Doom Eternal Best Difficulty - Which To Choose

Doom Eternal Best Difficulty
Gotta kill em all

Just a heads up before we get started: QUICK REFLEXES in combat and EXPLORATION throughout the levels are keys to success in DOOM Eternal. With that out of the way, let’s get started.




I’m Too Young To Die


I’m Too Young To Die is the easy difficulty in Doom Eternal. At this difficulty setting, there will be dramatic fights and you will push through low health states and occasional deaths on your way to mastering the experience.

  •   Enemies attack less often and do less damage.
  •   Some items you pick up in the world, like Health and Armor, are worth more than in higher difficulties.


Choose this difficulty if

  •   You’re new to first-person shooters
  • You don’t want too much of a challenge
  • It’s your first time playing a Doom game


Hurt Me Plenty


Hurt Me Plenty is the normal difficulty. If you have good reflexes and enjoy exploring for progression items, then this difficulty setting is for you. Invest in your weapons and abilities to keep up with the enemies as you progress.

  •   Enemies attack often and do meaningful damage.
  • Death and low health states will become common early on as you learn to master the skills required to DOMINATE the combat experience.


Choose this difficulty if

  •   You’ve played first-person shooters before
  • You want more of a challenge
  • You’ve played a Doom game previously




Ultra-Violence is the hard difficulty. If you’re an experienced FPS player with great reflexes and you love exploring levels for progression items, then this difficulty setting is for you.


  • Enemies throw power attacks more often and deal significant damage
  •   Death may be common early on as you learn to master the skills needed to DOMINATE the combat experience


Choose this difficulty if

  •   You’re a pro at first-person shooters
  • You want a good challenge
  • You’ve played most of the Doom games before




Nightmare is the very hard difficulty. If you’re an expert FPS player with lightning-quick reflexes and you are a game completionist, then this difficulty setting is perfect for you.

  • Enemy attacks are more frequent and deal maximum damage.
  •   Few mistakes are allowed and complete mastery of the combat loop is required.

Choose this difficulty if

  •   You’re an expert FPS player
  • You want a great challenge
  • You’ve played every Doom game previously




Ultra-Nightmare is the hardest difficulty in Doom Eternal. This is Nightmare with one major adjustment - if you die your campaign is OVER and a death marker will be left behind as a reminder of how far you progressed. 

  •   You can save your campaign upon completing a mission.
  •   One death and you fail.
  •   Enemies are just as aggressive as Nightmare difficulty.


Choose this difficulty if

  •   You think you’re the best FPS player you know
  • You want the ultimate challenge
  • You could be a developer of the next Doom game


Extra Life Mode


Extra Life Mode is a special Campaign mode for players looking for an old school experience

  •   Run out of Extra Lives and then die, it’s Game Over

  Select this mode, and then select your difficulty (I’m Too Young To Die to Nightmare)

Choose this mode if

  •   You want a classic shooter experience
  • You want to change it up from the normal style of gameplay
  • You want to play through the game again in this new mode


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