[Top 10] Stardew Valley Best Rings You Need (And How To Get Them)

Top Stardew Valley rings you need
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[Top 10] Stardew Valley Best Rings You Must Have (And Where To Get Them)

Rings in Stardew Valley are a goldmine of opportunity. With multiple possibilities to stack, combine, and double equip these hardy little things, the passive abilities they give are great for any player. Whether you are looking for your next big help, or just like to accessorize, i guarantee we have something. Today I will be listing Stardew Valley's Best Rings You Need (And How To Get Them).

10. Glow Ring (Best For Visibility)

Glow Ring

A light in the darkest of times.

I will admit, it's a very basic start, but one that needs to be listed even still. I would consider it, despite its small bits of help, a fantastic base. Though the benefits may be minimal, this tiny chunk of metal will come in handy for your adventures away to Pelican Town's underground paradise. How can you possibly resist something so easy to obtain and stackable with others?

Easily found after level 40 of the mines via smashing barrels and crates (a great exercise for those in need of letting out some steam), this is certainly one item I'd consider a must have. The glow ring gives players a visible radius of ten tiles of light around them, which is helpful for all your dark dungeon crawling adventures and Skull Mine escapades. This little guy has gotten me through many of my early playthroughs within darkened mines, especially with howfantastically stackable it is with other glow-emitting rings. Sadly, this item is not available for purchase, though that is hardly aa deterer. In my humble opinion, this is an absolute necessity for all little or big players alike. A fantastic beginning to all your cave diving needs.

What makes this item great?

  • Easily obtainable
  • Stackable with certain rings
  • increases visibility in the dark.

How To Get The Glow Ring

Glow Ring Details

9. Emerald Ring (Ideal For Increasing Weapon Speed)

Emerald Ring

My precious!

If you’re anything like me, the weapon speed in the game is incredibly bothersome. I mean seriously, it feels like no matter the weapon I have, I'm waiting for ages before I'm able to strike again, leaving me injured and spending way more time on a level than I'd originally intended. With that being said, with the power to increase the speed of those weapons, I'm absolutely jumping on that wagon. It's a small little ring, with not too many benefits either. The one benefit it does have, though, is what makes it incredibly worthwhile.

The emerald ring is a purchasable ring from the Adventurers Guild as early as level 80 of the mines. For the (admittedly steep) price of 5000g, this gem can be yours. It lacks any real flair, but once again, bare with me as I say that the one benefit it possesses will make your life so much less stressful. When equipped, you as the player will gain a 10% increase in weapon speed, a noticeable difference in my opinion. With the chance of obtainability through fishing treasure chests and stacking to boot, this is a real gem of an item. Trust me on this one.

What makes this item great?

  • A 10% increase in weapon speed.
  • Chance at a freebie
  • Stackable

How To Get The Emerald Ring

Emerald Ring Details

8. Iridium Band (Optimal For Visibility, Magnetism, And Attack)

Iridium Band

An all around show stopper!

The iridium band is a gem of a ring. Both beautiful in power and looks, it's guaranteed to be of great help on all of your journeys. It is great for stacking with your glow ring from number 10, or even fantastic on its own. The powers of this little guy simply cannot be denied. Glow, magnetism, and attack strength are all vital skills for any adventure, so how can you miss this chance?

This ring remains one of the harder rings to gain on this list, only becoming available after receiving the recipe upon reaching combat level 9. From there, you must obtain and use 5 Iridium Bars, 50 Solar Essence, and 50 Void Essence to craft this item. That being said, oh is it worth it! With the iridium ring, you as the player are given the effects of both the glow ring and magnetism ring, with the boost of an additional 10% attack damage increase. Regardless of the trials and tribulations, this is one that is well worth your time and effort. Thankfully, for all you lucky friends looking for a game of chance, you do have an attainable small possibility of obtaining this ring through fishing in treasure chests. This ring is not available for purchase. Whether you are a seasoned player looking to acquire an old friend or a newbie playing away at all hours of the night, this ring is bound to come in handy. A difficult yet fun adventure awaits, with amazing buffs to pair. This is the ring for you, stackable and ready to go.

What makes this item great?

  • Makes use of glow and magnetism
  • Boosts attack damage.
  • Chance of a freebie

How To Get The Iridium Band

Iridium Band Details

7. Slime Charmer Ring (Best For Damage Control)

Slime Charmer

Begone foul slimes!

For those who spend a lot of their time grinding away at the mines, this is the ring for you. A reward ring with a beautiful perk, easy for any person who kills slimes like it is their day job to receive. It's powerful, it's simple, it's something that I fully believe every single Stardew player needs.

The Slime Charmer Ring is relatively easy to obtain if you’re someone who doesn’t mind a little bit of dungeon crawling. The ring is to be a gift from Gil for any player who defeats 1000 slimes, a steep number, yet definitely not impossible with those wild slime spawns. It is not a stackable item. Its biggest downside, I would go as far to say, yet even still, there is always the option of making combinations to still give you the advantages of other rings. With an item that gives you the fantastic perk of no slime debuff and slime damage prevention, it's incredibly hard to pass up. This ring is a must-have for anyone who prefers slimes to people, a person of impeccable taste i must say. In case of a misplacement, this ring is available for purchase for a steep 25,000g. It may take you awhile, but I guarantee the payoff is worth the slimy wait.

What makes this item great?

  • Prevents slime debuffing
  • Prevents damage from slime.
  • Free item upon quest completion.

How To Get The Slime Charmer Ring

Slime Charmer Ring Details

6. Immunity Band (Most Effective For Immunity)

Immunity Band

By god, I'm immune!

The next two on our list are in the same vein, so at the end of the day, it's just a matter of what you prefer. For people who value immunity over defense, this might just be the ring for you. Better yet, wear them both together and get the best of both worlds.

Small but powerful, the immunity ring offers exactly that. This ring is a special item that can be dropped from as early as level 100 in The Mines, through The Quarry Mine, and over and on into the Skull Caverns. With an offering of +4 immunity while wearing it, this is a very good ring for any player looking for that little extra boost. This ring is sadly not available for purchase, but if you do find yourself in need of some spring cleaning, it sells for a nice 250g. It may not offer much, but it's sure to be of some help. It's hard to pass up on items you know to be so easily accessible, so why leave out this one? Whether you’re traveling through the mines or in the furthest reaches of the skull cavern, if this ring jumps out at you, who are you to not grab that chance?

What makes this item great?

  • Special item drop
  • +4 immunity
  • Stackable

How To Get The Immunity Band

Immunity Band Details

5. Crabshell Ring (Most Effective For Defense)

Crabshell Ring

Maryland's number one voted ring.

The Crabshell ring can truly be a thing of magnificent weaponry when paired with the right items. A quest item, a killer bonus defense, and the ability to purchase in case you’re in a pinch. This item is a must-have for collectors and adventurers alike, as it is sure to come in handy for all your underground, crab-slaying quests.

The Crabshell ring offers a staggering +5 defense to any wearer. Paired with some of the more high-up clothing items like boots and shirts, you’re sure to make quite the difference in terms of your fighting. This item is rewarded to you by Gil at the Adventurers Guild after completing the quest of killing 60 rock, lava, or iridium crabs. Like any quest that involves doing some good old-fashioned slaying, it may take you a while, but the payoff is sure to be worth it. This is one of the lucky items that is available for repurchase should the opportunity present itself, though I must warn you, the price is a steep 15,000 g.  Even with its hefty price and difficult achievability, this item is one that should most certainly make it on your list. It's strong, it's fashionable, and it's going to make one heck of a defense. With such statistics, how can you possibly say no to your new favorite ring?

What makes this item great?

  • Quest reward
  • This item is for sale.
  • +5 defense

How To Get The Crabshell Ring

Crabshell Ring Details

4. Hot Java Ring (Best For Coffee Lovers)

Hot Java Ring

For that long lasting caffeine high.

We’re all in need of a little energy from time to time, especially when playing Stardew. With incredibly slow walking speeds and a quickly depleting energy bar from all that sword swinging, it's inevitable that a cup of coffee would be a massive help. If you’re someone who always finds yourself swinging this way, this may just be the ring for you. Benefits galore, a little side money scheme, and coffee for days! How can you possibly go wrong?

The Hot Java Ring has a simple enough starting point, found by looking through Volcano Dungeon chests. If you, the player, are to wear the ring, you will get a 25% chance of monster kills dropping coffee, and a 10% chance of a triple espresso shot. With stats like this, you can practically stay awake 95% of the time in the game. As well as the blissful jittery goodness of a 24/7 caffeine high, there are more opportunities yet. With a 150g sell point for regular coffee, and a sell point of 450g for triple shot espresso, you, my dear player, have quite the business opportunity on your hands. It may not offer much to some, but to others, this ring is a goldmine of opportunity. With coffee for days and money to boot, you aren’t going to want to miss out on this one. Extra energy, extra health, and the ability to jog, not a slow, tedious walk? Impossible!

What makes this item great?

  • A monster kill has a 25% chance of dropping coffee.
  • Monster kills have a 10% chance of producing triple-shot espresso drops.
  • Chest items

How To Get The Hot Java Ring

Hot Java Ring Details

3. Vampire Ring (Best For Healing)

Vampire Ring

Do you seek eternal life?

Coming down from these last five, I’ve had a very tough time deciding what goes where, especially most of all the vampire ring. This is an item like no other, something that has the possibility of breaking the game when used correctly and making your playthroughs smooth as butter. Are you always getting hurt on your adventures? Always chugging down food and drink in an attempt to heal what little you can? Well, this may just be your solution.

Every player's "need" list should include this item. The vampire ring is given to the player as a reward for completing the quest of killing 200 bats. Upon speaking to Gil, you will receive your ring, and oh my god, is it quite the ring. With every kill you inflict upon a monster, you will gain 2 health for your character. That alone is an incredible benefit, but with the ability to stack additional vampire rings, and 2+ health being added to each one, you can become practically invincible. For an additional 15000g, a slightly terrifying yet well-deserved price, you can buy additional rings to aid you in all your earthly adventures. Seriously, do yourself a favor and go after this bad boy. It's insanely powerful, a lot of fun to hunt for, and full of game-changing goodness. If you heed any of my advice, this should be the one that sticks with you.

What makes this item great?

  • +2 health per monster killed.
  • Stacking ability
  • The quest reward

How To Get The Vampire Ring

Vampire Ring Details

2. Soul Sapper Ring (Best For Energy)

Soul Sapper

Like a leech on souls.

Much under the same category as the Vampire Ring, if you’re someone who’s constantly losing energy in the mines, you might want to listen in. The ring itself is fairly obtainable, the perks are tremendous, and it's a great pair with others as well. How could you possibly deny the soul-sucking goodness of this beautiful ring?

The Soul Sapper ring can be easily found in the Volcano Dungeons while looking through chests. While it is sadly not available for sale, I feel as though the easy availability of the item quickly makes up for that fact. The real kicker, however, for this magnificent specimen, is its stats. As may seem familiar with number 3, upon killing a monster, you, as the player, are immediately rewarded with 4 additional energy.  With a ring like this, you are bound to keep all of your late-night Stardew games running for hours! Forget the coffee, forget the food. All you need is this fantastic (and incredibly exploitable) ring! If you find the need, resell it for 100g, but I highly doubt that by the end of your adventure, you’ll want to be even a step away from this powerful being.

What makes this item great?

  • Chest item
  • +4 energy upon killing a monster.
  • Works well with the Vampire Ring.

How To Get The Soul Sapper Ring

Soul Sapper Ring Details

1. Phoenix Ring (Best For Resurrection)

Phoenix Ring

The all too powerful phoenix.

At long last, we have made it to the number one spot. It was a long and arduous journey, yet even still, there was only one suitable ring I could think of that fit its place. Presenting to you today, dear viewers, the Phoenix Ring. And by god, what a beast she is.

If you’re someone who finds themselves dying often in the spooky unknown of the cavern, this might just be the ring that changes your life. While incredibly hard to find, only being found in the Volcano Dungeons' rare chests, if you feel luck is with you today, then by all means try. This ring, while worn, will grant the player an additional 50% health after death per day, basically becoming a reviver for every player who has it. It's a fail-safe, it's incredibly powerful, and it has the ability, with different combinations (although no stacks), to completely change the way you play this game.  While sadly not available for purchase (if its rarity is anything to go by), this item is one that may just be worth that extra bit of effort. It's a game changer in every sense of the word, a lifeline when all else fails. I hope one day, if not just for collection sake, then for the ease of the game, to be able to get my hand on this gem. If you’re one of the lucky people that want to try to manage it, this is the one for you.

What makes this item great?

  • Rare find
  • 50% revive
  • Chest find

How To Get The Phoenix Ring

Phoenix Ring Details

Whether it be by chance, luck, or just a simple chest in a dimly lit room, all of these rings are worth something to someone. With varying abilities and magnificent stats, they can make or break your gameplay, changing you for the better, or at the very least, making you feel better. Being a big believer in the worthiness of every in game item, I truly believe you can never go wrong with a little extra help. So go on, collect to your heart's content, find all the rings you so desperately need, and be a better player for it.

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