[Top 7] Stardew Valley Best Farms That Are Excellent

[Top 7] Stardew Valley Best Farms That Are Excellent
Which one will you choose?

When you just start playing Stardew Valley, you're going to have to create your character using the intuitive character builder. Besides this, you also have to choose the type of farm you want to start on. Each of the 7 farms has a different layout, as well as different pros and cons that will change the way you fundamentally play the game, since some farms will not allow you to use specific game mechanics, like sprinklers. Changing the starting farm should be done when you're already familiar with the game, and know how to use each farm to your advantage.

7. Wilderness Farm

Wilderness Farm (Reddit, u/prikaprim)

This farm has a special emphasis on combat and training your fighting skills. It's best for those players who do not wish to indulge in farming too much and just want to murder things at night. The map also features two ponds so you can fish, as well. When it comes to farmable land, there is a considerable space to fill with crops and buildings, so if you do choose to do things other than fighting at night, you can.

What the Wilderness Farm is great for:

  • Training you skills
  • Fighting monsters
  • Improving in the Adventurer's Guild

Wilderness Farm cons:

  • Less space to farm because of the cliff and ponds
  • Constantly fighting monsters can get annyoing

Farm rating: 50/100

6. Hill-top Farm

Hill-top Farm

This farm is great for players that want to emphasize mining and improve their mining skill. One of the main features of this farm, besides the ore that periodically spawns on the premise, is the river that runs along the length of it, allowing you to fish, if you choose to do so. Unfortunately, by the time your farm actually starts producing useful resources, you'll have already found the same ones in The Mines.

What the Hill-top farm is great for:

  • Periodically mining ore
  • Fishing

Hill-top farm cons:

  • Limiting space
  • Ore takes a long time to become useful

Farm rating: 60/100

5. Beach Farm

Beach Farm

Once you get the hang of Stardew Valley, you'll start utilizing different game mechanics such as sprinklers. However, on this farm, sprinklers do not work, so you're going to be quite limited when it comes to automatic crop watering. However, since the map is so large, your animals will have more than enough room to graze, and your buildings can be organized however you wish. There is also the option of fishing on this map with crab traps, which will yield mussels, among other sea creatures.

What the Beach farm is great for:

Lots of land
Supply crates

Beach Farm cons:

No sprinklers
Meant to be a challenge farm

Farm rating: 70/100

4. Forest Farm

Forest Farm

By now you have surely figured out that each farm is great in some respects, and the Forest Farm is great when you want to put special emphasis on foraging. This is great for players who do not want to plant crops as much but want some sort of income to be produced by their farm. It has the fewest farmable tiles out of any map, but the foraging for berries and other things you can do hugely makes up for it!

What the Forest Farm is great for:

  • Foraging
  • Trees
  • Fishing

Forest Farm cons:

  • Not much space
  • Limited production

Farm rating: 70/100

3. Riverland Farm

Riverland Farm

At a glance, you might take a look at this farm and think to yourself: „Wait, what am I supposed to do here?“ Well, this farm is the best when it comes to fishing. Planting crops is very minimal here, since there isn't a huge amount of space for crops and animals, so players that really like fishing can really feel at home here.

Why the Riverland Farm is great:

  • Fishing

Riverland Farm cons:

  • Limited space

Farm rating: 75

2. Four Corners Farm

Four Corners Farm

This farm is perfect if you're trying to organize some multiplayer sessions, since it has a little bit of everything in it from the other farms on the list. In the top right, you have the Standard Farm, top left is the Forest Farm, bottom left is reserved for fishing, and bottom right is the Hill-top farm with a small quarry that works in the same way as the ordinary Hill-top farm. If you want a massive map to cultivate with your friends, you can't go wrong with this one.

Why the Four Corners Farm is great:

  • Good for multiplayer
  • Large scale
  • Useful
  • Versatile

Four Corners Farm cons:

  • None

Farm rating: 85/100

1. Standard Farm

Standard Farm

And now we come to the end of our list with the best farm, the OG, ol' reliable. The Standard Farm is the best one new players can enjoy since it's the most straightforward one. Here, the main focus is farming and raising animals, so you don't have to worry about specialization or making the most out of a specific segment of your farm since everything is already optimized. This farm has the highest number of farmable tiles, sitting pretty at 3427. It's the pefrect map if you want to enjoy the full Stardew Valley experience.

Why the Standard Farm is great:

  • Lots of open space
  • No limitations
  • Ideal for crops and animals

Standard Farm cons:

  • None

Farm rating: 100/100

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