Bethesda’s DOOM Free Weekend Gains 100K+ players

This past weekend, DOOM was booming with players

Bethesda's free DOOM weekend offer was no doubt a strategic marketing move to encourage users to pick up and play DOOM before their next release: DOOM VFR. According to SteamSpy, on the day before the free weekend began, Wednesday, July 19th, DOOM was 2,212,423 owners. By the end of the promotion on Sunday of that week there were 2,497,922 owners of DOOM 4, a 285k (almost 13%) increase. A week later numbers dropped once more before leveling off at 2,212,644 owners.*

*These numbers are for Steam only, and do not include the increase of xbox and playstation owners.

With update 6.66 being released, Doom has decided to upgrade all existing player’s content to include all multiplayer DLC, with some extra kicks to boot.

Update 6.66

DOOM's update included all multiplayer DLC

In this update DOOM changed the unlock system to be based on “leveling requirements [and] in game challenges.” Taking into account the players that have been unlocking via the original “random unlock system” DOOM has reset all veteran players to level 0, with the option of retaining anything they unlocked prior to the update if they so choose. If not, then the players can reset their unlocks and start fresh.

The update also replaced Hack Modules with Runes, which are consistent, predictable perks.

Bethesda topped off DOOM’s latest update with every bit of DLC for free  and to make it even better, DOOM allowed playstation 4 players to play free over the weekend with full access to multiplayer and story mode including all player made Snapmaps.

While this isn’t the first free weekend Bethesda has given its players, it is one of the first times we’ve seen DOOM being open to the public without having to pay for it.

Doom 3 cost $15-$30 depending on what platform players purchased it for and DOOM 2 to this day still costs a little bit of cash to purchase from sites like steam and that doesn’t even touch the DLC.

Patch 6.66 is a blessing in disguise, giving players a chance to access DOOM for free, as well as experience the game in its entirety regardless of whether or you’re a veteran monster slaying marine or a noob just trying to satiate your thirst for something new.

Players can choose to purchase DOOM after the free trial and for those who do decide to buy it, Bethesda has promised that all multiplayer and campaign progress will be saved and carried forward.

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