[Top 5] WoW Shadowlands Best Professions For Gold (and Usefulness)

WoW Shadowlands Best Professions
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Professions in World of Warcraft have historically been a way to get yourself ahead of the curve. They serve as a steady way to make gold, as well to provide necessary potions to your guild. Professions were once necessary for every character to compete in the meta, but over time became less important due to the grind of it all. In Battle for Azeroth, I remember them only being important to craft pre-raid best in slot, then it slowed down a bit in importance beside the, always popular, alchemy. This was acknowledged by the developers, and they aimed to implant importance back into professions in Shadowlands. This article will show you, from worst to best, the Top 5 best professions for making gold in WoW Shadowlands. 


5. Jewelcrafting

Best combined with: Mining

Jewelcrafting is the profession that prospect ores into raw gemlike material to make gems to put in an item socket, rings, or necklaces to increase a player’s stats. One of the best things about leveling up a profession, is to provide goods that increase a player’s base stats to take them to the next level of progression. That is the exact thing that Jewelcrafting provides. People will dish out the gold during the process of leveling alts to get them to a higher Ilvl. Also, Jewelcraftings mass prospecting allows you to break down ores into raw materials that sell very well on the Auction House, making it a two-in-one profession, that crafts and gathers.

What is great about Jewelcrafting?

  • Mass prospecting breaks down ores to raw materials to use for your own crafting or sell at the auction house- very self-efficient
  • Creates rings, necklaces, trinkets, and jewels that increase items stats, to be sold or to use for yourself 
  • Highly sought out


4.) Blacksmithing 

Best combined with: Mining


Blacksmithing in Shadowlands works as a means to make great armor as well as necessary weapon items such as sharpening stones to increase your dps. It is also the most lucrative crafting armor profession on the list because what the Legendary items and Blue items sell for on the Auction House. If you combine blacksmithing and mining to feed each other, you could be selling high priced items as well as leftover reagents. If you are a mail or plate wearer this profession provides the most self-serving options for you regarding Ilvl, gold making, and stat boosting.


-What is great about Blacksmithing?

  • Elethium Setting professional ability adds a socket to a piece of armor allowing an extra stat boost
  • Highest selling price for Legendary and blue armor items
  • Always selling


3.) Enchanting

Best combined with: Any gathering profession


Enchanting is one of the longstanding important professions. World of Warcraft is filled with players that push the boundaries by mid/maxing themselves with stats. They constantly experiment with the optimal equation that gives the best output they are searching for. That is where Enchanting comes in. If you are a player who needs increase haste, and you have an open slot to be enchanted the Enchanter can ask a hefty price to help you out. As well, the disenchanting ability allows you to break down armor into raw enchanting material to sell on the Auction House or to use on your own enchants. Enchanters are also needed with other master craftsman, for example a Blacksmith could need an Enchanter to create enchanted leather or metals. An Enchanter truly is a jack of all trades, making it a high gold earner.


-What is great about Enchanting?

  • Needed by all
  • High, but reasonable asking prices for enchants and services
  • Raw materials sell for a good amount


2.) Inscription 

Best combined with: Herbalism


Inscription is a profession that has gone through many experimental phases throughout the game’s history. Most recently, before Shadowlands, Inscription was non-important. You could get some cool cosmetic changes to some abilities with glyphs, or contracts but that was the extent of it. In Shadowlands although, there have been many updated mechanics to make this profession a good outlet to make gold. Inscriptionists can make gold by making contracts, which give the player a contract to a certain group that they can gain reputation with, by completing quests/world quests. They are also a very important part of creating reagents to increase the secondary stats of a legendary. They act as an extra enchant on one of the most important pieces of armor in the game. As well they can help complete Darkmoon Decks. All of these are avenues for gold making as everyone needs it to perform well in the game. 


-What is great about Inscription?

  • Needed to stat boost end game items
  • Contracts are consistent income


1.) Alchemy

Best combined with: Herbalism


Alchemy has without a doubt always been the most lucrative profession for gold making, and that did not stop in Shadowlands. Dedicated players, both PVE and PVP, rely heavily on their realm’s alchemists. Alchemist can make potions that increase a certain stat, restore health or mana, cleanse poisons, and most importantly flasks that increase players stats even through death. Flasks equal BIG MONEY. Guilds pour money into their alchemist or Realms Auction House to make sure their raid members are fully equipped to push content. If you combine Herbalism and Alchemy, you can supply your own reagents to create high value items, then sell or save whatever you have leftover. The continuous supply and demand for Alchemists makes the profession the best profession for gold making.


-What is great about Alchemy?

  • High and consistent demand
  • High prices for services
  • If used with Herbalism, you can make great gold
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