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SV's Best Chef

It takes a lot of food to keep a Stardew Valley Farmer going.

Whether it’s early game and just watering your crops drains half your energy, or you’re trying to reach level 100 of Skull Cavern, you’re going to need sustenance to get you through the day. Here’s my personal top five favorite foods to make in the kitchen of my Farmer’s house. 

5. Sashimi

Sashimi is a cheap and easy food to get even early on in your playthough.

You can learn how to make sashimi pretty early on. All you need is a three-heart relationship with Linus (which is fairly easy to achieve since he’s easy to give presents to) and you can make tasty Sashimi to munch on during your adventures.

Why Sashimi is Great

  • 1 Ingredient (Any Fish).
  • Easy to Get for Early Game Health and Energy.

Sashimi Details

  • 33 Health Restored.
  • 75 Energy Restored.

4. Lucky Lunch

A little luck can go a long way.

Lucky Lunches are really useful meals that boost your luck by three whole points. Even an unlucky day can be turned around with this tasty dish. Made with a Blue Jazz Flower, A Tortilla, and a Sea Cucumber.

Why Lucky Lunch is Great

  • Additional Luck is Helpful in Mines and Skull Cavern.
  • Decent Health and Energy Restoration.

Lucky Lunch Details

  • 45 Health Restored.
  • 100 Energy Restored.
  • + 3 Luck.

3. Spicy Eel

The serpents in Skull Cavern know what's up. Spicy food is the best!

This is one of my favorite meals in the entire game. Partially because it gives you great buffs and partially because it can be a drop from Serpents in Skull Cavern, making it easy to get. Even if he can be a bit of a cranky old man, once you reach a seven-heart relationship with him George will teach you how to make this meal. 

Why Spicy Eel is Great

  • Luck and Defense Both Increased.
  • Dropped by Serpents in Skull Cavern.
  • Also, it’s Spicy! 

Spicy Eel Details

  • 51 Health Restored.
  • 115 Energy Restored.
  • +1 Luck.
  • +1 Defense.

2. Eggplant Parmesan

It says it's cheesy, but the recipe doesn't call for any cheese. Hmm...

Eggplant Parmesan is a pretty great food to take with you to the mines and Skull Cavern. It adds defense and mining buffs, and only has two ingredients. Mayor Lewis will send you the recipe in the mail after you have a seven-heart relationship with him.

Why Eggplant Parmesan is Great

  • Only Two Ingredients (Tomato and Eggplant).
  • Added Mining and Defense Buffs.
  • Lots of Health and Energy.

Eggplant Parmesan Details 

  • 78 Health Restored.
  • 175 Energy Restored.
  • +1 Mining.
  • +3 Defense.

1. Pumpkin Soup

It's the perfect fall treat!

Ah, delicious pumpkin soup! This is the best food in the entire game. It brings luck and defense, and huge numbers to your health and energy restoration. You get this simple recipe from Robin when you reach a seven-heart relationship with her. All you need is a pumpkin and milk. 

Why Pumpkin Soup is Great 

  • Simple to Make (Pumpkin + Milk).
  • Added Luck and Defense Buffs.

Pumpkin Soup Details  

  • 90 Health Restored.
  • 200 Energy Restored.
  • +2 Luck.
  • +2 Defense.

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