[Top 5] ESO Best Dragonknight Race - What to Pick

The top 5 best Dragonknight races in ESO, ESO Best Dragonknight Race
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Want to get valuable insight on which race to pick for the Dragonknight?

The Elder Scrolls Online is a game steeped in complexity for beginners. Many players are lost from the start or make mistakes that could’ve been prevented while creating their characters. Things such as classes, roles, and races can complicate the build process, and even cause you to lose tons of time and efficiency with your build. Here are the top 5 BEST races to pick for the Dragonknight class.

#5 is the Breton

The Breton race

The Breton race boasts higher Magicka than most of the other races, making them ideal for building a Magicka  Dragonknight. They have higher pools of Magicka starting along with a higher recovery rate of Magicka for abilities and skills. Their increased spell resistance for tanking damage ties everything together and makes this race perfect to choose for the spell casting Dragonknight.

Pick this race for:

  • Increased spell resistance by 2310
  • Increased magical skill cost reduction
  • Increased magical recovery by 100
  • Increased Magicka  by 2000

Full Breton race details

#4 is the Redguard

The Redguard race

The Redguard has higher innate stamina than most of their other race counterparts, making them ideal for creating a stamina Dragonknight. They have higher stamina reserves and they restore stamina with direct damage attacks. The added weapon skills cost reduction makes them the perfect DPS for the sword-swinging  Dragonknight. 

Perks of this race:

  • Restores 950 stamina with direct damage attacks
  • Weapon skills cost reduced by 8%
  • Increased stamina by 2000

Full Redguard race details

#3 is the Nord

The Nord race

The Nords are a hearty race that hails from the frozen Skyrim mountains. They have higher max health and have bolstered cold resistance due to their homeland. This race is perfect for tanks, as they have increased resistances to spell and physical damage too.

Perks of this race:

  • 15% increased experience gained with the two-handed skill line
  • Consumed drinks last 15 minutes longer
  • Gain 5 ultimate when you take damage
  • Increased max health by 1000 and cold resistance by 2310
  • Increased spell and physical resistance by 3960

Full Nord race details

#2 is the Imperial

The Imperial race

The imperials are from the lush, green lands of Cyrodiil. They, like the Nords, have increased base health, but they also have increase base stamina as well. This race is perfect for tanks or DPS, as they restore 333 health, Magicka, and stamina when they deal direct damage.

  • 15% increased experience gain with one-handed  and shield skill line
  • 1% increased gold gain
  • Increased max health and stamina by 2000
  • Restores 333 Health , Magicka , and stamina when they deal direct damage

Full Imperial race details

#1 is the Dark Elf

The Dunmer race

The Dark Elves live reclusive in the ash lands of Morrowind. They have higher Magicka and stamina than their other race counterparts. This race is excellent for hybrid builds, as it has increased weapon and spell damage which is perfect for a multitude of scenarios.

Pick this race for:

  • Increased stamina and Magicka  by 1875
  • Increased weapon and spell damage by 258
  • Increased flame resistance by 2310

Full Dunmer race details

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