[Top 10] Stardew Valley Best Enchantments

Stardew Valley Best Enchantments
Be careful in the cavern, things can get a bit spicy!

 [Top 10] Stardew Valley Best Enchantments

In Stardew Valley’s most recent update, the farming favourite saw a multitude of changes and additions, one of those being weapon and tool enchantments. After unlocking the new location, Ginger Island, players can explore the new searing and scary Volcano Dungeon and after braving your way through 10 new frustrating floors, you will find the forge.

The forge is a new and expensive way of upgrading your tools and weapons, at the cost of 1 prismatic shard and 20 cinder shards per enchantment. With 16 enchantments to randomly receive, this list is here to help you determine which enchantments are the best!



10) Shaving

Enchanting a weapon or tool in Stardew Valley may be a great new addition but unlike other games, the enchantments are completely random. One of those random enchantments is called Shaving, a useful upgrade when you’re running dangerously low on wood or hardwood, and want to add another building to your farm.

Why Shaving is a great enchantment:

  • Extra 3 regular wood from Oak, Maple, Pine, Palm, and Mahogany trees.
  • A chance for extra hardwood from stumps.
  • A chance for extra produce from giant crops.


Can be enchanted on:

  • Axe


9) Powerful

While getting the exact enchantment that you want may be a hit or miss, you at least have the peace of mind knowing that all enchantments are quite useful and worth the prismatic shard it costs to do it. The Powerful enchantment enhances your pickaxe and/or axe, making it possible to smash rocks and chop trees in less time.

Why Powerful is a great enchantment:

  • It adds 1 extra power level to your chosen pickaxe
  • It adds 2 extra power levels to your chosen axe


Can be enchanted on:

  • Axe
  • Pickaxe


8) Swift

Sometimes upgrading tool speed is far better than upgrading tool strength and the Swift enchantment allows for tools to be used 33% faster. This means that you could still potentially grind for wood and stone at the same rate as a tool with the Powerful enchantment, as you are improving the speed of each swing.


Why Swift is a great enchantment:

  • Improve use speed by 33%


What tools can be enchanted:

  • Axe
  • Hoe
  • Pickaxe


7) Bug Killer

One of the most annoying problems you will face while playing Stardew Valley is the combat, but it’s not how you fight that’s annoying, it’s what you fight. The copious number of bugs and other creepy crawlies makes mining difficult, but the Bug Killer enchantment helps a great deal, especially in the regular mines.

When the Bug Killer enchantment is applied to a weapon, it will deal double the damage to grubs, flies, bugs, spiders, rock crabs and even makes it possible to finally kill armoured bugs!


Why the Bug Killer is a great enchantment:

  • Doubles damage on grubs, bugs, spiders, flies, rock crabs
  • Can kill armoured bugs (Found in the skull cavern)


What weapon can be enchanted:

  • Any sword types
  • Any hammer types
  • Any dagger types


6) Vampiric

When visiting the mines to replenish your depleting stack of gold ore, you may get down to the deepest levels and discover that the slimes are putting up much more of a fight, damaging your health in the process. Well, the Vampiric enchantment will help you enact your revenge.

 By having this particular enchantment attached to your weapon, each time you kill an enemy with it, you have a 9% chance of regaining some health. The amount of health you get back is 9% to 10.67% of the monster’s maximum heath.


Why Vampiric is a great enchantment:

  • Replenish health with each kill
  • 9% to 10.67% fill


What weapons can be enchanted:

  • Any sword types
  • Any hammer types
  • Any dagger types


5) Archaeologist


As the name suggests, the Archaeologist enchantment helps when digging up artifacts. By using your hoe on a dig spot, the chance of unearthing an artifact is doubled when using a hoe that has this buff attached to it. It becomes a lot more helpful if you are still trying to complete the museum, essentially doubling your chances of doing so.


Why the Archaeologist is a great enchantment:

  • Doubles your chances of digging up artifacts
  • Can help you complete the museum faster


What tools you can enchant:

  • Hoe


4) Artful

When exploring the skull caverns, it can be difficult and frustrating when you reach a prehistoric floor, especially an infested one. A pepper rex in large numbers is certainly tricky, but the Artful enchantment can make it a little bit easier for you.

The Artful enchantment reduces the special move cooldown by 50% which then means that you can double the number of special moves you can make normally, making killing your enemies 50% easier!


Why the Artful enchantment is great:

  • Reduces special move cooldown by 50%
  • Doubles the number of special attacks


What weapons can be enchanted:

  • All sword types
  • All hammer types
  • All dagger types


3) Generous

What could be better than digging up one dinosaur egg? Digging up two! With the Generous enchantment, there is a 50% chance of getting a second item when you dig it up. No longer will you weigh up the options of either selling or donating an artifact, you can now do both.

This also means that you can have double the chicken statues in your house, or all the more bones to crush. Whatever you do with your Generously hoed artifacts, you know you wouldn’t have been able to do it without this handy dandy enchantment.


Why the Generous enchantment is great:

  • 50% chance of doubled artifact find
  • The more the merrier


What tools can be enchanted:

  • Hoe


2) Crusader

The second-best enchantment on this list is certainly worth paying the price of a coveted prismatic shard, why? It kills mummies. It doesn’t just crumble them into a pile of dusty bandages, it does what a bomb can do, spreads their desiccated ashes all over the cave floor. No more crafting bombs!

Not only that, but this enchantment does 50% more damage to mummies, ghosts, skeletons, and void spirits. If you’re lucky enough to get this enchantment on an infinity blade, you’d be unstoppable in the mines.


Why the Crusader enchantment is great:

  • Prevents mummies from reviving
  • Doubles the damage on mummies, ghosts, skeletons, and void spirits


What weapons can be enchanted:

  • Any sword types
  • Any hammer types
  • Any dagger types


1) Efficient

The best and probably most useful enchantment for your tools is Efficient. What the Efficient enchantment does is it cancels stamina drain completely; you can swing your pickaxe all day with absolutely no energy consumption at all! This is also the only enchantment that you can add to every tool in your inventory, a one-size-fits-all kind of thing, very handy if you have a ton of spare prismatic shards just lying around.

Although each enchantment is expensive, they are worth getting simply for the ease of using them and with everything that has been added in the new update, there are lots of new things to do so these enchantments will make the farming life easier (after going through the hard effort of getting them).


Why the Efficient enchantment is great:

  • Stamina drain no longer exists
  • Tools have unlimited use


Tools that can be enchanted:

  • Pickaxe              
  • Axe
  • Hoe
  • Watering can
  • Fishing rod


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