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Learn how to sell items in ESO.

If you are a regular player on The Elder Scrolls Online, you know how easy it is to acquire many quality items that are dropped during missions or earned at the end of Delves and Dungeons.

However, there comes a time when your bank is filled with too many items and you want to sell, trade or otherwise discard them. This guide will give you an insider’s look at the best way to sell in ESO.

1. Selling your Items in General Zone Chat

Not everyone is ready to join a guild. Perhaps your guild of choice doesn’t have a trader or has lost their spot temporarily. No worries! There are plenty of ways to rid yourself of excess wares by talking in zone chat and hopefully getting people interested to send some gold your way.

How to Sell Items in Zone Chat

  • Make sure that you have selected zone chat and that you have your inventory open. Right-click the item and choose “link in chat”. This will place the item, bracketed and in its currently leveled color, in your chatbox. Then you can choose to add whichever sales-minded text you want to boost your selling potential.
  • Things like “C.O.D accepted and preferred!” or “looking to sell in lots of 10 or more” can be helpful if you are looking to sell many items or to boost confidence in your sale.
  • Do your research to find out which items are in demand, and which items are common and won’t get much of a response. Common items such as Sip of Magicka and Health are easy to get and craft. 
  • Players often look to buy items that contain a trait as they will fetch a higher price. Many find it easier to purchase an item to deconstruct in order to gain a certain trait in their crafting lines.

Tips for Selling Effectively in Zone Chat

  • Try to avoid spamming the channel with too many items and requests. Zone chat is for everyone and your chances of selling increase when you are polite.
  • When someone expresses an interest in your items, move the sale discussion into a private chat using the Whisper option. You can negotiate without disturbing other players.
  • After you reach a deal with a buyer, settle your terms and send the items promptly. You want to build a reputation as an honest and prompt seller.

2. Selling your Items in a Player Guild Store

When you are ready to join a guild, there are many different types in Tamriel. Some are specifically RPG guilds; some are for social camaraderie only; and then there are  trading guilds.

Oftentimes, guilds will advertise in local and zone chats to try and recruit members. Before joining, it is always a good idea to ask questions about what type of guild it is, if not already mentioned in the chat advertisement. For example, some guilds charge a large minimum each week since guild traders need to be bid on and can take a large amount of in-game gold to secure. Bidding gets fierce and traders are won and lost on a regular basis.

Coveted locations in very busy areas often have the most intense weekly battles! In other words, find out what the guild requires before joining. You can always leave if it’s not to your liking, but it’s good practice to ask ahead of accepting the invite or applying to join.

How to Sell Items in the Guild Store

  • If your guild has an active trader, you can visit any bank throughout Tamriel to place your items for sale. When you enter the bank,  select the banker and you will see an option for Guild Store. If you are in multiple guilds, select F and choose the guild with which you would like to sell.
  • Additionally, if you have an add-on such as the Tamriel Trade Center or Master Merchant, you can research the current value of recent sales of the item you wish to sell. Values fluctuate wildly, sometimes multiple times a day, so it’s a good idea to check before listing. An alternative, if you don’t have these add-ons, is to either ask in zone or guild chat if someone will do a price check for you. 
  • No access to a bank? If you are in the region where your guild’s trader is, you can visit them directly and place your items for sale right there. Using your info tab, you can open the guild page at the top and use the drop-down to select your guild’s name. If there is an active trader, it will tell you the location and the name of the trader to guide you to the location.

Tips for Selling Items in the Guild Store

  • Each transaction automatically determines a listing fee as well as a “cut” for the guild. These costs are shown on the left side of the selling page before your item is listed, so take these numbers into consideration. The final profit you will receive after these costs is shown at the bottom. 
  • You can also use the search tab to see which items are for sale in your guild, to give you an idea of what’s out there. You may find the same items you are listing for a much lower or higher price, perhaps influencing your own sale.
  • If you wind up with an item of particularly high value and the price has varied widely, don’t be afraid to research the item, ask about it in chat or discuss it with your guildmates. It might be a rare drop from an event or something that is in short supply at different times of the year, making it worth keeping tucked away in your bank until it will fetch a higher price. 

3. Selling your Items in a Public Guild Store

The Elder Scrolls Online does not have public auction houses. There are many who would like to see the feature added to the game, but for now only fixed price selling is available. There is the rare opportunity to have a Public Guild House, but only under more precise circumstances. 

How to Sell Items in a Public Guild Store

  • This type of guild store seldom occurs in ESO. They only exist when winning a stronghold in the Alliance Wars. 
  • The store is located at the Keep itself and is only operational while the Keep is held.
  • Since there are no auction houses in ESO, the store will still be governed by the rules of the guild to which it is affiliated.

Tips for Selling Items in a Public Guild Store

  • If possible, taking an active role in helping your guild retain its hold at the Keep will ensure the guild trader remains. Once another guild gains the advantage, your guild would have to regain hold of the Keep, restoring the public guild house. 
  • Maximize the time the guild store is active by slotting as many items as you can and refill the slots right away when items sell.
  • While this option is rare, it is a great opportunity to increase visibility for your guild and maximize profits.

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