[Top 3] Stardew Valley Best Days To Propose

I always cry at weddings, especially 6:00am weddings

You’ve moved to Pelican Town, taken over your grandfather’s farm, and are putting down roots in Stardew Valley. Bungus the cow and Feck the chicken are happily grazing away, the farm is full of life, but the house feels a little lonely. You want to marry, but who?

And when can you propose to add a little fun or sentimentality to the whole thing?

1. Three days before your beloved’s birthday

Anniversary celebrations are not part of Stardew Valley’s culture. If you’d like to celebrate something on your wedding anniversary, propose three days before your spouse’s birthday. 

An example of a wonderful spouse giving "high hearts" dialogue

Not only can you give your spouse a good gift worth lots of points on your anniversary, imagine this: You’ve married Harvey. After a beautiful ceremony, touching and full of love; and after that wonderful reception where Marnie dances way too hard for 6:00am, you head home. 

Because you’re a good farmer, you have kegs of coffee ready. You hand your new husband a cup of coffee. “This is my favorite thing! It’s like you read my mind.” 640 friendship points later, your marriage is officially off to a wonderful start.


2. Winter 26

If you’re one of those people who has a hard time remembering your anniversary, there’s none easier to remember than Spring 1. Propose on Winter 26 to start your new life together on that ultimate day of new beginnings.

A typical winter day, which is not rainy

Having an early spring anniversary is blissful, both in real life and in Stardew Valley. Imagine marrying someone so lovely they’re like a breath of fresh air, someone like Penny. Spring is a happy time of year for her, a time when the valley comes alive. Imagine Penny being your spring bride, just as beautiful as the tulips and the cherry blossoms!

If you’re going to do this, you’ll need to think ahead. You can only get the Mermaid’s Pendant on a rainy day. So, you’ll either need to grab it during a season when it rains, or get and use a Rain Totem at some point during the winter.


3. Spring 23, before the Flower Dance

Imagine that you’ve decided to marry Sam. He loves flowers. He loves the Flower Dance, despite his allergies. Wouldn’t it be terribly romantic to dance with him as an engaged couple at the Flower Dance? It would be like something out of a romance novel!

The Flower Dance can be traced back to ancient fertility rituals

Villagers may or may not keep to their typical routines on festival days. However, all doors are locked. Some people never leave their homes. If by chance you run into your beloved before the dance, have your romance novel moment the morning of the dance! If you’d rather play it safe, which I’d suggest, there’s always the day before. You’ll still have that once in a lifetime chance to dance with your betrothed at the Flower Dance during your short engagement.

Those aren’t the only days worth a marriage proposal, though. Some people marry Abigail or Maru, then propose three days before Pierre or Demetrius’ birthday as a “gotcha” to the fathers of their brides. They have to watch their little girl marry the farmer on their birthday! 

Others propose on the Stardew Valley equivalent of their real-life birthdays or wedding anniversaries, especially in multiplayer games. And then there are the ones who pay it no mind, who run to their future spouse and drop down to one knee as soon as they get the Mermaid’s Pendant because they just can’t wait to be married.


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