Stardew Valley Best Farms - Which to Choose?

Stardew Valley Best Farms

When starting up a new save file in Stardew Valley, one of the very first things you have to do is pick which farm layout you want. This layout is going to be the one you’re stuck with throughout your entire playthrough unless you start a new save file. That being said, it’s important to understand which farm types offer what and why some of them may be disadvantageous. This guide will talk about all seven farms and give you the pros and cons of each so you aren’t picking one you don’t want.


7. Riverland Farm

Riverland Farm Starting Layout

The Riverland Farm, with 1,578 tillable tiles, may be the worst farm in the game. While it isn’t the smallest, the layout of the farm, with many weirdly-shaped sections of land, makes it hard to organize and beautify.

Riverland Farm Pros

  • You can catch fish without having to run around town.

Riverland Farm Cons

  • You can only catch fish that usually spawn in Town and Cindersnap forest.
  • Weird layout shapes make it hard to use to its fullest extent. 

Choose Riverland Farm if…

  • Fishing is your favorite activity.


6. Wilderness Farm

Wilderness Farm Starting Layout

The Wilderness Farm has 2,131 tillable tiles, and can also be described as a “monster farm.” At night, monsters will continuously spawn on your farm and, of course, attack you. There are also a few fishing spots, though on this farm, it really feels like they take up extra space that could have been used for something else.

Wilderness Farm Pros

  • Can catch mountain fish here.
  • More tiles to farm on.

Wilderness Farm cons

  • Killing monsters on your farm does not grant you XP.
  • It’s hard to get work done on your farm at night when monsters are always spawning.
  • Rivers are in the way.
  • Layout isn’t that great.

Choose Wilderness Farm if…

  • You want an extra challenge at night.


5. Hill-Top Farm

Hill-Top Farm Starting Layout

The Hill-Top Farm has 1,648 tillable tiles, and its most prominent features are its elevated areas and the mini quarry it has. The ore that the quarry provides will get better as your mining level progresses. There are inconveniently placed stumps, however, which make it hard for you to navigate the farm early on. And, the awkward layout spacing may make it hard to decorate to your liking.

Hill-Top Farm Pros

  • You’re able to mine for ore from day one.
  • It’s a cool looking layout.

Hill-Top Farm Cons

  • Stones and ore in the quarry respawn slow.
  • Hard to navigate in the early game.

Choose Hill-Top Farm if…

  • You like a challenge when it comes to decorating.
  • You want some extra ore to mine.


4. Beach Farm

Beach Farm Starting Layout

The Beach Farm has 2,700 tillable tiles, is a pretty cool farm where you can wake up every morning on your own personal little beach. It’s a huge farm that sometimes seems even too big and offers tons of space to decorate.

  • Beach Farm Pros
  • Free items wash up on the shore in crates.
  • You can catch ocean fish without having to run to the beach.

Beach Farm Cons

  • Can’t use sprinklers, so if you plant tons of crops, you have to water them by hand every day unless you use fertilizer.
  • Takes forever to get from one side (top) to the other (bottom).

Choose Beach Farm if…

  • You don’t mind not being able to use sprinklers.
  • You want a casual farming experience with space for more barns and coops.


3. Forest Farm

Forest Farm Starting Layout

The forest farm is a beautiful farm that both mimics what the forest looks like and offers Cindersnap Forest’s perks, such as extra hardwood stumps and foragables. This forest has the least amount of tillable tiles (1,413) but even then, there’s a good amount of space to farm.

Forest Farm Pros

  • There are mushroom and other forage spawn points.
  • Eight hardwood stumps regenerate every day which is always useful.

Forest Farm Cons

  • Many areas that can’t be used or optimized.

Choose Forest Farm if…

  • You want a pretty scenery.
  • You want to collect more hardwood throughout the game.

2. Standard Farm

Standard farm Starting Layout

Being the first farm added to the game, the Standard Farm is, well, as the name suggests,standard. It’s the type of farm that you can’t really go wrong with, seeing as there’s a ton of space for you to do whatever you want with it. This farm has the most tillable tiles (3,427), so if you really like growing crops, this farm might be for you. 

Standard Farm Pros

  • Simple layout.
  • Tons space to farm and decorate the way you want.
  • Gives you a lot of freedom.

Standard Farm Cons

  • No extra perks like the other farms.

Choose Standard Farm if…

  • You’re just starting out in Stardew Valley and don’t want to feel. overwhelmed by the fancier options.
  • You want to grow as many crops as you can.


1. Four-Corners Farm

Four-Corners Farm Starting Layout

While Four-Corners Farm, with its 2,952 tillable tiles, was created with multiplayer in mind, it’s still an amazing farm to play with on your own. As the name suggests, Four-Corners Farm comes with four corners, and each corner has its own benefit. The top right corner has the most tillable tiles, the bottom right corner has a mini quarry, the bottom left has a little fishing pond, and the top left has a hardwood stump and forage that can spawn. Overall, it is a great farm that you also can’t go wrong with.

Four-Corners Farm Pros

  • Variety of benefits.
  • Extremely organized design.
  • Great with friends…but also great on your own!

Four-Corners Farm Cons

  • There is only one respawnable hardwood

Choose Four-Corners Farm if…

  • You have one or more friends you’re playing with.
  • You love organization and decorating.

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