[Top 10] Doom Eternal Best Weapons (Ranked)

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10. Unmaykr

 Weapon gameplay

  The Unmakyr is the secret weapon in Doom Eternal you get by acquiring all 6 Empyrean Keys from each of the 6 Slayer Gates. This gun shoots a wide spread of energy and shares ammo with the BFG. Unlike all other weapons though, it doesn’t have a particular use other than being powerful. It’s not used to hit weak points on enemies or anything like that. This gun is just meant to kill anything and everything in your way.

9. Combat Shotgun

Weapon gameplay

The Combat Shotgun is the starting weapon in Doom Eternal. It packs a solid enough punch to start out the game but it’s not until you start equipping the mods to make this weapon great. The sticky bomb can be shot into Cacodemon’s mouths to instantly put them in a glory kill state. The full-auto mod is really what makes the Combat Shotgun shine though. Turn this bad boy into full-auto mode and you’re ready to shred any demon you come across!


8. Heavy Cannon

Weapon gameplay (skip to 3:00)

  You get the Heavy Cannon in the first level of Doom Eternal so you get to have fun with it almost right away. The only problem with the Heavy Cannon, especially on higher difficulties is that it just takes too many rounds to finally kill enemies. But once again, the running theme is once you start putting those mods to use, the gun becomes amazing. The micro missiles are guaranteed to blow apart even the nuggets of demons. The Precision Bolt mod is perfect for hitting weak points on enemies such as the Mancubus arm cannons and the Revenants rocket launchers.

7. Chaingun

Weapon gameplay

The Chaingun is perfect for turning demons into swiss cheese. With a fast fire rate and good damage, it’s a great pick for firing at a large group of demons. The mods on this weapon include an energy shield that can block incoming damage and be shot at enemies, instantly putting them into a stagger state and the mobile turret which increases the fire rate and is the perfect embodiment of “turret go burrrrr” because it just decimates anything you’re shooting at.


6. Ballista

Weapon gameplay

The Ballista is different in its more of a mobile AA gun, designed for taking out aircraft. Use this for anything that doesn’t have legs and it will completely tear them apart. The mods this time are Arbalest and the Destroyer Blade. The Arbalest is similar to the sticky bomb Combat Shotgun mod but it shoots much faster and does more damage. The Destroyer Blade has to be charged and shoots out a wide horizontal energy blast that can cut through most demons like a hot knife through butter. This weapon is great all around but especially for those guys in the sky.


5. Plasma Rifle 

Weapon gameplay

The Plasma Rifle is most useful when you’re shooting at a shield. While shooting at a shield, the Plasma Rifle causes the shield to explode and not only kill the demon holding it but in most cases also killing other demons in close proximity. The first mod is the Heat Blast which causes the Rifle to build up heat while firing and once enough heat is built up you can disperse it to do massive damage. The other mod is the Microwave Beam which can be shot at enemies Ghostbusters style and causes them to explode. The bigger the demon, the bigger the explosion!


4. Rocket Launcher 

Weapon gameplay(skip to 2:48)

  The classic “blow everything up” weapon. This reigns true in Doom Eternal as well, with a large explosion radius and great splash damage, this gun will indeed blow EVERYTHING up. The lock-on burst mod is perfect for enemies that are very mobile and the remote-detonation mod is great for blowing up the rocket before it hits something. Use this for killing a big group of demons or for doing massive damage to just one demon, the choice is yours!

3. The Crucible

Weapon gameplay

The Crucible is a sword. A laser sword. A laser sword that can kill any demon in one hit (except bosses). The ONLY downside to the crucible is that you can only hold 3 charges and to refill them you have to get pickups. If there’s ever a demon and you’re just not in the mood to deal with them, bust the Crucible out and cut them down to size!


2. Super Shotgun

Weapon gameplay

I know you probably thought this would be the number one spot and it was hard but there’s one gun to rule them all and you already know what it is. The Super Shotgun is nothing short of a weapon from the gods. It absolutely SLAUGHTERS everything. And the Meathook, oh man the Meathook. A grapple on the bottom of a shotgun to pull you closer to any demon so you can blast them to pieces. Just a fantastic gun and my personal favorite gun in Doom Eternal.


1. BFG 9000

Weapon gameplay

Oh yeah, of course, the BFG is the best weapon. It kills everything. Literally everything. The one downside is you can only hold a maximum of 2 shots, so you have to make them count. Or you can just throw on the infinite ammo cheat and only use the BFG. There’s an idea. Anyway yes, the BFG is the best gun in Doom Eternal, it can kill any demon in one shot, so if you’re overwhelmed, low on ammo, or just wanna see some absolute carnage, just bring out the BFG and it will solve all of your problems! 



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