stamina Nightblade, Magica Nightblade lacks full damage. And that was an important skill for this class. In these ESO times, taking people out off stealth is too easy. So if that is not adjusted in near future, Magica Nightblade might become a dying class. 

Although this class is not the best for PVP, PVE is a joyride. There are lots of great skills like Swallow Soul and Sap Essence. Both are great for damage and healing. Magicka Nightblade doesn’t have a class burst heal option. So you need to keep healing at all times to survive.

With Twisted Path, you have a nice shield. And using Lotus Fan skill you can cross distances quickly.

What Magica Nightblade Excels In:

  • Mobility.
  • AOE.
  • Healing while attacking.
  • Stealth.

Pick Magica Nightblade if:

  • You like stealthy gameplay.
  • If you are more a PVE than a PVP player.
  • If you like to teleport across the battlefield.


9. Magicka Dragonknight

Magicka Dragonknight is not as good as Stamina Dragonknight. Skills are pretty expensive so you need to use reduce cost glyphs. Magicka Dragonknight doesn’t do much damage, and this class is good for team play. They have a lot of team buffs. So get ready to tank and try not to be outnumbered in battle.

Magicka Dragonknights have access to class-based burst heal abilities. Burning Ambrose heals based on the damage you’ve done. Coagulating Blood is great for heal while Draw Essencedoes AOE damage and heals you at the same time.   

Ferocious Leap ultimate is cheap, deals great damage, and grants you a shield. It is a good skill for defeating bosses.

What Magicka Dragonknight Excels In:

  • Tanking.
  • Strong Ultimates.
  • Healing.
  • Great for team play.

Play Magicka Dragonknight If:

  • You are a team player.
  • Like to tank and heal players.
  • Use dragon skills.


8. Stamina Nightblade

One of the most popular classes and most challenging. Their attacks are powerful for a single enemy and that makes Stamina Nightblade great in PVP. But they struggle against groups. They lack in defense only armor abilities because it just comes from passive skills.

To compensate for your defense problem, you need to upgrade your AOE weapon skills. Brawler ability will give you a free damage shield. Dual skill, Deadly Cloak gives you passive defense. Whirlwind Blades is Stamina Nightblade's execute ability. 

This class also suffers from self-healing and resource management. However, you can improve your chances by upgrading your Leeching Strike ability from the Siphoning skill line. It can heal you based on your light and heavy attacks while also restore Stamina. Rally from a Two-Handed skill line is also good for healing. And you can use Vigor, a PVP assault skill.

Practice makes it perfect.

What Stamina Nightblade Excels In:

  • Single target attack.
  • Stealth.
  • Mobility.

Play Stamina Nightblade If:

  • You like to play one-on-one.
  • If you like to teleport across the battlefield.
  • If you are a PVE fan because AOE abilities are great for this class.


7. Stamina Dragonknight

 This class characterizes in dealing great damage over time. You can quickly acquire Noxious Breath, a skill that is of great importance to your Dragonknight. The main weakness of this class is self-healing. Especially early on at a lower level. 

The best healing skill in the Stamina Dragonknight skill tree is Cauterize. Great skill but one of the last you get. So the best thing to do early in the game is to level up Fighter’s guild skill line, and the skill called Ring of Preservation witch is a morph of Circle of Protection. Also, a good healing skill is from the Alliance skill line named Vigor. 

Dragonknight skill line has great Ultimates. Standard of Might is good for tanking, and for the whole party in general. When you are in its circle, it increases damage dealing and decreases damage taken. Magma Shell is great, especially for PVP.

In combination with Molton Shell, you can’t go wrong with a two-handed weapon.

What Stamina Dragonknight Excels In:

  • Damage over time.
  • Strong Ultimates.
  • Heavy attack style.

Play Stamina Dragonknight if:

  • If you like a long and tactical fight.
  • If you are into heavy weapons.
  • If you like to tank.


6. Stamina Templar

This class can be one of the best classes but you need to invest your time in it. Stamina Templar has great buffs and passives from their class line. And because of their cool stamina morph abilities, they are a good solo option. 

Baiting Jabs is a great spammable ability witch gives you a passive weapon critical bonus and minor protection. Power of Light is a great boost DPS tool that also debuffs the enemy. They have two sustain skills in Repentance and Restoring Focus. That means you can build very high damage on Stamina Templars without having to worry about stamina sustain.     

Extended Ritual is a great healing Magicka-based skill that can come in handy if your health drops.

What Stamina Templar Excels In:

  • Great buffs and passives.
  • They got great spammable and DPS abilities.
  • Great healing from the combination of Magicka and Stamina skills.

Play Stamina Templar If:

  • You like to play alone.
  • If you like to buff yourself and debuff your enemies.
  • You love to spam your opponent.


5. Stamina Warden

 Stamina Warden is without a doubt one of the strongest stamina builds in the game. They have overwhelming buffs and debuffs. And your main issue will be: Which buff to use?

Your main spammable skill will probably be Subterain Assault for its massive burst of AOE damage. Growing Swarm debuffs enemies and Ice Fortress is one of the best armor buffs there is. 

You can choose to go with a two-handed or dual weld build, either way, it is a lot of fun. Great experience comes also from bow builds.  

The downside of this class is the Ultimates. Maybe the best option for your Ultimate is Bear Guardian. It is not bad for AOE or attacking a single target. But one thing is for sure, it looks cool to have a pet protector. 

What Stamina Warden Excels In: 

  • It has good buffs and debuffs.
  • Great healing.
  • Great armor.
  • Great attacking skills.

Play Stamina Warden If:

  • You like to combine diverse playing styles.
  • You like to let it all out without worrying about your health.
  • If you love to have a bear and/or a jellyfish for a companion.


4. Magicka Warden

Magica Warden is a very similar setup. In terms of healing, this class is slightly better. Most healing abilities cost Magicka, and both morphs of the Livin Bind skill can heal you for the whole battle. 

Magicka Warden has better AOE damage with frost Magicka abilities. If you use the Winters Revenge skill it applies debuff for critical damage. And with the critical damage-focused Ice Mage, losing isn’t an option. That kind of power is a very good experience for solo play. 

In the end, it all depends on which playstyle is fun for you.  

What Magicka Warden Excels In: 

  • It has good buffs and debuffs.
  • Even better healing.
  • Great armor.
  • Great attacking skills.
  • Good critical damage.

Play Magicka Warden If:

  • You like to combine diverse playing styles.
  • You like to let it all out without worrying about your health.
  • If you love to have a bear and/or a jellyfish for a companion.


3. Stamina/Magicka Necromancer

For the third place, we need to merge Stamina and Magicka Necromancer because they are nearly identical. Stamina Necromancers use Stamina skills and Magicka Necromancers are going with the Magicka version.

Necromancer class benefit from some of the strongest passives in the game. They get sustain and recovery for free, bonuses for maximum Health and bonus critical chance. 

When we talk about the active abilities, Blast Bones is very cheap to cast and it is as strong as an Ultimate. Skeletal Archer and Siphon grant you strong passive damage. Scythe skill is great for AOE damage and it heals. For passive defense, you have the Spirit Guardian. Pestillian Colossus is one of the strongest Ultimate in the game.

The downside of Necromancer is buff management. Their buffs have a short duration, and some abilities require corpses on the ground. With practice, this class can get you the satisfying experience you need.

What Stamina/Magicka Necromancer Excels In:

  • Passives.
  • Buffs and debuffs.
  • Great Ultimate.
  • Healing.
  • AOE damage.

Play Stamina/Magicka Necromancer If:

  • You enjoy reanimating corpses.
  • You are good at buff management.
  • Active, fast, and fun gameplay is your thing.


2. Stamina/Magicka Sorcerer

For our runner up we have prepared a merged Sorcerer class! Like the Necromancer Class, Magicka and Stamina Sorcerers are nearly the same. They have their versions of skills and both are of great power.            

Stamina Sorcerers are the strongest Build in the game because of their powerful passives that recover stamina and health. While the Magicka Sorcerer has the strongest damage shield in the game called Harden Ward. Ark Conversions trade Stamina for Magicka and is very useful for the Magicka version. Bound armor gives them more passive Magicka and resistance. 

They can summon up to three pets, Atronach, Familiar, and Twilight. They can do damage for Magicka Sorcerers and help him survive. Sorcerers have the strongest healing abilities. 

With Force Sustain, Stamina Sorcerers can recycle unused Magicka back to Stamina. Dark Deal is great for healing. Hurricane grants them armor, movement speed and does AOE damage. Critical Surge is the best passive in the game, it heals you as long as you are dealing damage.       

The combination of damage and healing is what makes this class number two on our list.

What Stamina/Magicka Sorcerer Excels In:

  • AOE damage.
  • Best healing.
  • Countless passives.
  • PVP and PVE.

Play Stamina/Magicka Sorcerer If:

  • If you like to heal and do damage.
  • You are more staff than a cold weapon user.
  • Like to destroy everyone and everything.
  • You love to win in PVP.


1. Magicka Templar

And the winner on our list, the great, the mighty, deserved champion, Magicka Templar!

This class is the powerhouse of self-healing, AOE damage, and defense. Their main spammable is Puncturing Sweep that can heal Magicka Templar for the percent of damage done. While dealing damage you are healing 

They have multiple AOE effects: Blazing Spear, Reflective Light, Solar Barrage. You can combine them with Puncturing Sweep for great AOE damage.

Radiant Glory is Magicka Templar's ace in the sleeve. It burns the enemy, deals magic damage, and at the same time, it heals you. Honor the Dead is a great burst heal that heals Magicka as well.  

Passives are extremely strong for healing and defense. And the Ultimate healer/damage dealer combo is great for PVE.  

With all the passives, AOE effects, buffs for Magicka, and health, Magicka Templar is a well-deserved number one class on our list!

What Magicka Templar Excels In:

  • AOE damage.
  • PVE.
  • Great Ultimate.
  • Great Passives.
  • Buffs and debuffs.
  • Healing while attacking.

Play Magicka Templar If:

  • You can handle the power.
  • You like to heal without casting.
  • You like to solo play.
  • You are a fan of combining diverse gameplays.


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