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Baron of Hell, redesgined

The month of March hosted two of the years’ biggest video game releases, the family-friendly, lovable Animal Crossing, and the gory, rip-and-tear, adrenaline inducing sequel to DOOM 4, DOOM Eternal. With extremely positive reviews so far, DOOM Eternal is looking to live up to its predecessors, and we’ve decided to look back on the top 10 demons from DOOM Eternals’ campaign.


10. The Marauder

His eyes may look red, but watch out when they turn green

 After being revealed as one of DOOM Eternals’ most challenging demons in DOOMs' campaign and BattleMode at E3 2019, The Marauder is a new demon introduced to the player about halfway through DOOM Eternal’s campaign. While The Marauder is certainly one of the most interesting demons in DOOM Eternal, he is without a doubt one of the hardest to beat, making him extremely frustrating when it comes to learning how to defeat him. 

  • He isn’t just a demon that tries to kill Doomguy, but actually talks to him, providing players with a bit of backstory.
  • Unique to kill, defensive-dense and teaches players to time their attacks perfectly. 
  • Can summon a fiery wolf companion that aids The Marauder in attacking Doomguy.


9. The Archvile

The Archvile first appeared in DOOM II

 As seen in one of the first launch trailers for DOOM Eternal, the Archvile is a throwback to the earliest DOOM demons that have been reintroduced to the franchise. The Arch-vile is thrown into the mix of demons later on in the game, and, just like The Marauder, is arguably one of the hardest, simply because of his ability to continuously spawn in new demons until he himself is killed, making him a difficult demon to deal with because of his ability to also run away from the player at any moment 

  • Gives the game a classic, nostalgia feel that gives a nod to the classic DOOM games.
  • Summons every other kind of demon in the DOOM world.
  • Disappears and reappears far away from the player. 


8. Pinkies

Although extremely broad-bodied and shaped with massive underbites, Pinkies sort of act like overly-hyper dogs that jump all over you

A staple in DOOM 2, and just like the Archvile, Pinkies are alive and back with an annoying vengeance. They make their presence known by growling before the player can feel them stomping in their very direction. These guys are a bit harder to kill than some, with his weak spot being just his backside,  specifically his flailing tail.

  • Unique sound gives players a warning before he attacks.
  • Kind of clumsy and fumble around, giving players some advantage to killing him.
  •  A throwback to the earlier games.


7. Carcass

He slaps his belly to let you know he’s hungry.. for you

New to DOOM Eternal, the Carcass is the only demon who's always self-aware of how much personal space he needs,  and is famous for creating blue force fields to push the player away from not only himself, but other demons. The player has to battle these force fields in order to confront the Carcass, and once the player does, immediately gets smacked in the face with blasts of power when the  Carcass slaps his belly . Weird guy.

  • Interesting human-spider-robot hybrid new to the DOOM franchise.
  • Extremely annoying when you try to get close enough for a kill.
  • The only demon that can produce force fields that are not shields


6. Whiplash

Loves creeping up behind you, beside you - pretty much everywhere

This one is a new kind of creature. An extremely fast, always slithering, snake-like demon of hell that’s always creeping up on Doomguy by staying low to the ground. This demon is unique because by the way it resembles an actual Earth  animal. At least this red-eyed snake always attacks you from the front.

  • Fast as hell.
  • Slithers and sounds exactly like a snake.
  • Teaches the player to react and shoot fast if they want to kill it quickly.


5. Pain Elementals

He’s just a demon that’s jealous of his better-looking counterpart

Cousins to the ever-famous Cacodemon, Pain Elementals are just like them. While they can’t swallow the explosives you throw at them, they are usually accompanied by Lost Souls, or flaming skulls that charge at you before you shoot them. These flying balls of sharp teeth don’t show up as often as their floating counterparts, but they do just as good of a job of trying to tear you apart.

  • Summons Lost Souls as companions.
  • Another demon redesigned from older titles.
  • Giant mouth makes it  an easy target to shoot grenades into.


4. Doom Hunter

The Over-Compensator

Just like his name suggests, we meet this bombarding train as a mini-boss early on. There’s two parts to this new demon; the robotic ‘feet’ that propel him through the air, and the top half that remains to be shot at once his bottom half is done for. Not as challenging as The Marauder, but just as quick.

  • Even though he’s enormous, he can still parade through the environment just as quickly as any other demon.
  • Stays low to the ground while flying through the air, intimidating Doomguy into making him feel small.
  • Loves to run anything in his way over.


3. Revenant

Doesn’t play fair by taking to the sky to get away from you

Not surprisingly, the Revenant is arguably one of the most popular, well-known DOOM demons that almost everyone can recognize. While he’s been a huge part of every DOOM game, this time, the Doomslayer is given the opportunity to take control of a Revenant, and the player can finally take a stab at knowing what being a demon feels like. Ripping and tearing has a whole new meaning when you’re a literal  demon.

  •   New design is a nod to DOOM II.
  • Can fight other demons as the Revenant in the beginning of the game.
  • Amazing to fly around, ripping others apart mid-air.


2. Imps

Annoying gnat-like creatures

We love these guys, not because they’re scary, but because they are one of the few demons we can run to in a difficult fight that can help us . Players love using Imps and smaller demons to run their chainsaw through once they’ve become dangerously low on health, ammo, or armor. These guys are usually extremely easy to take down and are sought out for the sole purpose of getting that extra bit of health to bring them back from the dead.

  • Highly recognizable demon that is easy to tear apart in times of need.
  • Fast but just slow enough to catch them quickly.
  • Like a fly buzzing around your face that won’t leave you alone.


1. Baron of Hell

He likes to get a good look at you from across the room before trampling you

This guy gets a bit of a make-over from 2016s DOOM - going from the pinkish stomping monster he was to the darker, grey, flaming demon he is now. If he isn’t trying to stomp all over you, he’s constantly jumping over  you in the hopes of shaking you up. The Baron of Hells’ job is to make sure he makes his existence is hell for the Doomslayer by following him around with his flaming appendages to rip you apart. 

  • Redesign makes him even scarier than before.
  • Can weild flaming swords from the back of his hands for even more rip-and-tear action.
  • Face is permanently contorted to look like he is always kind of smiling as he kills you.


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