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Want to take your Dragonknight tank build to the next level?

The Elder Scrolls Online can be quite complex and difficult to understand when it comes to builds, especially for the Dragonknight. Surviving and protecting your group members takes skill and knowledge of how to best optimize your character for performance. Here are the top 5 BEST Dragonknight tank builds to take you to the next level.

#5 is the Almost Immortal Warrior

The Almost Immortal Warrior is a true tank class that has been rebuilt over the years to stay up to par. It utilizes a massive health pool along with strategic abilities to create the perfect tank that any enemy will have a difficult time taking down. This build is good for group play where a sturdy tank is essential.

Perks of this build:

  • Massive health pool (tons of health to tank enemy damage)
  • Group play (designed to play with a group)
  • Expertly picked skills and abilities (takes out the guesswork from your build and ensures quality)
  • Geared towards more advanced players (not recommended for beginners)
  • Great late-game build

Full Almost Immortal Warrior build details


#4 is the Dragonborn

The Dragonborn is a solid tank option for any PVE situation. It utilizes special armor sets to build ultimate quickly, and it makes use of the Dragonknight’s ultimate passives. This build is good for crowd control and is an excellent option for tanking in general.

Perks of this build:

  • Crowd control (has many abilities geared towards crowd control)
  • Group or solo play (can be used effectively when playing with friends or by yourself)
  • Well-thought-out  skills and abilities (takes out the stress from picking skills and abilities)
  • Built for beginners (recommended for new players)
  • Great early-game build

Full Dragonborn build details

#3 is the Infinity

The Infinity is as the name implies; an infinite self-sustain build for you and your group members. It utilizes armor sets, skills, and abilities to generate self-sustain and while buffing group DPS and maintaining crowd control. This build is an excellent option for when you need a tank that can do everything while still maintaining their true tank qualities.

Perks of this build:

  • Self-sustain (provides infinite self-sustain for you and group members)
  • Group or solo play (plays well with friends or solo)
  • Expertly picked skills and abilities (removes the guesswork  from your build)
  • Built for advanced players (not recommended for beginners)
  • Great late-game build

Full Infinity build details

#2 is the Catalyst

The Catalyst is a stamina Dragonknight build that is optimized for dungeons, arenas, and trials. It utilizes set combinations along with special skills and abilities to create a tank with great survivability, shielding, and self-healing/sustain. This build is perfect for group play in a multitude of settings but may have to be tweaked a bit to accompany your other group members.

Perks of this build:

  • Tank/Support build (can play the role of support as well as a tank)
  • Group play (meant to be played with a group)
  • Well thought-out skills and abilities (stress-free  tanking and support without worrying about the little things)
  • Geared towards new and advanced players (can be played by both freely)
  • Great for early or late-game playing

Full Catalyst build details

#1 is Dragonbones

The Dragonbones is another true tank build with a massive amount of health and stamina. It utilizes armor sets to increase max health and the draconic skills to focus on self-healing, and as a plus, it’s meant to be able to take hard hits and keep going. This build performs amazingly  with either a group or for solo play while retaining its true tank qualities.

Perks of this set:

  • Massive health and stamina (has tons of health and stamina for taking damage and blocking)
  • Group play or solo (works well for group play or solo play)
  • Expertly thought-out skills and abilities (removes the guess work from your build)
  • Built for advanced players (not recommended for beginners)
  • Great for late-game 

Full Dragonbones build details

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