[Top 5] Stardew Valley Best Aged Roe (And How To Get Them)

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Any river, lake, or ocean fish can be put in a pond. So what makes these five fish and their aged roe so desireable?

5. Super Cucumber

In real life, sea cucumber “roe” are less than 1 mm in diameter. Female sea cucumbers spawn them out into the ocean, either by releasing a cloud of individual eggs or packaging them into buoyant egg pellets, ready to be fertilized by free-floating sperm.

In Stardew Valley, fortunately, they just produce standard fish roe that happens to be worth a pretty penny. With no fishing or artisan buffs, aged Super Cucumber roe is worth 310G.

A Super Cucumber pond gives Iridium Ore (above)

Even better, as they reproduce and you give them the items they ask for, they start giving iridium ore! They’re not the most reliable producers at first; only giving roe about 23% of the time. Once the pond is full, though, they’ll give roe, Amethyst, or Iridium Ore nearly every day.

Super Cucumbers can be caught at the beach during the summer or fall. They can also be caught from the deep-sea submarine at the Night Market.

How to catch a Super Cucumber fish in Stardew Valley


4. Stonefish

Fishing for Stonefish in real life is a bad idea. Through spines in their dorsal fins, stonefish inject one of the most powerful venoms in the ocean. It’s capable of turning a grown adult into a hashtag in one hour.

Luckily, in Stardew Valley, all they want to do is deplete your mineral resources. They’ll ask for Copper Ore, Geodes, Earth Crystals, and Copper Bars. It’s worth it.

An in-the-flesh stonefish looking particularly rocky

Stonefish give valuable roe, worth 360G before any buffs. They give stone, Copper Ore, and Geodes; if you’re lucky, they’ll give you a Diamond, too!

Catch Stonefish on Level 20 of the Mines. They’re a little difficult, with a sinking pattern, but not terrible to catch. This is one of those times where a Lead Bobber would really come in handy.

Where and How to Catch a Stonefish Stardew Valley


3. Ice Pip

Want a low-maintenance pond with obliging friends? Get Ice Pips! They want what you probably already have: Coal, Iron Ore, Frozen Geodes, and Refined Quartz. 

The lucky farmer above just caught an Ice Pip; we can't see if they used any luck or fishing buffs to do so

Ice Pips give valuable roe, which sells at a base price of 560G when aged. They also give Iron Ore, Diamonds, and Frozen Geodes. And besides, just look at them. They’re cute little guys.

To catch them, go to the mines, level 60. There you can catch Ice Pips, along with Ghostfish.


2.  Sturgeon

One would expect Caviar to be the iridium standard of aged roe in Stardew Valley. One would be wrong.

This is the most expensive plate of appetizers any of us will likely ever see

Now, Caviar is valuable, at 500G base. It’s also used in the plot, as one of the items in the Missing Bundle needed to get the Movie Theater. And it’s Caviar. It’s fancy. It’s just not quite up to our #1 Aged Roe’s standards.

The Sturgeon is a hard-to-catch fish that can be pulled out of the Mountain Lake in Summer and Winter. Its requests are reasonable for late game; it asks for Omni Geodes, a Diamond, Nautilus Shell, and some artisan goods. 

Fish Pond Guide | How to make Caviar | Stardew Valley 1.4 Update | New Gameplay | New Features


1. Lava Eel

“We’d be more comfortable if we could blow up our freaking pond.” It’s true. They really do ask for Mega Bombs!

The Lava Eel, above, is difficult to catch and well worth it

Lava Eel Aged Roe is, hands down, the most valuable. At 760G base, it blows Caviar out of the water. Not only that, Lava Eels are more reliable producers, produce more valuable items, and are more entertaining than Sturgeons.

Lava Eels can be caught in the Mines at Level 100, or fished from the Volcano Caldera on Ginger Island.

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