[Top 5] Stardew Valley Best Bachelors (And Why They're Great)

Sometimes you need to make tough choices.
I mean, you can get them all to 10-hearts without issues... right?

Building relationships with the residents of Stardew Valley is a huge part of the games’ appeal, and romance is a major part of that. Regardless of gender, you have twelve romance options - six men and six women. Here, I’m taking a look at five of the six eligible bachelors in the valley, and highlighting their best features.

A dishonorable mention goes to Shane, the one male romance not included here. Why? His storyline is an emotional rollercoaster, as he starts off as a depressed alcoholic, but eventually starts to recover and make a better life for himself. It’s one of the best character stories in the game! So why has he been excluded? Well, if you marry Shane, you’ll see cans lying around his room, which many players take to indicate that after marriage his old habits make a comeback. Don’t do that to Shane. If you love him, leave him. 


5. Alex (Best for Shirtless Workouts)

Working up a sweat.

Alex is the resident gridball enthusiast. What is gridball? It seems to be some sort of basketball-football hybrid, and he loves the stuff. The room he adds to your farm after marriage even features the ball on its wallpaper! Whilst this isn’t a look some people want for their farmhouse, there’s no denying his passions, and if you share those, this is a match made in heaven. 

Although not the most welcoming of residents, Alex warms up to the farmer relatively quickly. His loved gifts aren’t the easiest to get hold of, but he does like eggs, so that’s an easy go-to once you’ve got your coop up and running! As for gifts you may receive after marriage, Alex gives you some relatively basic seafood and breakfast dishes, good for protein and energy.

Alex does eventually move on from his dreams of going professional. It’s a shame you can’t be a fully supportive spouse, but then it’s also not necessarily a realistic dream. Still, this can put some players off, since this only happens if you get married.

What makes Alex Great:

  • Almost certainly the fittest bachelor - it makes sense for him to help out at the farm!
  • The only bachelor who will appear shirtless outside of beach areas

How to Romance Alex

Alex details



4. Sam (Best for Nice and Cheerful Vibes)

He plays lead guitar. Downside, is that a mullet?

Sam is nice. From the start! Most residents take their time warming up to you, but Sam is a sweetheart from the beginning. He loves skateboarding and playing with his band, which you get to choose the genre for! Sam doesn’t have that much going on in his arc - it’s mostly focused on his band. There’s something of a missed opportunity in regards to his relationship with his father - a soldier who returns from war at the start of year 2 - with most of this aspect being explored in his younger brother’s storyline instead. 

The other major downside to Sam is that he just doesn’t know how to cook, and never takes steps to learn. All he ever can offer you are instant pancakes and pizza. Not the most nutritious or helpful food, but free food is free food, and it’s hardly a dealbreaker for true Sam fans. On the plus side, he’s happy with simple gifts of Cola and Cactus Fruit, which you can find when fishing or foraging in the desert respectively.

Sam is a true ray of sunshine, consistently positive and supportive, making a great partner. If you want to get his full story, be sure to try to trigger his third heart event as soon as possible, as this is no longer available after year 1 ends.

What makes Sam Great:

  • He’s a kind and positive guy, right from the start 
  • Easy to please - he likes Joja Cola, which you can fish out or buy for 75g right from the first day, and loves cactus fruit, which you can forage when you get to the desert

How to Romance Sam

Sam details



3. Sebastian (Best for Realistic Compromise)

A rare moment where the Sebastian has emerged from his room.

Sebastian is the most elusive bachelor, spending a good deal of his time in his room. He’s a programmer and bemoans the fact that neither his friends nor family takes his profession seriously. Of course, this is probably not helped by his loner attitude and darker fashion stylings.  He’s tired of the rural life, stuck living with his family, and wants to move to the city. 

But of course, if he falls for you, he has to move on from that in favor of the farm life. Some people view this as a negative, but it’s important to note that a lot of this drive came from him feeling dissatisfied with the life he had, rather than wanting something specific in the city. He just found what he was looking for with you instead of out there. This gives Sebastian one of the most fulfilling growth arcs - he might not have gotten what he thought he wanted at the beginning, but he got what he needed. 

Sebastian likes quartz and loves frozen tears, both of which can be found relatively early on in the mines, so the main challenge early game is just catching a glimpse of the guy outside of his room! Once married, he will make coffee, and also gift you with objects found in the mines. How did he get those? Who knows!

What makes Sebastian Great:

  • Probably one of the most satisfying character arcs
  • Cool bike!

How to Romance Sebastian

Sebastian details


2. Elliott (Best for Melodramatic Romance)

Elliott is one of the only characters that has a side-facing portrait, probably to emphasize that jawline.

Having only arrived in town a year ago, Elliott lives in a shack on the beach, spending his days playing piano and attempting to write a novel - which, of course, you help select the genre of. He dreams of becoming a published author, and unlike many of the others on this list, he actually sees his dream come true! This happens regardless of whether or not you romance him, but it’s always nice to see other characters succeed.

Getting hold of stuff that isn’t a universal love or like that fits this man’s tastes can be a challenge early game. However, he does love duck feathers and pomegranates, so once you’re more established as a farmer those are a fast way to woo this man with particular tastes. When married he offers coffee and seafood, having probably learned a thing or two from his time living right next to the sea. 

Elliott is the most verbose and florid of the bachelors and will shower you with flowery compliments if persued. Some think of him as ‘too perfect’, as unlike many of the other bachelors he lacks a very obvious flaw, aside from some vanity. But Stardew is an escapist fantasy in which you can get a farm and actually successfully run it with no prior experience, so why not indulge?

What makes Elliott Great:

  • He’s driven by his passions and sees his dreams come true
  • He’s a true romantic at heart and doesn’t shy away from expressing his affection toward you

How to Romance Elliott

Elliott details


1.  Harvey (Best for a Healthy, Mature Relationship)

The doctor is in.

Harvey is the local doctor and one of the older bachelors in Stardew. One of the more introverted bachelors, he is primarily interested in leading a healthy lifestyle and monitoring air traffic on his radio. As a more introverted and mature bachelor, Harvey’s romance might seem a bit less fantastical than others, but this simplicity can also be a draw. 

He’s also shown to still run the clinic after marriage. A common complaint about marriages in Stardew is that it sometimes feels like you’re making your spouse drop everything to just move in with you, as their schedule seems a lot less complex - but that isn’t a concern with Harvey. 

From a gameplay standpoint, Harvey likes daffodils and dandelions, so it’s easy to develop a good relationship with him early on. He loves coffee, pickles, truffle oil, and wine for the later game, but you’ll probably be producing these things anyway. There are worse things you could do them to endear yourself to Harvey! In terms of the gifts your spouse gives you after marriage, Harvey reigns supreme.  He offers a variety of healthy and nutritious meals, including some of the best food in the game. From a sheer practical standpoint, this makes Harvey the best spouse in the game.

What makes Harvey Great:

  • The best cook - Harvey cooks you some of the best meals in the game!
  • A more mature take on romance than what some of the other candidates have to offer

How to Romance Harvey

Harvey details

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