[Top 8] Stardew Valley Best Fruit Trees

[Top 8] Stardew Valley Best Fruit Trees
All of the delicious fruits you could ask for!

Trees are always a good way of adding some extra income to your farm, making it look better, and giving yourself the opportunity to create new things such as jam and wine. However, not all fruit trees are created equal (thanks, ConcernedApe) so you have fruit trees that are drastically better than others when it comes to the possible money you can get from them. In this article, we will give you a brief overview of all 8 fruit trees in Stardew Valley and why they’re good.

8. Apricot Tree

Firstly, we have the humble Apricot Tree. This is going to be one of the first trees you unlock at the start of the game, and each Apricot produced will yield up to 110g, depending on your profession. If you make Apricot Jam or Apricot Wine, you can expect to earn 210g and 420g, respectively.

Why the Apricot Tree is great:

  • Reliable
  • Good prices for goods
  • Decent value

How to get the Apricot Tree:

  • Purchase it at Pierre’s General Store in Spring

Apricot Tree details

7. Cherry Tree

Moving on, we have the Cherry Tree. Cherries are very reliable when it comes to the time you plant them, since they fetch a good market price and their processed goods are better than Apricot goods. If you make Cherry Wine or Cherry Jam, you will get 672g and 294g, if they are Iridium quality.

Why the Cherry Tree is great:

  • Good value
  • Quick turnaround
  • Jam/Wine has a good price

How to get the Cherry tree:

  • Purchase it at Pierre’s General Store in Spring

Cherry Tree details

6. Orange Tree

Orange Trees have a significant price increase when it comes to overall profit, where one Iridium-quality fruit can be worth 200g. They are planted in the Summer and they bear one fruit every day after maturing. Orange Wine and Orange Jam are worth 840g, and 350g, respectively.

Why the Orange Tree is great:

  • Higher price compared to Cherry and Apricot
  • Convenient in the Summer
  • Can be used in the Summer Artisanal Bundle

How to get the Cherry Tree:

  • Purchase it from Pierre’s General Store in Summer

Orange Tree details

5. Apple Tree

There isn’t much to say about Apple Trees, considering that they fetch the same price as Oranges, except… well, they’re apples.

Why the Apple Tree is great:

  • Good overall value
  • Good products
  • Can be used in the Artisanal Bundle
  • Can be gifted to NPCs

How to get the Apple Tree:

  • Purchase it from Pierre’s General Store in Fall

Apple Tree details

4. Mango Tree

Mangoes are awesome because you can plant them at any time during Summer, as well as on Ginger Island. The fruits of the Mango Tree are the first on this list that break 1,000g for Iridium-quality Wine, as well as a very solid 434g for the Jam. It is a very useful overall tree, and should have a place in your farm.

Why the Mango Tree is great:

  • Great prices for Mango products
  • Used in quests
  • Used in recipes

How to get the Mango Tree:

  • Buy it from an Island Trades for 75 Mussels
  • Break open a Golden Coconut

Mango Tree details

3. Peach Tree

While Mango Trees do give you more health than Peach Trees, we’re talking about business here, and Peaches provide a great source of income since they’re efficient, and the prices they fetch from selling their products are excellent for how much fruit you get from the trees.

Why the Peach Tree is great:

  • Can be used in the Artisan Bundle
  • Great Summer tree
  • Excellent products

How to get the Peach Tree:

  • Purchase it from Pierre’s General Store in Summer

Peach Tree details

2. Pomegranate Tree

Moving on, we have the Pomegranate Tree. It, like many other Fruit Trees, it gives you great fruits that have an excellent price when you sell them, and the Pomegranate Wine that you can make from the fruits of this tree goes up to 1,176g, and the Pomegranate Jam goes to 462g, respectively.

Why the Pomegranate Tree is great:

  • Good fruits in terms of value
  • Can be used in bundles
  • Great products
  • Reliable Fall tree

How to get the Pomegranate Tree:

  • Purchase it from Pierre’s General Store in Fall

Pomegranate Tree details

1. Banana Tree

And now, we come to the most unique and useful Fruit Trees you can have on your farm — the Banana Tree. While it follows the same 28-day maturity process, the Bananas you pick from this tree will can give you up to 330g a piece, as well as 195 Energy. Should you choose to process them into Wine, you can expect a comfortable 1,260g, ideal for making more money.

Why the Banana Tree is great:

  • Extremely high-value fruits
  • Great products
  • Grows year-round on Ginger Island
  • Can be used in recipes

How to get the Banana Tree:

  • Purchase it from an Island Trader for 5 Dragon Teeth
  • Break open a Golden Coconut
  • Complete the Large Animal Collection at the Island Field Office

Banana Tree details

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