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ESO Solo Player
Sometimes the lone wolf is also the strongest

What are the best classes for a solo player in ESO?

MMORPGs are, of course, group based games by their very nature. However, there are plenty of other reasons why someone would want to play a MMORPG other than the multiplayer aspect in itself. Maybe you enjoy the consistent online world or the sense of endless adventure with lots of content.

Luckily, The Elder Scrolls Online is a game that allows for solo players to thrive in the lands of Tamriel. If you are a lone wolf and want to know which are the best classes to be a powerful solo player in ESO, then this article is exactly for you.


7. Magicka Templar

Kicking off our list in grand style, this build for Magicka Templars is simply godlike!

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last couple of months, it should be no mystery to you that High Isle has brought one mythic item that has completely shaken things up when it comes to builds in ESO: The Oakensoul Ring.

“One ring to rule them all”, as they say. This mythic item has transformed one bar builds into extremely powerful options for many classes, and you certainly will rule on the battlefield with this one bar Magicka Templar setup that dishes massive damage. The only real downside is that you will need to have the most recent expansion, High Isle, and spend some time getting the ring itself through the Antiquities system, but you can be sure that we will see more one bar builds further on this list.

  • The Oakensoul Ring provides 13 major and minor buffs to your character at all times, increasing immensely your damage and sustainability in exchange for not being able to use a second skill bar.
  • Permanent buffs and having a single skill bar makes this build much easier to play in comparison to some two bar setups of equivalent strength.
  • The Medusa set provides yet another permanent buff, Minor Force, complementing the bonus from the ring and freeing a bar slot.
  • Order’s Wrath increases your critical chance and damage even further, guaranteeing maximum damage, and, best of all, it is an easily craftable set.
  • A simple and effective skill rotation, with massive damage from Puncturing Sweeps and sustainability from Dampen Magic.

Magicka Templar Solo Build Guide


6. Hybrid Sorcerer 

Ever felt like bursting through endless waves of enemies carrying a staff and a big melee weapon all at once, dishing out physical and magical damage? Then this hybrid sorcerer build is definitely for you.

The latest patch has buffed not only one bar builds, but also hybrid builds, and this unique setup focuses on critical hits, offensive penetration and massive AoEs. If you like to deal big damage and have a flexible gameplay as a sorcerer, you can’t miss out on this one.

  • Very high base critical chances, which are increased even further by the set bonus of Tzogvin’s Warband.
  • Free Minor Force, which increases your critical damage and frees a skill slot on your bar that would normally be used to cast this buff.
  • The Vateshran Lightning Staff guarantees maximum damage through its Wrath of Elements bonus, which empowers drastically your Elemental Drain.
  • The Mother’s Sorrow set is efficient and extremely easy to obtain.
  • Huge AoE damage provided by the Prior Thierric monster set.

Hybrid Sorcerer Solo Build Guide


5. Magicka Warden 

Our second one bar build on this list is the Magicka Warden, bringing massive damage and endless sustain to all of you nature boys out there.

You will dishing out magical damage, frost damage, and summoning powerful creatures to do your bidding and destroy your foes. Since this is a one bar setup, you will need the Oakensoul Ring in order to play it effectively, and it shares some of the advantages of the Magicka Templar build we’ve mentioned before.

  • The Oakensoul Ring is a permanent source of 13 major and minor buffs, greatly empowering your damage and sustainability in exchange for not being able to use a second skill bar.
  • The permanent buffs from your mythic ring and the fact of using a single skill bar makes this a fun, easy to play and efficient build.
  • Using the AoE version of this build, you can blow everything around you with ease, making grinding a much easier task.
  • While using the DPS version of the build, you will be doing massive damage with Destructive Reach.
  • The Frostbite armor set is a perfect match for wardens, boosting all of your frost damage skills.

Magicka Warden Solo Build Guide


4. Magicka Sorcerer

By now you should have guessed that one bar builds are the trend of the moment, and this Magicka Sorcerer build will make you feel like an almighty fantasy warlock.

With massive shields and a lot of health recovery, this setup gives you nearly infinite sustain, making survival a much easier task in any sort of situation, while your summons devastate the battlefield. As always, if you intend on using this as a one bar setup, you will need the Oakensoul Ring for maximum efficiency.

  • 13 major and minor buffs provided by the Oakensoul Ring to your character at all times, boosting damage and sustainability in exchange for not having a second skill bar.
  • The passive buffs and single skill bar makes it a very easy to pick up build.
  • Lots of defense and sustainability from the Alessian Order set.
  • Massive shields provided by the Hardened Ward skill.
  • Your health recovery by itself, with the aid of Hardened Ward to keep the shields up, will give you massive healing.

Magicka Sorcerer Solo Build Guide


3. Magicka Necromancer

It is the Night of the Living Dead, everyone, or at least it feels like it with the last one bar build on this list called the Draugr Kin, a Magicka Necromancer build that focuses on damage over time abilities while keeping that ‘lord of the dead’ feel of the necromancer class.

Get ready for some massive critical damage, AoE ice damage, and a lot of damage shields to keep you safe from the zombie apocalypse you’re about to start.

  • You have 13 major and minor buffs to your character at all times, exchanging your second skill bar for a great increase in damage and sustainability.
  • The permanent buffs and single skill bar provided by your mythic ring makes this a very easy to play setup.
  • Incredibly powerful damage over time skills.
  • Massive heavy attack and AoE damage.
  • Your very own Skeletal Arcanist companion.

Magicka Necromancer Solo Build Guide


2. Hybrid Templar

Perhaps you don’t really feel like being a Magicka exclusive Templar and would rather insert some physical damage in your divine intervention with your own hands. Then this Hybrid Templar build might be the best choice for you.

This unique setup will make you feel like a true paladin, mixing two handed melee attacks, damage shields, holy powers and an insane amount of self healing.

  • Using the Deadly Strike armor set, you will buff both your damage over time skills and your main DPS spammable.
  • Huge amounts of spell damage provided by the Scathing Mage set.
  • The Iceheart monster set grants you a damage shield with very little downtime, which also deals some AoE damage when it’s up.
  • Constant self healing from your critical strikes.
  • Massive DPS from your Puncturing Sweeps.

Hybrid Templar Solo Build Guide


1. Hybrid Warden

Last but not least, this is a Hybrid Warden build that has it all: Frost magic, Bow skills, summoned companions, you name it. It is a very flexible and fun to play build with great defensive and offensive power.

With a combination of set bonuses that increase your critical chance and critical damage, frost damage, and the unique buffs of arena weapons, this is an incredibly powerful setup. The arena weapons might require a bit of grinding to obtain, but they are absolutely worth it.

  • The Tzogvin’s Warband armor set will guarantee your offensive power, with increased penetration and great buffs to critical. 
  • Frostbite’s set bonus not only further increases your critical chance and damage, but specifically boosts your frost damage abilities.
  • Thunderous Volley and Destructive Impact are arena weapons that provide you with decisive buffs to the skills used in this setup.
  • Incredible AoE damage from Endless Hail.
  • Massive DPS from your spammable Destructive Reach.

Hybrid Warden Solo Build Guide

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