[Top 5] Stardew Valley Best Energy Foods (And How To Get Them)

A wide array of choices for Stardew Valley's energy foods

 [Top 5] Stardew Valley's Best Energy Foods (And How To Get Them)

Like any status point in Stardew Valley, energy plays a massive role in your gameplay. Whether you’re someone who likes to spend hours of your day searching for gold, or exhaust all your energy cleaning up and tending to your farm, you can’t get anywhere without a little bit of a boost. As exhausting this hard work may be, we the players are extremely fortunate to have so many options for increasing our energy and keeping us running for hours. Here today, I will be listing the top 5 Stardew Valley energy foods (and how to get them).

5. Glazed Yams (Fastest Source Of Energy)

Glazed Yams

Gaze upon the all-mighty glazed yams!

The glazed yams are my first and foremost go-to staple item for any long night mining expenditure. Packing in a hardy +200 energy points and a +90 in health, it's hard to deny the benefits. Though unlike many others, it does not contain extra perks, but if you’re in the mood for a quick, easy-to-make energy supplier, this may be the food item for you!

When I say this is an incredibly easy in-game item to make, and extremely efficient at that, I am not kidding. The glazed yams became available via a recipe during Fall 21 of Year 1 on the station “The Queen of Sauce.” You, as the player, are able to easily make this glorious glazed goodness in an upgraded farmhouse kitchen, or cookout kit, with only 1 yam and 1 sugar. With a shopping list that small and an energy increase that big, you’d be a fool to not capitalize on this craze! It is powerful and mighty, small yet big. The glazed yams are the next big thing, I'm telling you. Seriously, if you’re down for an all-nighter of Stardew business, don’t miss out on this beast of a dish.

Why Is It Great?

  • High energy replenisher
  • Simple to prepare
  • Ability to appear for sale at Krobus’ shop or Stardrop Saloon

Item Details

  • + 200 energy
  • + 90 Health
  • Ingredients: Yam (1)  Sugar (1)

How To Acquire

1. Obtain recipe from "The Queen of Sauce" TV station on September 21, Fall of year 1.

2. In an upgraded farmhouse kitchen or cookout kit, cook yam (1) and sugar (1).

3. Chance of appearing at Krobus’ shop on Saturdays or Stardrop Saloon

4. Complete Breakfast (Ideal For Farming)

Complete Breakfast

The most important meal of the day.

If you’ve been playing Stardew for a while, it's guaranteed you’ve heard the hype behind the complete breakfast. This hardy item, while more difficult to make, packs quite the punch. With fantastic healing properties and buffs galore, be sure that this is an item you add to your roster, should time and resources permit, of course.

Unlike our previous option, this one has lots of steps. Made up of fried eggs, milk, hash browns, and pancakes, it is guaranteed to be an all-day adventure to make this beast of a meal. That being said, with + 200 energy + 90 health and a killer + 2 farming and + 50 max speed for 7 minutes upon eatingt, it's hard to not see how worthwhile time spent on it would be. The recipe can be found easily through “The Queen Of Sauce,” station in Spring 21, Year 2, making it a little bit of a wait, but one that is worth it nonetheless. If you’re looking for a load of energy and some fantastic buffs to get you on your way, this may just be the dish for you. For all you late-night farmers out there, with this +2 farming increase, you’re guaranteed to get your farm looking in tip-top shape. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, is it not?

Why Is It Great?

  • Killer buffs
  • High energy replenisher 
  • Easy to locate recipe

Item Details 

  • +2 Farming for 7 min.
  • +50 Maximum Energy for 7 min.
  • +200 energy 
  • +90 health

How To Acquire

1. Obtain the recipe from the TV station "The Queen of Sauce" on Spring 21, Year 2.

2. Collect ingredients and recipes for fried eggs, milk, hash browns, and pancakes.

3. In an upgraded farmhouse kitchen or cookout kit, prepare fried eggs (1), milk (1), hashbrowns (1), and pancakes (1).

4. Chance of appearing in Krobus’ shop on Saturdays or Stardrop Saloon

3. Maple Bar (Ideal For General Use)

Maple Bar

The maple bar is simply my favorite gem in the game. Not only does she offer a load of healing perks to the player, but some very helpful, albeit small buffs as well. It's easy to make, easy to acquire, and powerful to boot. If you’re in the mood for a new adventurous journey, this may be the snack-sized boost for you.

The maple bar offers quite a few perks despite its ease of achievement. Packing in a solid +225 energy and +101 health, this may just be the lifesaver you need while grinding away on the farm or deep in the mines. With a solid buff set of +1 farming, +1 fishing, and +1 mining for 16 m and 47 s after eating, you’re bound to get all your checklists done by the end of the night. Easily found via “The Queen of Sauce” station during Summer 14, Year 2, how can you possibly miss this chance? She’s strong, she's sweet, and she’s a hell of a help. With so few ingredients, easy obtainability, and stats like no other, I cannot recommend anyone but her. For all you late-night, deep-diving adventurers, or maybe even over-achieving workaholics, this is the food item for you.

Why Is It Great?

  • Multiple buffs
  • High energy replenisher
  • Easy to obtain

Item Details

  •  +1 farming for 16 min
  • +1 fishing for 16 min
  • +1 mining for 16 min
  • +225 energy
  • +101 health

How To Acquire

1. On Summer 14, Year 2, obtain the recipe from the TV station "The Queen of Sauce."

2. Combine maple syrup (1), sugar (1), and wheat flour (1) in an upgraded farmhouse kitchen or cookout kit.

2. Red Plate (Ideal For A Burst Of Energy)

Red Plate

Who doesn't love a good red plate?

Going a little off the rails of the more easily obtainable, today I present to you the red plate. It's a fairly easily made dish, after you’ve acquired the recipe, that is. With an amazing plus in buffs and some of the highest energy we’ve seen yet, you might want to hear me out. A classic among all staple foods, a killer in every department, and something that may just be worth the wait.

This is a dish, unlike others I've listed previously, is not found via the TV stations. The recipe for this dish can only be acquired via mail once at + 7 Hearts with Emily, making it the perfect treat for any diehard Emily romancer. At a buff of +5 max energy for 3 minutes and 30 seconds, as well as a whopping +240 energy and +108 health, It's insane what such little ingredients can do!For the small price of 1 red cabbage and 1 radish, this next big dish can be yours. Whether you’re an Emily lover looking for the next big way to show your love, or someone looking to turn a profit with lower quality ingredients, this may just be for you. A beautiful dish all the way around, and something to definitely write home about.

Why Is It Great?

*Great buffs

*High energy replenisher

*It has the potential to generate a profit.

Item Details

*+50 Max energy for 3m 30s

*+240 energy

*+108 health

How To Acquire

1. The recipe for this item can be found via mail after reaching + 7 hearts with Emily.

2. Combine this item with red cabbage (1) and radish (1) in an upgraded farmhouse kitchen or cookout kit. 

1. Stardrop (Best For Long-Term Energy Boost)


Behold the stardrop!

The almighty star drop, possibly one of the most well-known items in the game. She is an absolute beast of an item, something that will be game-changing for new and old players alike. Unlike any other buff, the best buff we’ve seen yet is an amazing health restore. You might want to sit down for this one.

While this gem may be somewhat difficult to find in some cases, there are many opportunities to consume this gem. With a permanent max energy increase of +34, if you’re to consume all in-game star drops, you’re guaranteed a permanent increase of +508 max energy. Incredible! With +250 energy to boot, this is seriously a milestone in any Stardew player's life that they cannot miss.

Why Is It Great?

  • A permanent +34 boost in maximum energy
  • There are seven eating opportunities available.
  • +250 energy

Item Details

  • Constant +34 energy
  • +250 energy
  • Various locations to be discovered

How To Acquire

This item can be acquired from various places, such as:

1. For the sake of 2000 stars at the Stardew fair,

2. From a treasure chest on floor 100 of the mines.

3. At 12.5 hearts, from your roommate or partner.

4. from Krobus in the sewers for 25,000 g.

5. From Old Master Cannoli in the Secret Woods, upon him receiving a sweet gem berry.

6. In the mail from Willy upon completing the master angler achievement.

7. As a reward for sending all 95 items to the museum,

At the end of the day, there are loads of options on how you, the player, can increase your productivity and boost your stats. Whether that be from becoming the master of all chefs, or acquiring items you find in random places, anything works. Be it the smallest of items or the biggest of all meals, no two choices are made alike, but many are worth it nonetheless.

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