[Top 15] Stardew Valley Most Expensive Fish

There are how many fish in the sea?

Fishing is the bane of many Stardew Valley players' gameplay, something that has to be done and often with little reward. Today, you'll learn the most expensive fish to make fishing worthwhile.

15. Super Cucumber (250-750G)

The Super Cucumber is one of the harder fish to catch in the entirety of Stardew Valley, Pelican Town, or elsewhere. However, it can go for a hefty price and plays a role in several recipes and a secret quest.

Sea Cucumbers are categorized as fish in Stardew Valley, but in reality, they're more closely related to sea stars, most commonly known as starfish. They come in purple, as well as a variety of shades of pink, red, and orange. No wonder they're one of the Wizard's favorite gifts. They're beautiful and strange like most ocean creatures.

How to Catch a Super Cucumber

  • There are a few places you can catch a Super Cucumber, as long as you have a fishing pole.
  • They only appear in Summer and Fall, with an appearance at the Night Market during Winter 15 through 17. 
  • It can also randomly spawn in Garbage Cans during Summer and Fall.
  • The Traveling Cart will rarely have it stocked, ranging from 750 gold at the cheapest to 1,250 gold at the most expensive.

14. Stonefish  (300-900G)

Stonefishes are one of the rarer fish in Stardew Valley, with a 12.5% chance of catching them in the best circumstances. If you get lucky and find something of high quality, it can make all that fishing worth it with some gold.

While it's safe to catch every fish in Stardew Valley, I wouldn't recommend anyone try catching a stonefish in real life. Stonefishes are in the same family as stingrays, except, getting stung by one of these isn't survivable! They're the most venomous fish known and can kill a person. Maybe they should stay in the mines.

How to Catch a Stonefish

  • You can only get a Stonefish on level 20 of the Mines in Pelican Town. You have a higher chance of hooking a Ghostfish, so don't give up!
  • There’s no need to wait to catch this one. As long as you've reached level 20 of the Mines, you'll be able to catch this, no matter the season, weather, or time of day.
  • I advise obtaining a Curiosity Lure to increase your luck before you try to catch one.

13. Ice Pip (500-1,500G)

For our next entry, we have an even rarer fish: the Ice Pip. Their rarity comes with a cost, you'll be able to sell this one for nearly double as much as the Stonefish.

Ice Pips are the first fish on the list not to exist in some form in real life. But, some fish thrive in frigid conditions, such as the well-known goldfish. These icy swimmers are located only in the mines, so take a break from cracking rocks to catch a fish or two.

How to Catch an Ice Pip

  • Ice Pips only appear on level 60 of the Mines, so make sure you stock up on food before making the trip.
  • They’re catchable 24/7, no matter the season or weather, just like other Mines fishes.
  • Make sure you have a great fishing pole for these because they're one of the hard ones to catch.

12. Blobfish (500-1,500G)

You've probably seen a blobfish as a meme, whether or not you knew it. These gelatinous fellows live in the Night Market, so keep an eye out.

Many people don't know that blobfishes, or fatheads as they're also known, are real fish! The ocean is crazy with what it can conjure up. These deepwater weirdos live in Australia and New Zealand. Why is it always Australia?

How to Catch a Blobfish

  • You can catch a blobfish in the submarine ride at the Night Market, at the beach, in Winter. There's a 10% chance of reeling it, so double check you have a good lure.
  • Alternatively, if you have Magic Bait, you have a slim chance of catching one in the southwest corner of the beach. To do this, you need to face west while standing in the southwestern corner of the leftmost pier.

11. Lava Eel (700-2,100G)

Did you ever play 'the floor is lava' as a kid? What if there was another level of danger? What if there was just an eel in there, waiting to sting? That's what's hiding in the Mines of Stardew Valley.

There’s no need to worry about that because lava eels aren't real. There are no animals that can survive in lava, luckily. If they could, I think we'd all be doomed. Eels in real life are scary enough, even without electricity. They look like they're expecting me to laugh at a joke they haven't told yet.

How to Catch a Lava Eel

  • We have another Mine-only fish here, this time further down on level 100. You'll have to be stocked up with food and good weapons to make it down there alive.
  • Additionally, you can get them at the Volcano Caldera. This is one of the easier ways to get it, but it takes some work to get there.
  • Again, I suggest using a good lure since the Lava Eel is the second most difficult fish to catch.

10. Ms. Angler (900-2,700G)

I have three words for you: Legendary Girl Fish. Need I say more?

If you're not convinced yet, Ms. Angler is one of the five Legendary Fish that Mr. Qi requires for the Extended Family Quest. It’s the only time you can fish for her, so catch as many as possible while on the quest.

How to Catch Ms. Angler

  • The first step to getting Ms. Angler is to activate Mr.Qi's Extended Family Quest. To do this, check the special order board in Mr. Qi's room on Ginger Island.
  • From there, you have to wait for the quest to activate. There are two new quests every week so if you don't see them, check back the following Monday.
  • Ms. Angler resides in the same place as the regular version: at the river north of JojaMart.

9. Angler (900-2,700G)

The Angler is Ms. Angler's other half, a legend in his own right. They've never been seen at the same time, so something is going on there.

The Angler is a legend for a reason. With a difficulty of 85, it requires a lot of player patience and fishing rod strength to get the job done. Even when you catch it, don't expect any more after that. This fish is so rare it can only be caught once per game session (unless you're on multiplayer).

How to Catch an Angler

  • First things first, make sure it's Fall. It doesn't matter the weather or the time of day, just the season.
  • You must be at Fishing level 3, but you can use Fishing Buffs to achieve this if you're lower than that. 
  • Make sure you're at the river north of JojaMart, standing as far north as possible. You have to be within 15 tiles of the map edge. 
  • From there, you have a 20% chance of catching it (25% if you have a Curiosity Lure).

8. Glacierfish (1,000-3,000G)

Imagine you're swimming in the Arctic when suddenly you see a pair of red eyes peering out from the dark at you. Spooky! Why is there such a creepy fish in this game?

These frozen friends live underneath icy sheets in the Cindersap Forest. They only come out during Winter, showing up on Arrowhead Island. They're complicated fish with a difficulty score of 100, making them one of the hardest to catch. It's very rewarding when you get it!

How to Catch a Glacierfish

  • Besides waiting for Winter, you need to have Fishing level 6. This is achieved with buffs if you aren't quite there yet. 
  • There's one specific tile you have to stand on while fishing. It's at the southernmost tip of Arrowhead Island. If you're unsure, you can check Secrets of the Legendary Fish, one of the Lost Books.
  • Cast your bobber in Fishing Zone 3 at the very least, which means casting it 4 tiles or more away from land in every direction.

7. Mutant Carp (1,000-3000 G)

What hides in the toxic waste of the sewers? The kids say it's a monster, but it couldn't be... right?

The Mutant Carp sounds like something straight out of Goosebumps, like a less scary version of Pennywise. It's Legendary because of the stories surrounding it. In reality, mutations are usually just physical, so in all likelihood, the fish is just sick. That makes it a little sadder to think about, so I'll stick with the monster theory.

How to Catch a Mutant Carp

  • This bad boy can be caught any time of day during any season. It's incredibly versatile!
  • The Mutant Carp is the only Legendary Fish to require no special setup. You only need to hook it in the Sewers. 
  • I recommend the Curiosity Lure for trying to catch this; it'll make your rate of success go from 10% to 20%.

6. Glacierfish Jr. (1,000-3,000G)

So... are we going to talk about the implications of some fish having children? No? Are we just going to ignore Glacierfish Jr.?

Glacierfish Jr. is the cooler, younger version of a classic Legendary fish. It has sunglasses and a hat, for Pete's sake! What more can we ask for? It has the same price and healing benefits as its predecessor, with the caveat of only being available during Mr. Qi's Extended Family Quest.  

How to Catch Glacierfish Jr.

  • This rad lad has a difficulty of 100, so make sure you have a high level of fishing before taking this on. I recommend level 6 fishing at minimum.
  • You'll need to activate Mr. Qi's Extended Family Quest, too. To do this, you need access to his room on Ginger Island. 
  • You can find this in Cindersap Forest, at the south end of Arrowhead Island. 

5. Radioactive Carp (1,000-3000G)

If you were scared of the Mutant Carp, then look away! Here comes the Radioactive Carp, ready to make you sick if you even look at it wrong!

I've always been fascinated with radiation and its effects on the land and life. I mean, I'm writing a whole book based on it. So when I found out about this toxic freak, I was preparing my hazmat suit to go fishing. You can imagine how happy I was learning how much money it could make me too!

How to Catch a Radioactive Carp

  • I suggest having a lure that weighs down the fish because this nuclear disaster is fast!
  • Donate 60 items to the Museum to get the key to The Sewers, where you'll find this and its less toxic counterpart.
  • Alongside access to the Museum, you'll also need access to Mr. Qi's room on Ginger Island to accept the quest that unleashes this beast onto the Valley.

4. Crimsonfish (1,500-4,500G)

Crimsonfish, named after its deep red color, is one of the prettiest things I've ever seen. I want it now. 

Unfortunately, Crimsonfish isn't real, although there are many types of red fish in the sea. They might not have the legendary status of this roughly 2 foot-long behemoth but I'm sure they'll please you. Besides, unless you're an expert fisherman, there's little chance of catching a Crimsonfish in Stardew Valley.

How to Catch a Crimsonfish

  • The first step is to wait for Summer to roll around. It doesn't matter if it's raining or not. Crimsonfish love to lay their eggs in warm summer water.
  • You should have Fishing level 5 at the very least, plus the small bridge connecting to the eastern beach should be complete.
  • From the eastern pier or the shore east of it, cast your line at least four tiles away from land and bide your time. A Crimsonfish will come biting. (Eventually).

3. Son of Crimsonfish (1,500-4,500G)

Again, we have another child of a fish. I wish we got to know his name. He is more than the Son of Crimsonfish; he's a legend in his own right!

Born along the warm beaches of Stardew Valley, this little guy follows in his father’s footsteps, becoming a legend himself. I'm not sure about his relationship with Mr. Qi, but I think the legends continue because of their meeting.

How to Catch the Son of Crimsonfish

  • This is another fish gained from Mr. Qi's Extended Family Quest, a quest unlocked by delivering 100 Golden Walnuts to Mr. Qi.
  • The Son of Crimsonfish has the same requirements as his father, so you'll need to be Fishing level 5 to be able to catch him.

2. Legend (5,000-15,000G)

Ah, the Legend. The one who started it all. They aren't called Legendary Fish for nothing.

All hail the king of all fish! The Legend has gained its name and reputation through being notoriously hard to catch. No one knows how old it is or how many there are, but the market for them has never lowered, especially with how rarely it appears. 

How to Catch a Legend

  • The Legend is the most difficult fish to catch in Stardew Valley, so make sure you have Fishing level 10. A few good bobbers and bait shouldn't hurt either.
  • You have to wait for a Rainy Spring day to fish for it since that's the only time it's seen.
  • You can find it at Mountain Lake, near the large submerged log. I theorize that's where it lays its eggs and mates. 
  • Make sure your bobber is in Fishing Zone 5, at least 5 tiles away from any land in every direction.

1. Legend II (5,000-15,000G)

With every great person comes another to fill their shoes. The Legend II (which sounds like a rap name) has swum and evaded fishers long enough to be a legend, just like its father.

I'm starting to think Mr. Qi has kidnapped the families of Legendary Fish because why are they only found during his quests? They are, for the most part, the same as their ancestors, but also different. I think there's a fish-breeding mystery to discover.

How to Catch a Legend II

  • Collect 100 Golden Walnuts to unlock Mr. Qi's Room, where you can pick up this quest like those in Pelican Town.
  • You'll have to have your Fishing Level maxed out alongside a few strong fishing poles and good bait. 
  • Making sure you cast your bobber as far from you as possible, and wait at the Mountain Lake to become a legend for catching a Legend II.

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