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The Icon of Sin Returns

This article may contain spoilers for DOOM Eternal

After playing DOOM Eternal, players will notice there are a few more demons to slay than there were back in 2016, with the developers wanting to throw new things at the player all the way to the final level.

From the unique looking environments, to creatures being introduced to the player at the last minute, DOOM Eternal has added a lot more to it than what’s just being shown to the player.

With inspiration from DOOM II, the developers have decided to bring back old classics that haven’t appeared for years. We’ll examine the demons present in DOOM Eternal - with some being old, and some brand new - to see which have proved themselves to be either the weakest to slay, or the strongest to conquer.


32. Cueball

Coming in at the weakest of all 32 demons in none other than the Cueball. The tutorials for this guy explicitly say to use him only to knock other demons away. Shoot him, and he flies back only to knock into another demon, usually exploding on impact. He doesn’t move, doesn’t go after Doomguy - he just stands there until you  decide to do  something.

31. Unwilling

Like Zombies and other Fodder Demons, the Unwilling can’t do much harm to the Doom Slayer. They flail around just waiting for the player to get a little too close to them, and that’s the only time they’ll ever try to reach out and grab you. Other than that, be sure to look out for them when you need a pick-me-up. Your chainsaw will love them.

30. Zombie Cultist

A variation of the regular Zombie except they don’t adorn a pentagon on their head and are cloaked in white, the Zombie Cultist is another demon that simply doesn’t do a whole lot. They walk at a speed of 2 MPH and simply has to wait for the Doom Slayer to run up to them.  Unfortunately they don’t make a great demon as far as the fear factor goes. 

29. Lost Souls

I think we can all agree that the Lost Souls in DOOM Eternal do pretty much nothing but float around and try to look menacing. The Lost Souls have been around since the early days, but besides floating towards you, they  eventually dissipate in your face. Generally Lost Souls are nothing to be scared of. The Doom Slayer has bigger fish to fry.

28. Zombies

Part of the Fodder Demon family, Zombies are absolutely the weakest of the bunch. With no guns or weapons in sight, Zombies are a Godsend when the Doom Slayer is low on health in the middle of a tough fight. You can usually find them stumbling around, not knowing where they are or what they’re even doing. With the chainsaw in tow, the Doom Slayer can rip these guys apart the easiest for a quick ammo boost at the last minute.

27. Tentacles

Being the only creature that shoots up from under the ground, the Tentacle is a demon in DOOM that you wouldn’t really consider a demon - but will usually  just refer to them as being frustrating. The Tentacle is usually found in environments where Doomguy is stuck walking through a river of sledge, and because he’s moving at a slower pace,  Tentacles have even more of a reason to attack him. 

26. Imps

Imps, the classic DOOM Fodder. These guys at least seem like they have a clue about what they’re doing, but are still seen as a valuable source of ammunition and health in a losing fight. These guys always show up in each game with a new redesign, but their ability usually remainsthe same - and it’s not much else than to annoy the Doom Slayer.

25. Gargoyles

Gargoyles have an advantage over Imps. They can fly, and move around at a faster pace. They only resemble actual stone Gargoyles that hang at the top of buildings a little bit, and differ in color, with no horns present. Again, they are mostly used for resources, however, it is fun to fly through the air and try to blast them from above. They don’t pose much of a threat, so don’t worry if you see them flying around above you.

24. Hellified Soldier

Like the Possessed Soldier before him in DOOM 2016, the Hellified Soldier, as you could probably guess it, was once a normal human soldier who has unfortunately succumbed to Hell. While the regular Hellified Soldier isn’t much to look at, his counterpart, who wields a holographic shield, can protect himself when other Fodder Demons can’t. Once you blast through his shield, he can still be used for ammunition and health when needed.

23. Shield Soldier

A Shield Soldiers’ strength doesn’t come from his fire power, but more from his energetic defenses. He’s not that fast, but he’s not too slow. Blast his shield away and he’s yours - but until then, that shield is the only thing standing in the way of you and the Shield Soldier. 

22. Maykr Drone

One of the last few Fodder Demons the player comes in contact with,  Maykr Drones are found accompanying one of the final mini-bosses before the last level in the game. These guys love making a whiny, blue-toned sound everytime you hit them - but if you keep shooting at their weak point, the head, they will automatically explode in a rain of ammo and health. These guys are a bit tougher than others because of their sprinting capabilities, and how difficult it can be to aim at their heads while moving.

21. Prowler

Don’t let these guys fool you - they might look like an Imps cousin, but they are quicker than that. Being a little bit bigger than Imps gives Prowlers the advantage of attempting to take down the Doom Slayer faster. They are also quicker at getting out of the way of Doom Slayers’ blasts. He could be seen as the weakest of the Heavy Demons.

20. Pain Elemental

We’ll rank the Pain Elementals lower on the strength scale simply because they do not do much, besides float in the air above Doomguy. Like his classic counterpart, the Pain Elemental doesn’t have any special abilities besides being able to summon a few extremely weak Lost Souls. These guys just float behind him and look menacing, but don’t do a lot of  damage to Doomguy in general.

19. Whiplash

Whiplashes, while new to the DOOM franchise, also don’t hold a special ability, besides slithering all around the player - like a fly that won’t go away. With its snake-like appearance, the Whiplash likes to cover every side of you, even lunging in every once in a while to try and bite Doomguy.

18. Pinkies

Famous for always trying to barrel Doomguy down, Pinkies have been a part of the DOOM series since the beginning. They act like big dogs - when they get excited, they wanna jump all over you, and don't realize their own strengths. Their only weakness lies in the tail, and if you can get to the back of him, you can take him down.

17. Revenant

Even though he is considered a poster child for the entire DOOM series, the Revenant isn’t as powerful as people might think he is. While he can use his jet pack to fly anywhere he wants, enabling him to hit Doomguy from almost any angle, and  can be a bit easy to take down. The Revenant is also one of the demons the player can play as in BattleMode, a new feature not available in any other DOOM game. The player can get a glimpse of what it feels like to play the Revenant after Doomguy possesses his body in one of the earlier levels in the game.

16. Cacodemon

Cacodemons annoy  a lot of people more than almost any other demon. Cacodemons are famous for using their huge mouths to bite the player and staggering them,  They never touch the ground, and pretty much can’t as they don’t have any legs - like a reverse T-Rex. Be careful though, grenades won’t help when the Cacodemons keep swallowing them.

15. Carcass

Newer to the series, the Carcass is probably the most annoying demon in the entire game. He is stronger than his friends and can deploy a shield right in front of Doomguy to get him to stop in his tracks. He slaps his belly to send out sonic waves that hurt you more than the shield does. 

14. Dread Knight

A new cybernetic addition to the DOOM franchise, the Dread Knight can launch bolts of energy to its opponents,  and even damage the surrounding areas. He kind of resembles a Hell Knight in appearance and stature, but if he has energy blades protruding from his biceps, it might be a Dread Knight instead.

13. Arachnotron

In DOOM Eternal, players will be surprised with a few new demons brought back from the grave, such as the robotic spider-like creature, Arachnotron. He is introduced fairly early on, with his weak spot being the plasma blaster hanging from the back of him. Shoot this, and he’s pretty much defenseless, allowing you to take this robo-spider down a bit better.13. Pinky

Pinkies. Despite their cute name, they come with a rage unmatched to other demons. Although you may be busy slaying other creatures and don’t have the time to pay attention to your surroundings, you always know a Pinky is about to strike when you hear a higher-pitched growl coming from the distance. Be prepared to get out of the way as they charge you from across the room. Their tail is their weak point, so be sure to hit there first. 

12. The Spectre

Oh no, did I include the same two demons in here by mistake? No. The Spectre is a demon who appears to the Doom Slayer out of nowhere as an invisible version of a Pinky demon. These two could be confusing, as some people thought that Pinky could turn invisible, but instead, find out it’s a whole other demon. You can turn him visible for a little bit if you freeze him, creating the outline of a Pinky-like creature. He charges, smashes, and kills you like a Pinky, but is harder to see coming.

11. Tyrant 

Formerly known as the Cyber Demon, the Tyrant is kind of like the Barons of Hell and the Hell Knights in terms of style and shape. Although extremely tough with a broad, boding exterior, the Tyrant moves at a slow pace, giving the player time to hit him from all different sides. While dishing out high amounts of damage, his slow turning radius bodes an advantage to players, being able to hit him mostly from the back.

10. Hell Knight

Fairly intimidating, Hell Knights aren’t here to play. Don’t get them mixed up with the Baron of Hell, though, these guys come with a vengeance all of their own. They are strong by the way they can jump long lengths  to smash you with their gigantic, powerful fists. Large in structure, they are not afraid to get up close and personal with you. 

9. Baron of Hell

Essentially a Hell Knight with horns, the Baron of Hell returns to Eternal with a major cosmetic change. Seen as pink and slightly smaller in the previous game, the Baron of Hell looks a tad bit emo with his grey and black exterior change. He loves slicing Doomguy apart with his flaming swords protruding from the back of his hands, and can smash the hell out of him with his huge fists.

8. Arch-vile

Having been teased in one of the first trailers released for DOOM Eternal, the Archvile is special in how he attacks Doomguy. While never attacking him personally, he can summon hordes of endless demons to attack Doomguy until Doomguy kills off the Archvile. As long as the Archvile is around, you will be stuck where you are killing off the neverending crowd until you have no ammunition left.

7. Mancubus

The Mancubus is one of the heaviest demons in the game - they can pack a lot of fire power. With both of its hands being replaced with two heavy-duty fire blasters, the Mancubus is a classic DOOM demon brought back to ensure that he isn’t messing around. Knock off both blasters at the end of his arms, and he’s basically useless, ensuring a better and distraction-free kill.

6. CyberMancubus

Like his Mancubus counterpart, the CyberMancubus comes equipped with two blasters at the end of his arms, but instead of shooting fiery explosives,  they launch blasts of plasma energy that covers the area around him and Doomguy. He can be seen wearing more armor plates that glow green, giving him that technological feel. He has the same weakness; once his blasters are blown off, you can finish him smoothly.

5. Doom Hunter

The Doom Hunter has one job, and one job only - killing Doomguy. He’s so good at it they gave him the name ‘Doom Hunter’. Sporting extremely heavy artillery, the Doom Hunter is considered one of the first few mini-bosses players will come in contact with. He has two ‘levels’ to him, and once you’ve blasted away the bottom half of him, you need to destroy the top half as well. Just like a few other Heavy Demons, Doom Hunter loves to sprint away from you, making it hard to get a good grip on him.

4. The Marauder

Sporting a glowing axe that almost resembles Doomguys’ most powerful weapon, The Marauder is first introduced to the player almost halfway through the campaign, towards the end of  Mission 6. Also known for being frustrating, this mini-boss’ only weakness is when his eyes turn green. Once his eyes flash to the different color, players have to use that split second to their advantage and hit him with the Super Shotgun. The game advises that energy weapons won’t do the trick, so you must use other weapons to hit him with.

3. The Gladiator

Just like The Marauder, the Gladiator is a mini-boss whose weakness is the split second his eyes turn green. Or rather, his shields’ eyes turn green. He can summon sonic waves of flames that corners Doomguy, giving him no chance to hit him or escape. You’re stuck with this hunk of flesh until you learn when  the timing is right  to hit him with all you’ve got. 

2. Khan Maykr

The Khan Maykr is mentioned quite a few times as Samuel Hayden guides the Doom Slayer through the galaxy, and you finally get to meet her in the white Heaven-esqe level towards the end. She is an angel-like creature sporting gigantic gold wings that circles the area around Doomguy, all the while summoning Maykr Drones and causing the environment to catch fire. The only way you can destroy her is by hitting her with all you’ve got until she’s weak enough to pull in close to you to deliver a Blood Punch at the right moment. Players must do this quite a few times in order to beat this mini-boss, making her quite difficult.

1. Icon of Sin

After a few trailers, players were able to notice a hint of a giant head made of bone that oddly resembled a goat head, people began to speculate if the Icon of Sin would make a return to the franchise. Once the game was released, it was quickly revealed that the Icon of Sin was back, and bigger, and better than ever. With a full body in tow, the Icon of Sin appeared in DOOM II as just  a giant evil goat head made of bone stuck on the wall - with co-founder of id Software John Romeros’ head on a stake behind him. 

This time, instead of just being a head hung on a wall that would spawn an endless supply of demons, the Icon of Sin is given a body, with the objective of the final level is for the player to destroy the eight plates on his body that shield his fleshy tissue underneath. On top of having to shoot eight different giant moving body parts that are trying to crush you at any minute, players must also rampage through the hordes of demons that continuously appear until the Icon of Sin is defeated. 


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