[Top 5] Stardew Valley Best Rings and How to Get Them

Stardew Valley Best Rings
If you like it, put a ring on it.

[Top 5] Stardew Valley Best Rings and How to Get Them




5) Small Glow Ring

The Small Glow Ring is one of the first rings you will find and/or see in the beginning of Stardew Valley, it’s easy to get and definitely helps when exploring the darker levels of the mines.

 As the name suggests, the Small Glow Ring gives you an infinite light source, making it easy to see in the dark. It lights up a radius of 5 tiles around the player, perfect for early gameplay.


Ring Stats:

  • N/A


What the Small Glow Ring is great for:

  • Lighting up the area around the player (5 tile radius)
  • Easy to find
  • Glow effect can stack with other Glow Rings


How to get the Small Glow Ring:

  • Dropped by killing slimes in the mines (Before level 40)
  • Fishing treasure chests
  • Rewarded for completing the Night Fishing Bundle
  • Breaking Barrels and/or Boxes in the mines (Before level 40)


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4) Glowstone Ring

Acquiring this particular ring will take a little bit of patience, you can only get the Glowstone Ring by crafting it after reaching level 4 of mining. After reaching level 4 in mining, the Glowstone Ring can be crafted with 5 solar essence and 5 iron bars.

The Glowstone Ring combines the effects of a Magnet Ring and a Glow Ring, a very helpful addition to your inventory as it also saves a space for another ring.


Ring Stats:



What the Ring is great for:

  • Lights up 10 tiles around the player
  • Acts like a magnet ring
  • Picking up loot and crops is much easier


How to get the Ring:

  • Reach level 4 in Mining
  • Craft together 5 Solar Essence and 5 Iron Bars


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3) Crabshell Ring

The Crabshell Ring, apart from looking like a cowboy hat for your finger, is useful for combat. When going through the Skull cavern, an additional boost to your defence is welcomed and this ring does exactly that and paired with the best armour, going through any of the mines will be an easy feat.


Ring Stats:

  • Defence +5


What the Ring is great for:

  • Gives 5 points of defence to the player
  • Not too hard to get
  • Can level up in mining and combat trying to unlock it


How to get the Ring:

  • The Crabshell Ring will be unlocked after slaying 60 Rock Crabs
  • Rock Crabs, Lava Crabs and Iridium Crabs all count towards the goal
  • Can be purchased from the Adventurer’s guild after killing 60 Rock Crabs (15,000g)


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2) Immunity Band

Much like the Crabshell Ring, the Immunity Band helps you with combat. By increasing the immunity of the player, it can be paired with armour stats to boost player defences so that enemy attacks have a less effective impact.

The Immunity buff can lower the chances of being impacted by the Shadow Shaman’s Jinxed status effect (which lowers defence by 8).


Ring Stats:

  • Immunity +4


What the Ring is great for:

  • Defending against status affects of enemies (like Shadow Shaman, Slimes, etc.)
  • Paired with certain armour, it can get immunity over 10 points
  • It can be combined with the Crabshell Ring via the Forge


How to get the Ring:

  • Dropped as a special item drop on level 100+ in the mines
  • Dropped as a special item drop in the Skull cavern


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1) Iridium Band

Probably the most sought-after ring in Stardew, the Iridium Band combines the effects of three rings and still looks cool. While sharing the effects of three rings, it only takes up one ring space which is incredibly useful because now with the 1.5 update, you can have up to 5 different buffs with just two rings.


Ring Stats:

  • Acts like Glow Ring
  • Acts like Magnet Ring
  • Increases attack damage by 10%


What the Ring is great for:

  • It has the same affect as a Glow Ring
  • It has the same affect as a Magnet Ring
  • It has the same affect as a Ruby Ring


How to get the Ring:

  • Can be found in Treasure fishing chests
  • Crafted after reaching level 9 Combat
  • Crafted with 5 Iridium Bar, 50 Solar Essence and 50 Void Essence


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