[Top 11] ESO Best Necromancer Builds That Are Powerful

Best Necromancer Builds That Are Powerful
Build your Necromancer from more than the spare parts of the fallen!

Across the vast landscape of Tamriel, there are many adventures and hazards awaiting. Whether venturing into the depths of danger with a team or ranging across the unforgiving lands alone, the Necromancer is a capable choice for a powerhouse experience. Here is a list of the top 11 build choices for your Necromancer to make sure your name goes down in the lorebooks.


11. Bonecrusher Necromancer (PVP)

Sometimes the giant just wants to make bread...English Muffin anyone?

This build focuses on the stamina abilities and harnesses the Necromancer’s dark powers to crush their enemies. The key to this build focuses on major damage to enemies and a strategic use of the Necromancer's drain and leech abilities to sustain their own health while sapping the strength of their foes. With the Bonecrusher Necromancer, players can lay waste to their enemies and emerge victorious from even the most intense PVP battles.

What makes this build both fun and powerful is its strategic use of refreshing ultimate abilities while sustaining yourself on the power of your opponent. Your stats are geared toward a cooldown reduction of your ultimate ability, and while this takes away slightly from their overall power, it provides a serious boost to your Necromancer for the intense combat of PVP. 

While often the Necromancer is connected with short range spellcasting and summoning of undead minions to do the close combat, this build turns that on its head. By summoning the power of death to yourself and transforming into the Pummeling Goliath, you bring your terrifying form to the enemy and dish out overwhelming damage. 

What the Bonecrusher excels in:

  • PVP Combat
    • This build is focused on PVP combat, and its abilities are built around dealing heavy damage to two-three opponents at a single time.
  • Resource Management
    • With heavy stamina regeneration, this build is centered around keeping you in the fight to hold down opponents and wear them into submission.
  • Close Combat
    • While some ranged magic is recommended, this build is designed for those who want to get up close and personal with their enemies, dealing heavy damage to nearby opponents.
  • AOE Burst Damage
    • Cycling into ultimate abilities quickly will provide the AOE damage in surprising bursts, taking opponents by surprise with the rapid turnaround, preventing them from recovering or defending.
  • Combat Sustainability
    • In addition to the stamina regeneration, the Necromancer excels in stealing resources from opponents, grinding down enemies while fueling your own terrifying form.

Build Details: https://alcasthq.com/eso-fengrush-stamina-necromancer-build-pvp/#content2


10. Bloodrush Necromancer (PVP)

Certain to give your PVP experience the adrenaline boost you need!

This build is optimized for stamina based combat while taking Cyrodiil for your Alliance. While there are some similarities to other stamina-based builds, the emphasis of the Bloodrush Necromancer is tuned for maximum single-target damage to allow players to defeat troublesome enemies while rolling across the heartland of Tamriel.

The power of this build lies in its use of heavy burst damage to opponents while sparing yourself injury through damage resistance, higher health, and rapid health regeneration. Coupling the natural resource abilities of the Necromancer with the benefits of heavy armor turns your spellcaster into a magical warrior with fearsome power in one v. one scenarios.

Veiling yourself in magical protections and crushing enemies with devastating attacks is the name of the game when it comes to the Bloodrush Necromancer. Calling on the powers of the dead for protection and the force to sap the life from enemies provides fuel for this build, allowing you to stand your ground against the most dangerous defenders of the Imperial lands. 

What the Bloodrush excels in:

  • PVP Combat
    • This build is focused on PVP combat, and its abilities are built around artfully defeating dangerous opponents in strategic locations.
  • Weapon Use
    • Whether it's attacking with your two-handed greatsword, or defending yourself with twin blades, this build is directly connected to weapon use in combat.
  • Heavy Armored Combat
    • As a hulking armored giant, the power of the undead fuels your eerie form and sustains a terrifying figure on the battlefield.
  • Single Target Damage
    • WIth the appropriate skills, few enemies will stand in the way of the heavy burst single-target damage allotted by the skill-set of this Necromancer in the combined use of class and item abilities.
  • Damage Mitigation and Healing
    • This dark wizard can take a hit. The resistance builds coupled with the benefits of healing and necromantic draining ensures that you will wither your opponents to mere husks in your presence.

Build Details: https://alcasthq.com/eso-stamina-necromancer-build-pvp/#content2


09. Cleave Necromancer (PVE)

For when the groups you want to split enemies into are categroized into "heads" and "the rest".

Cleave is a powerful Stamina-based build that is designed for group content in Elder Scrolls: Online. This build utilizes the Necromancer class's abilities to maximize both single-target and AoE damage, with a focus on using a Two-Handed weapon. The secondary weapon bar is equipped with a bow, allowing for ranged damage and a break from melee combat. With its emphasis on high damage output, this build is optimized for taking on tough group challenges and coming out victorious.

The name of the game is utility when it comes to Cleave. The crushing damage of two-handed attacks may be the emphasis, but with the passive damage-over-time effects and the variability to swap into a powerful archer or spellcaster at a moment’s notice, the Cleave is a strong addition to any party.

The broad blade of this deathborn warrior will have no problem cutting down mobs of enemies with powerful AOE attacks. Once defeated, this arcane knight will drain their corpses and reanimate their bones to provide pestilence-ridden additions to your group. Falling before the Cleave only means you will rise again in their service.

What the Cleave excels in:

  • Group Content
    • Team-based combat and group runs are the best use of Cleave's talents.
  • Weapon Use
    • The two-handed sword serves as a vessel for the buffs and abilities of this build and applies damage-over-time effects to multiple enemies.
  • Splash Damage Effects
    • Abilities like Blastbones work to strike multiple enemies while poison effects drain their life before even reaching your blade.
  • Strong AOE Damage
    • Area control is an important ability to wipe adds and mobs from the party, or tank’s, focus. This build utilizes the strengths of the Necromancer to cripple the defenses of most enemies.
  • Agile Armor Build
    • With the Necromancer’s built-in life draining abilities, the shift to medium armor allows for more dexterous swordplay from this character and provides mobility for chaotic and varied group events.

Build Details: https://alcasthq.com/eso-stamina-necromancer-2h-build-pve/


08. Vampire Necromancer (PVE)

As if Vampires weren't already awesome!

This build is designed to provide an authentic Vampire experience. The Necromancer class complements the Vampire line well, thanks to their shared abilities in stealth and life-drain. With an emphasis on magicka, this build takes advantage of some of the most devastating abilities in the skill lines to design a blood-soaked caster.

The Vampire Necro build places an emphasis on leveling the best of both the Vampire and Necromancer abilities. Resource management is the only drawback to this deadly combination, so management of proper gear and timing is key. If you are looking for a challenging and fulfilling experience in the world of magicka PVE, this build is worth the time and effort.

For the most immersive experience in the game, what better role for the Necromancer than an undead servant of Molag Bal. The Vampire’s role in Elder Scrolls: Online is all about impressive magic skills and frightening life-drain, so turning the recently deceased into new allies is perhaps one of the most fitting experiences of all.

What the Vampire Necro excels in:

  • Solo Play
    • Making a run of ESO on your own can be a daunting task, but this magicka build and the sustainability of the Vampire provide great assistance.
  • Vampire Skill-line
    • With some of the most powerful abilities in the realm of life-drain and stealth, having access to these skills to frame your Necromancer is a dream come true.
  • Stealth
    • Dodging dangerous enemies and disappearing into the fray is quite useful for anyone playing solo, and the added benefits for Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood can stand on their own.
  • Strong PVE Play
    • While the ability cost of the Vampire Necro can have some drawbacks in fast-paced PVP play, the flexibility of PVE means that you can use these skills to their fullest.
  • Role-Playing Experience
    • ESO is an immersive experience for many players, and developing a connection to your character (and them to the world) is a large portion of the fun. I always stand on the side of a flavor build, and the Vampire Necromancer checks all the boxes.

Build Details: https://alcasthq.com/eso-necromancer-vampire-build-pve/


07. Colossus Necromancer (PVE)

Not every Tank must be a simple damage-sponge.

The Colossus Necromancer build is an excellent choice for group content as a Tank. Necromancers have a very strong Bone Tyrant skill line that works well with their many debuff abilities. This build is especially fun because of the defense and buffs gained from defeated enemies. Overall, it offers a unique and enjoyable tanking experience.

There are several factors that make the Colossus Necromancer build a powerful choice. First, Necromancers have a strong Bone Tyrant skill line that provides a range of useful abilities, such as summoning skeletons and raising the dead. In addition, Necromancers have access to numerous debuff abilities that can weaken enemies and make them easier to defeat. Furthermore, the build benefits from the defense and buffs gained from fallen enemies, which can further enhance its survivability and combat effectiveness. In the end, it is this  combination of factors that makes the Colossus Necromancer build a powerful choice for group content.

The Colossus Necromancer build is not only powerful, but it's also a lot of fun to play. There's something satisfying about summoning an army of the dead to do your bidding, and the build's many debuff abilities give you a wide range of options for weakening and controlling your enemies. Plus, the defense and buffs gained from fallen enemies add an extra layer of strategy to the build, allowing you to adapt to different situations. The Colossus Necromancer provides a refreshing look for the potentially mundane Tank role.

What the Colossus excels in:

  • Group Play
    • Every group needs their damage-sponge, but when that defensive wall can repair itself, it’s a relief to healers and a goldmine for dungeon grinding.
  • Tank/Support Build
    • The Colossus can hold their own in even the toughest battles, soaking up damage and keeping their allies safe, and varied abilities allow for combat healing and group buffs to benefit the party.
  • Fight Sustainability
    • This build’s damage reduction and resource generation transforms your Necromancer into a stalwart barrier between your party’s DPS and the enemy for as long as needed.
  • Self-Healing
    • "Rapid Regeneration" allows you to heal yourself over time and the "Necrotic Potency" ability increases the effectiveness of your healing spells. Coupled with “Siphoning Strikes” will refill your health-bar at the expense of your enemies.
  • Heavy Armor 
    • As a massive, armor-clad colossus, you harness the power of the undead to fuel your terrifying form and strike fear into the hearts of your enemies on the battlefield.

Build Details: https://alcasthq.com/eso-necromancer-tank-build-pve/


06. Blight Necromancer (PVE)

Poison-Tip Archer anyone?

The Blight Necromancer build for ESO is a damage-dealing build that focuses on using the Necromancer's abilities to apply powerful debuffs to enemies. This build uses a combination of skills from the Bow, Bone Tyrant, and Living Death skill lines to shut down enemies and allow for a ranged experience that is truly formidable. Whether you are looking for a solo-experience or tackling difficult group content, this build is flexible enough to give you both.

The Blight Necromancer build is a powerful build because it combines the Necromancer's ability to apply crippling debuffs with the range and mobility of a bow-wielding character. This allows the build to deal significant damage to enemies while staying at a safe distance, making it effective in both solo and group play. Additionally, the build benefits from the Necromancer's ability to sustain their health and summon powerful allies, which can help to ensure their survival in combat. Overall, the combination of damage-dealing, debuffing, and support abilities makes the Blight Bow Necromancer a powerful and versatile build.

Blotting out the sky with tainted arrows is a truly vicious way to control a battle. With the Necromancer's ability to summon powerful allies and sustain their health, you can feel like a true master of death and destruction, infecting your enemies with fear with every pluck of your bowstring. If you want to deal massive damage, control the battlefield, and have a blast doing it, the Blight Necromancer build is definitely worth trying out!

What the Blight excels in:

  • Flexible Play-group
    • You may not always have your group online to play, and while the Blight is great for group runs, this build can hold its own and provide its own unique solo experience.
  • Bow Build
    • The bow can be an imposing skill-line, and most Necromancers will default to melee or casting build. This gives you the opportunity to take advantage of applying dark magic to the DPS potential of the bow.
  • Trials and Dungeons
    • High-power DPS is often in demand when tackling the Trials and Dungeons of Tamriel. The Blight offers an impressive resume when queueing for these instances.
  • Sustainability
    • A common characteristic of the Necromancer, these wielders of the forbidden are tough to put down. The life-draining skills coupled with continuous undead minions make this archer elusive.
  • Heavy Damage
    • Playing on the debuff mechanics of the Necromancer, the archer can open all the weaknesses of their enemies so their corrupted arrows bury themselves into their mark.

Build Details: https://alcasthq.com/eso-stamina-necromancer-bow-build-pve/


05. Solo Stamina Necromancer [Stamcro] (PVE)

The stamina to keep going for days.

Playing The Elder Scrolls Online as a solo player is a viable option and can be just as enjoyable as playing with a group. The Stamcro build offers players a way to do this and not feel outmatched or underpowered. Many players find themselves without other players to rely on while questing in the game, and solo builds can provide a great way for players to tackle challenging content on their own. Solo builds are suitable for both casual and experienced players, as they can help a player survive and learn the game while playing alone.

The Stamcro Necromancer provides players with a powerful build that provides the ability to venture across Tamriel alone, assuming the player learns the appropriate combat techniques and tricks. Since everything will be focused on the stamina build, the player must learn to dodge enemy attacks and how to use the Necromancer’s abilities to ensure they have the necessary sustainability in combat. This Necromancer, like some of the other builds, will be heading into battle with supplementary gear that covers gaps in their natural abilities, and equipped with a two-handed sword and a bow for ranged interaction.

If technical combat and use of the Necromancer skills as support for gritty combat sounds interesting to you, this build will meet your battle-mage desires. With the emphasis placed on combat sustain, skill use and timing are very important in this build, but the intricacy of the build pays off in the form of a fearsome wall that chews through enemies and forges on.

What the Stamcro excels in:

  • Solo Play
    • The name says it all, the Solo Stamina Necromancer is built to offer players a fun way to traverse the planes of Nirn alone, and feel very capable in every encounter.
  • Self-Healing
    • Powerful self-healing abilities of the Necromancer ensure that life will only be a secondary concern, as your regeneration will be combat based and built on draining effects.
  • Dungeons and overland
    • From dungeon bosses to enemy mobs, the Stamcro is made to meet the demands. Built properly, even the largest of enemies will only require concentration on skills to overcome.
  • Sustainability
    • Drawing on the classic Necromancer trait, the Stamcro’s resource management will see them standing while all their enemies have fallen around them, only to rise once again in service.
  • Heavy Damage
    • Built for lengthy combat stretches, the Stamcro can dish out powerful attacks and use the weakening life of their enemies to maintain their martial prowess.

Build Details: https://alcasthq.com/eso-solo-stamina-necromancer-build-pve/


04. Scourge Healing Necromancer (PVE)

See...not all Necromancers are sooo bad!

The Scourge healer is a variation of the Necromancer class that focuses on providing support and healing to their allies. This build is similar to other healer builds in that it requires the player to adapt to the situation and the group they are playing with. As a powerful support who has the ability to defend themselves, Necromancer’s are a strong choice for a player who prefers to party up on the fly and may not have a dedicated playgroup

A key aspect of the Scourge Healer is the use of the Spirit Guardians ability, which can be enhanced with the Confederate passive. This allows the healer to provide recovery boosts to their allies, making their healing abilities more effective. The Scourge Necromancer build relies on the Necromancer's Restoration Staff for healing. The main spam heal for this build is Combat Prayer, with Illustrious Healing and Radiating Regeneration providing additional boosts.

Often one of the most under-appreciated roles in any game, the healer/support shoulders the burden of the group’s survival, and they often do so nearly alone. If this nearly masochistic role is where you find your fun, the Scourge Build for the Necromancer will provide you all the satisfaction of saving your team, while at the same time, reserving the ability to provide deadly assistance when necessary. The Scourge Necromancer Healer is a great choice for players who enjoy supporting their allies and helping their group succeed in battle.

What the Scourge excels in:

  • Powerful Healing
    • It would seem crazy to enter a healing build with less-than-stellar healing, but the Necromancer’s healing abilities often go unrecognized. When coupled with the passive effects of their other abilities, the Necromancer displays an aptitude for draining the life of enemies and fueling their own party’s growth.
  • Group Support
    • Beyond the surprising healing abilities of the Necromancer, the Scourge is a magicka spellcaster at heart, and can wield their power to be flexible and support their group where they are needed most.
  • Dungeons and Trials
    • While healing in the overland is a nice touch, this build is designed to be the integral member in any group heading into one of ESO’s many dungeon’s, trials, or instance based adventures.
  • Sustainability
    • Drawing on the classic Necromancer trait, the Scourge’s ability to regenerate magicka and supply health to the team and themselves means they will be a difficult target to defeat.
  • Light Armor
    • Though it may seem an obvious point for a healer, this is the first build we have discussed that has dedicated itself to light armor, so if this is a corner of the game you enjoy, welcome home.

Build Details: https://alcasthq.com/eso-necromancer-healer-build-pve/


03. Horror Necromancer (PVP)

 Did someone say "Big Bad Evil Guy"?

The Horror is the spellcasting PVP Necromancer we’ve been waiting for. In true-to-lore form, this magicka wielding master of the dark arts is focused on boosting spell damage before applying heavy burst damage to enemies, laying waste to opponents across Cyrodiil. As the last, and most formidable, of the PVP builds in this guide, The Horror will scratch the undead itch while ensuring that your character inspires fear across the battleground.

Fortified by magicka based gear built to enhance your overall abilities, the Horror has the potential to truly live up to its name. An emphasis on resource management is important, as spellcasting can be a drain on your character, but proper combat management and skill use will ensure that your opponents are ash at your feet before you need to become concerned.

If you found yourself enthralled by the King of Worms, Mannimarco, while following the main story of ESO, then this is your opportunity to assume powers that could even put him to shame. While designed for Alliance play in Cyrodiil, this Necromancer’s use of their skills brings fresh meaning to “make new friends” and you draw up the remains of your enemies to provide the defense for your lethal spellcasting storms.

What the Horror excels in:

  • Powerful Spell Damage
    • Like any undead spellcaster, you want to be sure your magic will keep you undead, so it’s no surprise that the wielding of magicka by this caster is played to devastating effect.
  • Group Play
    • While the Horror is fun on its own, the PVP design for Alliance Wars establishes the conditions for collaborative play that will only serve to provide access to more of your own offensive casting.
  • Cyrodiil
    • The war in Cyrodiil is an unforgiving one, so if you want to take the territory for your alliance, you need the ability to deal staggering damage at a moment’s notice.
  • Sustainability
    • Bouncing between Destruction and Restoration magic, the Horror can stay in the fight and regenerate their means and resources for doing so as long as it takes to win.
  • Light Armor
    • This build is unique in that it focuses specifically on using light armor, which can provide benefits such as increased mobility and improved resource management. 

Build Details: https://alcasthq.com/eso-magicka-necromancer-build-pvp/


02. Curse Necromancer (PVE)

With all that magicka you could at least remove those "laugh lines"...C'mon!

Magicka Necromancers are a powerful class in the game that specializes in summoning the dead to fight for them. The Curse is known for their use of abilities and passives to deal high amounts of damage and control the battlefield, and are essentially the PVE adaptation of their Horror cousin. Holding a boot on the neck of your enemy is not to be under-valued, and the combined skills of The Curse allow you to successfully do just that.

The Curse Necromancer build is designed for group content, such as dungeons and trials. This build focuses on maximizing Magicka to deal high amounts of damage with both single-target and AoE abilities. The build uses a Fire Staff on both the front and back bars, with a focus on AoE damage. This makes it a versatile and effective build for tackling challenging group content.

The Curse Necromancer build is a nostalgic way to play the Necromancer class. With its focus on dealing high amounts of damage, this build is perfect for players who enjoy taking on challenging group content and taking down powerful enemies. The versatility of the Fire Staff allows for both single-target and AoE abilities, making this build adaptable to different situations. Any group seeking heavy AOE and/or single-target DPS will be happy to have you join their ranks.

What the Curse excels in:

  • Powerful Spell Damage
    • As an undead spellcaster, it is important to ensure that your magic is strong enough to keep you alive. This build focuses on maximizing the Necromancer's ability to use magicka, allowing them to deal high amounts of damage and stay alive in battle. 
  • Group Play
    • This build focuses on group content and prepares your entry into the queueing system to be sure that when you enter the dungeon, the party knows it walks with greatness.
  • Dungeons and Trials
    • When it comes to tackling the trials and dungeons of Tamriel, having a high-powered DPS character is often essential. The Curse Necromancer build is a great choice for these situations, as it offers impressive damage capabilities. 
  • Sustainability
    • In a pure magicka build, the sustainability of resources comes naturally with a build that ensures your bars are refueling with every explosive cast.
  • AOE Damage
    • Area control is an essential ability in group content, as it allows players to clear out mobs from the main target and allows the tank to focus on the main threat. The Curse is well-suited for this purpose, making it a great choice for a build that focuses on area control.

Build Details: https://alcasthq.com/eso-magicka-necromancer-build-pve/


01. Reaper Necromancer (PVE)

Ever knock on Death's door? Make sure to bring cookies.

The Reaper Necromancer is a build that focuses on maximizing the Necromancer's stamina in order to deal significant single-target and AOE damage. This build relies on summoning Skeletal Archers and Blighted Blastbones, which allows the Necromancer to take advantage of the Confederate Passive for increased regeneration. Additionally, the Last Gasp ability provides a boost to the Necromancer's health. This combination of abilities allows the Reaper Necromancer to effectively deal large amounts of damage and sustain themselves in battle.

The Reaper Necromancer build is a powerful Stamina-based build that utilizes a combination of dual-wield weapons and a bow to deal high amounts of single-target and AoE damage. This build uses a variety of Stamina abilities that allow the Necromancer to deal significant damage to their enemies. While this build is effective in group content, it is important to stay with your group, as the skills used in this build are focused on maximizing damage as a team.

The Reaper sets the standard for what it means to be the arbiter of the dead. With impressive skills and powerful abilities, this Necromancer is truly the one you want joining your group to navigate the dungeon. As the stamina counterpart to the Curse, the Reaper enjoys the luxury of fight sustainability and the deadly combat tricks of the dual-wielding master.

What the Reaper excels in:

  • Dual-Wield
    • As possibly the best damage output weapon combination of the game, the opportunity to dual wield as a Necromancer, particularly a Dunmer, should not be passed up.
  • Group Play
    • While this build has its weaknesses in solo-play, the DPS contribution to a group will have you competing for top slot in any encounter.
  • Dungeons and Trials
    • Speaking of encounters, this build was tailor-made as a way to dominate instance adventures such as the Delves, Dungeons, and Trials of Tamriel.
  • Sustainability
    • With stamina to last for days, remaining in the fight is not difficult, and coupled with the mobility of medium armor and self-healing of the Necromancer, the Reaper lives up to its name.
  • Resource Management
    • Hard-hitting attacks and strategic passives ensure that fatigue never touches your character as you refill stamina with every crushing blow or devious backstab.

Build Details: https://alcasthq.com/eso-stamina-necromancer-build-pve/


With all the possibilities that exist, the only question you should now be considering is “How will I have enough slots to build all these?” The Necromancer is a supremely powerful class, and with these great guides to help you through your builds, you can ensure that your personal Lord of Undying will have every advantage available before heading to Tamriel to raise Oblivion.


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