[Top 5] Stardew Valley Best Bobbers That Are Excellent

A farmer and Birdie are fishing on Ginger Island, surrounded by tackle, bait, and a Pearl.
The farmer used Tackle! It's super effective!

You’ve learned to fish, gained a few levels, and bought your Iridium Rod. Now it’s time to explore the world of Fishing Tackle! Some bits of tackle are good for their very specific uses; you’ll want a Lead Bobber to catch fish with sinking patterns so your fishing bar doesn’t bounce, and a Barbed Hook to pull up loads of slow, weak fish without much effort. But some pieces of tackle are so good, they’re worth special mention.

What makes these five bobbers and lures so special, anyway?

5. Trap Bobber

This bobber makes fish escape more slowly; the “escape” bar goes slower and allows you more time to catch the fish.

Why Trap Bobber is Awesome

  • Fish escape more slowly. Fish escape more slowly! Fish. Escape. More. Slowly.
  • Made of Copper Bar and Sap, both of which are easy to get

How to get Trap Bobber

  • Can be crafted with one Copper Bar and 10 Sap
  • Can also be purchased from Willy’s for 500G


4. Dressed Spinner

With a Dressed spinner, this farmer's bite rate will be much improved

This awesome piece of tackle greatly increases your bite rate when fishing.

Why Dressed Spinner is so great

  • Reduces the max delay before a bite by 7.5 seconds
  • Can be crafted with Iron Bar and Cloth or purchased from Willy’s for 1000G
  • It’s the prize for winning the Ice Fishing Competition for the first time, so it comes with bragging rights attached

How to get Dressed Spinner

How to unlock the Dressed Spinner recipe - Stardew Valley


3. Cork Bobber

A long fishing bar is a sign of an experienced angler--or one with some good tackle.

This bobber increases the size of your Fishing Bar, which is very obviously awesome

Why Cork Bobber is great

  • It increases the size of your fishing bar by 24 pixels, no matter your fishing level
  • Does not affect the fishing bar’s movement

How to get Cork Bobber

  • Can be easily crafted with wood, hardwood, and slime
  • Only 750G at Willy’s


2. Treasure Hunter

That fishing bar's not moving an inch

This bit of tackle increases your chances of finding treasure chests!

Why Treasure Hunter is awesome

  • Increases chances of getting treasure to 20% - that means 20% of all bites will have treasure attached
  • The escape bar completely stops when you’re reeling in treasure

How to get Treasure Hunter

How to learn the Treasure Hunter recipe in Stardew Valley


1. Curiosity Lure

The Curiosity Lure increases the chances of pulling up rare and exotic fish like the Angler, Glacierfish, and Legend.

Do you wanna catch all the weird stuff? This lure increases your chances of reeling in rare fish.

Why Curiosity Lure is awesome

  • Increases chances of catching legendary fish by 5-10%
  • Increases chances of catching fish in mines by 4-5%
  • Slightly increases all fish bite chances--less trash!

How to get Curiosity Lure

  • Mummies in Skull Cavern will drop them
  • Can also be found in crates, barrels, and boxes in Quarry Mine, Skull Cavern, or Volcano Caldera

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