[Top 15] Stardew Valley Most Expensive Wine

You're sweet like cherry wine.

Are you a wine-savant? A home mixologist? A cocktail connoisseur? Maybe you just like to drink? One of the most fun and best ways to make money in Stardew Valley is by brewing all types of alcohol. In this article, we'll focus on wine, the alcohol of the upper class.  

15. Cherry Wine - 240G

Are any Hozier fans reading? Cherry wine has become one of my favorite drinks solely because of that song. However, it's also great because it's easy to make if you need a quick buck.

Cherries are a hit-and-miss fruit. Cherry-flavored foods never taste like real cherries (not that real cherries are any good). They're always too sweet or too bitter. Those odd tastes are appreciated in wine, giving a nice balance of dark and pink wines. Yum!

How to Get Cherry Wine

  • You'll need to reach level 8 in the farming skill to be able to build a keg to put your cherry into.
  • Make sure you have a Cherry tree planted because you want it to be fully grown before Spring. It takes 28 days to mature fully, don't worry about watering it.
  • Ensure there are no objects on the 8 tiles around it.

14. Grape Wine - 240 to 360G

When most people (or at least Americans) think of wine, they imagine red, made of various types of grapes. Bordeaux, Cabernet, the list is extensive. 

There's a reason this is considered the standard for wine. It's excellent. Finding the right red wine takes time, patience, and a decent amount of money, something I still have trouble with today. But if you do find your preferred wine, it's a fit for life, especially if you age the wine.

How to Get Grape Wine

  • You'll need grapes for this one. If you didn't know, grapes can be grown in two seasons.
  • In Summer, you can forage them around various parts of Pelican Town.
  • During Fall, you can buy them from Pierre's Shop. They take 10 days to mature and keep producing every 4 days, making this one of the easiest ways of making wine. 

13. Spice Berry Wine - 240G

Ah, summer. The fruit is blooming, the Sun beaming overhead. What's not to like? My favorite part of Summer during college was picking fresh blackberries from the streams nearby my apartment.

Many people don't know that Spice Berries take inspiration from an actual plant: the spicebush! They're native to eastern North America and taste mildly of allspice - that peppery, nutmeg, cinnamon flavor. I would love to try a wine made of them!

How to Get Spice Berry Wine

  • Spice Berries can be found foraging during Summer, just like Grapes, or in the fruit bat cave.
  • They can also be grown using the Summer Seed mix bag.
  • From there, just pop on into a keg!

12. Apple Wine - 300G

Apples are the it-girl of all fruit let's be honest. When someone says "A is for..." apple is what comes up. Iconic.

Apple juice, apple cider, apple wine, apple brandy, I've had them all. Cider and brandy were my favorites. Super sweet! Not as sweet as apple wine, which isn't the same as apple cider, although I see the confusion. The main difference is the sugar content, with apple wine having added sugar or overripened fruit. 

How to Get Apple Wine

  • You should plant your apple tree at the beginning of Summer if you want to reap the benefits all Fall long.
  • You can buy a sapling from Pierre for 4,000G or the Traveling Cart for a price varying from 3,000 to 5,000G. 
  • If you're super lucky, you can find them in treasure rooms in the Skull Cavern.

11. Coconut Wine - 300 to 450G

Coconuts are the most versatile fruit. It can be a bra, it can be milk. What other fruit can do that?

To be honest, I hate coconuts. The texture is all wrong and the taste isn't as strong as I think it should be. But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate them. Lotions, wine, pina Coladas, bras, cups, water, and milk, it's truly impressive how many uses we've come up with for these hairy bowling balls.

How to Get Coconut Wine

  • Collect all the necessary materials for building your keg. You'll need 30 pieces of wood, a copper bar, an iron bar, and some oak resin. 
  • Fix the bus to Calico Desert. You'll have to do a few bundles to unlock the vault room and donate 42,000G in total. If you're going the Joja path, it's only 40,000G.
  • From there, all you need to do is find a fallen coconut or buy one from Sandy on Mondays. 

10. Orange Wine - 300 to 450G

If you've ever had American white wine made using the same method as red wine, then you've probably had orange wine. Orange wine isn’t made with oranges, they get the color from keeping the grape skins in the wine while it ferments to give it an amber hue.

That's good for people like me who are allergic to oranges. I love white wine and would love to try it. I'm a bit skeptical because it tastes slightly like beer with a rich, spicy tang.

How to Get Orange Wine

  • There are two ways to get oranges. My preferred way is the cave with the fruit bat perk. 
  • However, you can also buy one from Pierre for 4,000G, unless it's Summer when you can get it for 1,000G.

9. Strawberry Wine - 360 to 540G

Most people assume that pink wines are probably strawberry, which would make sense if strawberries had any flavor. In reality, most pink wines contain raspberries. Much better, in my opinion.

Regardless of your opinion on strawberries, it's no doubt that they're adorable and would make the pinkest wine. I wouldn't know (another allergy), but I think it would be a delicious white wine.

How to Get Strawberry Wine

  • You have to attend the Egg Festival in Spring to get Strawberry Seeds.
  • Once you plant them, they only take 8 days to mature and keep producing Strawberries after 4 days. 

8. Cranberry Wine - 390 to 585G

Cranberries are Fall's favorite fruit. Cranberry juice and jelly are my favorite things in October and November. Yes, I'm one of those freaks. What can I say? I love how they're too sweet that they're almost bitter.

They're one of my favorite crops in the game because if planted early enough, they keep producing 2 cranberries daily.

How to Get Cranberry Wine 

  • Cranberries can be grown in the fall, which is why they're a popular Thanksgiving staple. They only take a week to fruit, so you don't have to worry about planting on the first day of Fall.
  • From there, you just need to build a keg and wait.

7. Pomegranate Wine - 420 to 840G

I love pomegranates, even if they're more work than they're worth. They're so tart and make me feel a tad bit feral when eating them.

I think pomegranate wine would be such a tart red wine. That isn't a bad thing; it's actually what a lot of people prefer when they're looking for wine.  

How to Get Pomegranate Wine

  • The Pomegranate sapling is one of the only trees you can't get at Pierre's General Store. Instead, you can get it at the Traveling Cart.
  • Check the Cindersap Forests on Fridays and Sundays before 8 pm if you want to get the seeds. The prices are usually higher than Pierre’s, but occasionally they'll be lower. 

6. Peach Wine - 420 to 630G

Peaches and I have a complicated history. I love peach tea, but I hate how the fruit feels in my hands. Why does it have fur? Is it more man than fruit?

I've never had peach wine, but I'm adding it to my list of wines to try. If I like the tea and the overall flavor, why wouldn't I like it in a way that gets me drunk? 

How to Get Peach Wine

  • You can buy Peach Saplings from Pierre.
  • Alternatively, you can get them from the cave on your farm if you have the fruit tree perk.

5. Crystal Fruit Wine - 450G 

The Crystal Fruit is one of the Stardew Valley fruits that I wish was real. I imagine it to be very sweet, almost like lychee in texture. What do y'all think?

As a lover of Winter, I want there to be more fruits or berries that can thrive in the cold. Thank you, ConcernedApe and Stardew Valley for fulfilling my dreams of eating a delicate little fruit.

How to Get Crystal Fruit Wine

  • Crystal Fruit can be foraged during Winter, or grown from the Winter Seed pack.
  • You can also get it from killing Dust Sprites in the Mines on floors 40 to 80.
  • Make sure not to use them all up. Save at least one for the Winter Foraging Bundle if you're going the Community Center route.

4. Rhubarb Wine - 660 to 990G

Would you believe that I’d never heard of rhubarb until this game? A full 16 years of my life. I was deprived of some of the tastiest candy I've ever had. Britain is hiding some gems over there.

Rhubarb is typically used for pies. That’s the main thing the Stardew Valley wiki and the game both focus on. However, because it's a fruit or vegetable (hint: it's a vegetable), it can be used in making wine. Rhubarb Wine isn't often sold in real life, but it can be made for enthusiasts reading.

How to Get Rhubarb Wine

  • You'll need seeds to grow your plant for the wine. You get these at The Oasis, so buckle up for the bus ride over.
  • You'll have to unlock the bus stop for this, so make sure you check out the Vault in the Community Center or give Joja 40,000.

3. Melon Wine - 750 to 1,125G

I'm a melon hater. I admit it. Cantaloupe is the only melon that gets the taste AND the texture right. Sorry watermelons! You taste like La Croix!

However, melons in Stardew Valley look so good I can't help but want to take a bite into one. They look like peaches should be - not hairy, plump, firm, and bursting with juice, seeds, and pulp. I think I might have a thing for pink foods. Regardless, melons would make very sweet wine, perfect for the girlies and the gays.

How to Get Melon Wine

  • Melons take about half of Summer to grow, so unless you have a Greenhouse, you'll want to buy a bulk of seeds on the first day of the season to plant.
  • Here's a tip many players don't know: if you keep watering a 3x3 pattern of melons after it's fully grown, it has a chance of becoming a giant crop. Yup, a single melon the size of six.

2. Ancient Fruit Wine - 2,142 to 3,213G

Do you guys remember when some archaeologists opened a sarcophagus and found mummy soup? Or when they discovered a seed older than most buildings in the world? I want to eat ancient things so badly. Give me the ancient fruit!

Stardew Valley gets it. Of course, I'm going to plant a seed I find in an old cave. If I get poisoned, so be it. Let it be in the name of discovery. But if I survive and it's tasty, I'm going to let it get even older and turn into wine because some things are better with age.

How to Get Ancient Fruit Wine

  • You have to donate the first seed to the Museum, after all, they are artifacts. But after that, each time you find a seed, you can plant them to grow a fruit millennia old.
  • Alternatively, you can get them from the Traveling Cart.
  • If you find a fruit, but no seeds, AND if you have a Seed Maker, you can toss it in there to get a plant for it.

1. Starfruit Wine - 2,250 to 3,372G

Another video game food that I want to eat. Luckily, this is another fruit based on a real one, this time the Carambola, also known as star fruit.

It's mildly poisonous, so don't go around gobbling up every star fruit you see. It shouldn't be too much of a problem unless you live in Europe though, as it doesn't grow there. But does anything really? Back on topic, it's also used as a traditional medicine in various parts of the world, so you may have had it and not even known. 

How to Get Starfruit Wine

  • You can get Starfruit Seeds from the Oasis and the Traveling Cart. You can also get one after donating 15 items to the Museum, so it's possible to get this early in the game.
  • These grow in the Summer and take about as long as Melons, so plan accordingly and plant them earlier in the season. 
  • Reminder: these aren't Stardrops, so don't expect any permanent effects from them.


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