[Top 10] Stardew Valley Best Artisan Goods (And How To Get Them)

Wine, cheese, honey, coffee, and cloth. Breakfast of champions!

10. Salmonberry Jelly

Salmonberries are everywhere in the spring. Everywhere. Yep, even there. And there. And where the sun don’t shine. If you choose the fruit bat cave, the bats bring them back too!

Salmonberry season is Spring 15-18

The thing about salmonberries is that they’re cheap. Comically cheap. 5g cheap. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could give all those salmonberries away and make friends doing it? Very few people like them, though. 

Salmonberry jelly is the solution to that problem! Most villagers like it. In fact, the only one who doesn’t like it is Sebastian. And at 60G base price, going up to 84G with the Artisan profession, salmonberry jelly is a good way to make a little money, too.


Stardew Valley Salmonberry Route | The Best route for maximum Salmonberries!

9. Goat Cheese

Goats give milk every other day. That milk can be turned into cheese. The cheese can then be aged in casks to make it even more valuable.

Goat cheese is delicious, lucrative, and restores tons of energy and health.

Iridium Quality Goat Cheese can be sold for a base price of 600G, which isn’t bad at all. Or, it can be taken into the mines for when things get dire. Eating one Gold Quality Goat Cheese restores 225 energy and 101 health!

Goats Cheese Project! - *AUTOMATED FACTORY!* - Stardew Valley

8. Cloth

While it’s possible to sell Cloth or use it to build a mill, its real potential is in making clothing.

With the new sewing machine interface, players can create clothing from cloth and other items.

With update 1.4, ConcernedApe added the Sewing Machine. Once a player befriends Emily and gets Cloth, they can use her sewing machine. By adding one bolt of cloth and one other item to the machine, it’s possible to make clothing--and some of it is pretty funny. Cloth and a Dinosaur Egg make a dinosaur hat. Cloth and trash make a trash can shirt. And so on.

Cloth sells for a base price of 470G. Besides clothing, one bolt of cloth can be used to make a Dressed Spinner. Four bolts of cloth can be used to make a Mill, which will greatly increase the price of your Rice and Wheat. . As a bonus, Emily loves Cloth, so you can give some to her to increase friendship quickly.


Stardew Valley CLOTH how to QUICK guide!

7. Coffee

If you want to speed up the game, which you do, there is no better way to do it than with an endless supply of coffee and its stronger derivative, Triple Shot Espresso.


You can make ridiculous amounts of coffee since it takes less than a day to make. Do that. I dedicate a whole shed of kegs to coffee production and regularly have hundreds of coffees in my inventory. Keep some of the coffees you make as actual coffee to hand out as gifts, and turn the rest into Triple Shot Espresso, which will speed you up for a lot longer than a regular cup of coffee.

Coffee sells for 150G. Triple Shot Espresso sells for 450G. If you’re looking to make money, coffee isn’t a bad way to do it, but I prefer to keep coffee around for personal use and gifts.

6. Dinosaur Mayonnaise

At 800G per jar, dinosaur mayonnaise is incredibly lucrative. There’s just one problem: Where to get a dinosaur?

The easiest way to get a dinosaur is from another dinosaur; finding that first one is based largely on luck.

Dinosaur Eggs can be found in Artifact Spots in the mountains and the quarry, fishing treasure chests, prehistoric floors in Skull Cavern, dropped from Pepper Rexes, or won in the crane game in the movie theater in late game.

Don’t donate that first dinosaur egg! Incubate it! Once you have a dinosaur, you’ll have dinosaur eggs every seven days. From there, all you’ll need to do is pop them in the mayonnaise maker.


Dinosaur Egg Guide in Stardew Valley 1.4 | All the Ways to Find Them and All Their Uses | Pepper Rex

5. Fairy Rose Honey

Honey is good to have around. It’s used in the Artisan Bundle, it’s an ingredient in Warp Totems to the farm, and all of the villagers like it with the exception of Maru and Sebastian (who hate it). 

The many different qualities and colors of the Fairy Rose make it a little difficult to harvest, but they're worth it

Fairy Rose Honey is the definite heavy hitter of the bunch. It sells for a base price of 640G!  players, including the one in the video below, like to surround one flower with as many Bee Houses as possible. I prefer to plant large flower gardens surrounded by Bee Houses so I can give the flowers as gifts. I grow tulips for Evelyn in spring, Summer Spangles for Caroline and poppies for Penny in summer, and Fairy Roses for Jas in fall.


Stardew Valley Honey | Best Honey Layout For A Single Flower

4. Caviar

Caviar is lucrative (500G base!), well-liked, able to be used in the Missing Bundle, and it opens the door to fish farming, which can be hilarious.

Caviar is one of the best Aged Roes in the game

In order to make caviar, you’ll need a fish pond, which you can buy from Robin. Then you’ll need a sturgeon, which can be caught on Summer and Winter days, and is most common on rainy Summer days. You’ll need some luck, some fishing skill, and it couldn’t hurt to add some good tackle to your fishing pole, since sturgeons aren’t  easy to catch.

Once you get one, put it in your pond. It’ll swim around for a few days, then ask you for something. Then “it” will become “they,” one fish will become three. The fish will increase in number until they reach 10. The more fish in the pond, the greater the chance they’ll drop Salmon Roe, which can be put in a Preserves Jar to make Caviar.


Fish Pond Guide | How to make Caviar | Stardew Valley 1.4 Update | New Gameplay | New Features

3. Truffle Oil

“It’s high quality…very slick.” Despite what the Mayor says, most people use Truffle Oil to season their food. They pay a ton of money for it, too.

Happy pigs find lots of truffles.

Truffle Oil is amazingly lucrative, at a base price of 1065G, and more than 1400G with the Artisan profession. Even better, all you have to do is collect truffles from pigs, drop them in Oil Makers, and forget about them until the end of the day. The few Truffle Oils you keep can be given as Liked gifts, tailored into a shirt, or used in Rain Totems.

Mayor's Need Quest, How to get Truffle Oil in Stardew Valley

2. Starfruit Wine

Do you want to make a ridiculous amount of money?

Starfruits are readily available, and the wine they produce is worth a fortune

Go to the Calico Desert. Buy Starfruit Seeds from Sandy. How many? As many as you can. Plant them. Turn them into wine, age the wine, ship it, and enjoy a whopping 4500G base per bottle.

Starfruits take 13 days to grow, and do not regrow, so plan on having tons of money on the 1st and 14th of each summer so you can buy as many Starfruit Seeds as possible. Even better, use the greenhouse and grow starfruits for wine year-round!


Starfruit Wine Project | MIND BLOWING!! - Stardew Valley

1. Ancient Fruit Wine

Do you want to make a ridiculous amount of money *and* flex on your friends?

Ancient Fruit comes from the Ancient Seed, which is difficult to find.

Make Ancient Fruit Wine! Its base sell price is lower than that of Starfruit wine, 3300G as opposed to 4500G base. An ancient fruit takes 28 days to grow at first. But once that first Ancient Fruit is harvested, a new one will grow every ten days! This will allow for quicker production and more wine to sell.

However, this approach requires planning, seed makers, time, and luck. From one Ancient Seed, you will need to fill the field or greenhouse with Ancient Fruit.


How to Get Ancient Fruit in Stardew Valley 1.5 an Ancient Fruit/Seed Guide

Good luck and have fun!

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