DOOM Eternal Best Mods for Every Weapon

DOOM Eternal Best Mods for Every Weapon
Heavy Cannon Fiend

DOOM Eternal requires some pretty serious fire power in order to even think about coming close to beating the hordes of demons the game throws at you.

The heavier the demon, the bigger the gun. Some weapons, like the Crucible, BFG 9,000, Chainsaw, and Flame Belch are a few weapons that do not have mods and cannot be upgraded, so let’s focus on the guns that can be modded. 

Strap in and be ready to hunt down some Modbots in order to gather these impressive mods for each weapon that’s available to mod in DOOM Eternal.

8. Super Shotgun - Quick Hook

Start at 2:99

The Super Shotgun is a great non-automatic weapon. It’s so great, in fact, (spoiler alert!) it must be used later on with this mod in place to destroy a mini-boss. Don’t worry, you won’t need to find Modbots for this weapon, as it is a mandatory mod that’s needed to be added as it is needed for the story. 

Why it’s Great: 

  • It allows you to get really close to enemies to deliver a super powerful Blood Punch
  • The Super Shotgun lets you shoot  enemies close to death, with the Quick Hook allowing you to deliver a final blow.
  • This mod is especially great for reaching flying demons.

7. Ballista - Destroyer Blade

Start at 6:13

The Ballista is kind of like the BFG’s little brother. It’s just like the 2016’s version of the Gauss Cannon - delivering powerful waves of energetic blasts that destroy enemies sooner rather than later. While the Destroyer Blade does take a minute to charge up, and needs to be fully charged before firing, it can still pack a punch when you crave  something heavier.

Why it’s Great:

  • Fires a broad line of power to hit demons from a lot of angles.
  • If you get the Mastery mod, it eliminates the need for recharging.
  • Since it can be rare for demons to drop ammo for the BFG, using the Ballista in its place is a great substitution for stubborn demons.

6. Heavy Cannon - Micro Missiles

Start at 0:25

On the contrary, the Heavy Cannon is in fact not the most heavy-duty gun in the game. In fact, it is one of the weakest, with the least amount of fire power. It’s basically only good for killing the weaker demons when you run out of ammo for your more powerful guns, and for bigger demons, it doesn’t really do the trick. But with the Micro Missiles mod, it allows the Heavy Cannon a chance at a rapid-fire blow to monsters that need to be killed off quickly.

Why it’s Great:

  • Doesn’t need any time to charge to rapidly fire missiles.
  • Super fast delivery causes demons to explode quicker.
  • Demons will always drop Heavy Cannon ammo, so you will have no trouble finding ammo for this gun.

5. Combat Shotgun - Full Auto

Start at 1:50

The good ol’ Combat Shotgun is one of the first weapons you recieve in DOOM Eternal. Unfortunately, like the Heavy Cannon, it’s fire power can only go so far, being as good as killing the weaker demons because of its slow firing rate, and because of its ability to  only fire one bullet at a time. The Full Auto mod is here to fix that, though - allowing the gun to become automatic, shooting multiple bullets at a time, giving it a much faster delivery. 

Why it’s Great:

  • Because ammo is always available, you’ll never have trouble using this weapon when all else fails.
  • You can continuously fire until you run out of ammo.
  • Quicker delivery makes the gun a bit more powerful.

4. Rocket Launcher - Lock-On Burst

Start at 4:24

The Rocket Launcher is great for delivering high-powered bursts of despicable fire to the tougher enemies. It’s also great for hitting demons from afar  - until they keep moving around, and you’ve missed the same demon several times, losing precious ammo that may be tough to find again. The Lock-On Burst mod is here to fix that, giving players a chance to lock the weapon onto their target to kill them without getting anywhere near them.

Why it’s Great:

  • Don’t need a scope to target demons from far away.
  • Less ammo wasted.
  • Saves time, energy, and frustration of finding more ammo if your aim is right.

3. Chaingun - Energy Shield

Start at 7:28

Have you ever wondered what the Possessed Soldiers feel like when they deploy an energy shield in front of them for extra protection? Now you can; with the Chainguns’ Energy Shield mod, it allows players to gain a bit of defense for themselves while firing a barrage of bullets into their enemies. The Chainguns’ mod allows you to experience safety wherever you go while delivering Hell at the same time, giving you an advantage that no other gun mod can do.

Why it’s Great:

  • While it does require some charging time, it can give you a good bit of time behind the Energy Shield for protection.
  • Useful against every demon.
  • Multi-tasking ability. 

2. Grenade Launcher - Ice Bomb

Start at 9:03

When in doubt, pull the Grenade Launcher out. Just like the Chainsaw can cause demons to explode in a burst of ammo confetti, the Grenade Launcher is useful for catching demons on fire, allowing you to shoot them for the duration of them burning to gather as much armor as you can from them before they burn out. With the ice explosion mod, the Grenade Launcher turns grenades into ice explosions, freezing any enemies for a few seconds, allowing the player to unload their clip into them.

Why it’s Great:

  • It gives players a chance to freeze any enemy and gather as much armor that falls from the demon as possible.
  • If you are low on health or cannot find health, the icy explosion is a great substitution for health until you can find a health pack.
  • Ice is fairly rare in DOOM, so demons probably appreciate the change in temperature.

1. Plasma Rifle - Microwave Beam

Start at 3:10

The Plasma Rifle is amazing for its automatic delivery and the way demons can be brought down by its rapid fire. The only way to make this gun any better? Give it a BFG type energy blast to beam demons away in no time. The Microwave Beam is just like it sounds - lock your weapon onto a target with the Microwave Beam in tow, lay into them for a few seconds, and watch them explode into a gory paste of blood and guts.

Why it’s Great:

  • Useful on bigger demons - no need to use it on the smaller guys.
  • Get the Mastery mod for faster recharging times.

Why it’s not Great:

  • Doesn’t heat food well.

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