[Top 10] Stardew Valley Best Farms To Start

Best Stardew Valley Farms to Start
"You're probably growing a lot of interesting plants on your farm, huh?"

Top 10 Stardew Valley Best Farms To Start

Dreams of agricultural life come true in the fantastic world of Stardew Valley! We have something unique in store for you if you're eager to embark on a fresh agricultural journey. In this article, we'll explore the world of modded farm maps in place of the conventional farm maps' well-worn roads. That's right; we're about to look at the best in terms of personalized agricultural experiences. Get ready to be awed as we reveal the top-tier modded farms, each of which offers special difficulties, undiscovered rewards, and limitless chances for development.


10-Little Standard Farm

Best Stardew Valley Farms to Start

Taking a small spin on the Standard Farm, Juanpa98ar has created a mod that reduces the size almost in half. This can either be great for new players or be a nice challenge for seasoned players to see how the space can be used.

A lot of players use the standard farm as their base farm when starting a new game, but the size of it is rather large, and it can be intimidating to figure out what to do with it. So with this mod, it can help players to have a little less space to fill up and to manage it better. The best way to enjoy this mod is to create a new farm and choose it from the farm map options.

Why Little Standard Farm is Great:

  • It is half the size of the standard farm.
  • The Greenhouse and Grandpa’s Shrine are moved closer to the Farmhouse to also maximize the use of space.
  • The Old Master Cannoli statue is included on the farm, making it far easier to access.
  • The ponds are removed, with a new one placed behind the house. It makes it a little easier to refill the watering can at the start of the playthrough.
  • There are optional configurable ponds that can be added to the left side of the farm.

Little Standard Farm details:

  • Find it here.
  • The mod requires Content Patcher and DaisyNiko's Tilesheets


9-Little Forest Farm

Best Stardew Valley Farms to Start

From the same creator of the Little Standard Farm comes Little Forest Farm. Just like the other mod, this one adds a smaller Forest farm in the forest that is more cleared up and has all the benefits of this type of farm. One of the great things about this mod is that plants will grow all over the farm. The best way to enjoy this mod is to create a new farm and choose it from the farm map options.

Why Little Forest Farm is Great:

  • Previously unusable spaces are now available for use, such as areas covered by forestation to the left of the farmhouse.
  • Several buildings were relocated, such as the Greenhouse and Grandpa’s Shrine, to be closer to the Farmhouse and to maximize the use of space.
  • Several ponds were removed and there is an optional configuration to replace the last one with a crop lot.
  • There is the option to configure a bridge over the pond to allow crossing over it, saving time in going around.

Little Forest Farm details:

  • Find it here.  
  • Required: Content Patcher and DaisyNiko's Tilesheets


8-Starfish Beach Farm

Best Stardew Valley Farms to Start

Created by Elfenlibelle, this mod replaces the Beach Farm with a cozy little farm by the sea, called Starfish Farm. The size of this farm is much smaller than the regular Beach Farm but it makes it much more easier to work with. If it doesn’t look like crops can grow on this farm, have no fear.

This mod has some changes that will allow players to plant and harvest as many crops as they like. Particularly, the Greenhouse is a little closer, similar to the area it is in on the Standard Farm. The best way to enjoy this farm is to create a new farm and don’t be shy to use sprinklers with your crops! Read below to find out why.

Why Starfish Beach Farm is Great:

  • You can enjoy the experience of having the Beach Farm without all the extra odd space
  • Unlike the regular Beach Farm, sprinklers work on the sand in this farm.
  • There is a tasteful little inlet behind the Farmhouse that players can access easily and holds the laptop space for spouses.

Starfish Beach Farm details:

  • Find it here.  
  • Required: DaisyNiko's Tilesheets


7-Sunflower Acres

Best Stardew Valley Farms to Start

Sunflower Acres is a brand-new customizable farm map that has some cool features! Take a look at this beautiful farm with a winding river and even a couple of waterfalls. Taking the place of the Wilderness Farm, this map features new areas for fishing, foraging, and mining at a small quarry, as well as another cave system and a hot spring that can be unlocked, just like the spa. Be sure to disable monster spawns in the advanced settings of a new save if you don’t want monsters to spawn at night.

Why Sunflower Acres is Great:

  • There are several customizable areas, such as a Secondary cave, a Hot spring, and a Quarry.
  • There are optional permanent fences with the perk of invisible animal barriers.
  • There are Forage and Fish spawns
  • A lot of the grassy areas are tillable, meaning more spaces for planting.

Sunflower Acres details:

  • Find it here.
  • Requires: SMAPI- Stardew Modding API, DaisyNiko's Tilesheets, Fix TVs On Custom Farms


6-Four Corners 2.0

Best Stardew Valley Farms to Start

If you enjoy the variety that the Four Corners farm map provides, then you will love this mod. Dubbed The Four Corners Farm version 2.0, this mod adds a new farm to your game that is perfect for playing solo or with friends. It budds up the variety given in the regular Four Corners farm by featuring four more elaborate areas for fishing, foraging, mining, and of course farming. There are even some configuration options for debris and fences available.

There are two ways to enjoy this farm. The first is to download the regular farm file that adds it as a whole new farm. The second is to optionally download the file that replaces the vanilla version of Four Corners Farm. If the second option is chosen, just choose the original Four Corners farm map to play with the 2.0 mod.

Why Four Corners 2.0 is Great:

  • The Beach area contains beach forage, supply crates, ocean fish of course, and most beneficial, sand that allows sprinklers.
  • The Forest area spawns seasonal forage, berry bushes, renewable hardwood, mixed seeds, and river fish as a small river runs at the bottom.
  • The Quarry area spans stone and ore, contains an outbound minecart link, and at the river, you can find river fish.
  • The Field area contains some berry bushes, seasonal forage, and lake fish in the little pond behind the Farmhouse.

Four Corners 2.0 details:

  • Find it here
  • Requires: DaisyNiko's Tilesheets and Custom Farm Loader


5-Modest Maps Forest Farm

Best Stardew Valley Farms to Start

Feel like you need something smaller than the larger oversized maps but bigger than the small and cute maps? Look no further than The Modest Maps! This mod adds a vanilla foraging farm that is created to have just the right amount of space without sacrificing its aesthetics

The Modest Farm Map is a redesigned Standard Farm, meant to capitalize on the space provided with the vanilla map, with a few changes for added support. There is another version available that adds a farm cave that includes a custom mushroom or Fruit bat cave, with added perks and space. This cave can grow in-season crops, it has access to Mine Elevator, and has a minecart that can take you to the bus, quarry, or town!

Why Modest Maps Forest Farm is Great:

  • There is a large grassy field to grow crops on, as well as 15 respawning hardwood stumps.
  • It has a small pond for easy water access far from home.
  • Natural forage can grow everywhere.
  • A quaint work yard as well as easy access to spouse area and cave!

Modest Maps Forest Farm details:

  • Find it here.  
  • Requires: Content Patcher and SMAPI - Stardew Modding API


4-The Hill Top Farm

Best Stardew Valley Farms to Start

Replacing the vanilla Hilltop Farm map, here is a mod of a very similar name, The Hill Top Farm. This modded farm was designed with several layers of land, with different sections of land that make it work well for a co-op or multiplayer game.

Why The Hill Top Farm is Great:

  • There is a great spot in the middle for the greenhouse once it gets unlocked.
  • Some areas on the farm will be amazing once players have married and created a family.
  • There is a version that doesn’t have any fences.

The Hill Top Farm details:

  • Find it here.  
  • Required Mods: Daisy Niko's Tilesheets, Content Patcher, and SMAPI - Stardew Modding API


3-Personal FarmType

Best Stardew Valley Farms to Start

This mod is a custom take on vanilla farm maps. It adds a new larger map layout farm type to be chosen upon save creation with specialized areas for growing crops, mining, foraging, and a bit of fishing with two ponds.

Why Personal FarmType is Great:

  • There are multiple designated large crop fields
  • Designated areas for animals
  • Designated Fruit Tree Area for an orchard.
  • A designated Slime Hutch as it is a rather striking building.
  • A Small quarry area for quick mining.

Personal FarmType details:

  • Find it here
  • Content Patcher    
  • SMAPI - Stardew Modding API


2-Little River Farm

Best Stardew Valley Farms to Start

A tranquil little property beside the river. A farm for individuals who prefer to take things gently. It is preferable to start a new save on this map; otherwise, the greenhouse may appear in an unexpected location.

Why Little River Farm is Great:

  •  All grass is tillable.
  • Replaces the Riverland Farm.
  • There is a river running in the middle of the farm, providing an ample fishing area.

Little River Farm details:

  • Find it here.
  • Requires: Content Patcher, SMAPI - Stardew Modding API, Daisy Niko's Tilesheets
  • For 1.5 PC only


1-Cottage Dream Farm

Best Stardew Valley Farms to Start

This mod adds a large designed farm with lots of flowers and dedicated spaces for crops and animals to replace the Standard Farm.

Keep in mind that the property still has a cave; it is simply difficult to see. Search for it between the cherry tree and the shrub in the second fenced-off area on the route to the rear forest.

Why Cottage Dream Farm is Great:

  • All grass is tillable.
  • Designated areas for crops, animals, and buildings.
  • There is an interactable playground.
  • There is the option for no preset fences.
  • More garden beds to plant flowers.

Cottage Dream Farm details:

  • Find it here
  • Requires: Content Patcher, DaisyNiko's Tilesheets, and SMAPI - Stardew Modding API
  • For Stardew 1.5
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