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Stardew Valley Night Market
During winter players can explore the mysterious Night Market

In Stardew Valley, it is possible to own a farm with friends by using their multiplayer feature! Even with multiplayer you may find yourself wanting to expand and change your gameplay, so below are the top 20 mods for multiplayer mode.  


1. Unlimited Players

Turn your farm into a whole village for all your friends

This mod removes the limit of only letting four people play. This is a great mod especially if you have five or six friends who all want to play Stardew Valley too. With the Unlimited Players mod, you can play with more friends!

Get it here: Unlimited Players


2. Skip Fishing Minigame

Less hassle, more fish

The Skip Fishing Minigame mod lets you just catch fish when they are hooked instead of making you play the fishing minigame. This can be extremely useful in multiplayer mode since time doesn’t pause while you play the fishing minigame like it does when you are playing alone. 

Get it here: Skip Fishing Minigame


3. Time Speed

Become a master of time

If you’d rather mess with time directly, then the Time Speed mod is for you! Time Speed offers you lots of options in your settings menu such as, freezing time in different locations and slowing down time.

Get it here: Time Speed


4. Night Owl

Who needs sleep anyway?

The Night Owl mod removes the need for sleep! Since having enough time to do everything is a big constraint (especially with the lack of time manipulation without a separate mod in multiplayer mode) removing the need for sleep gives you more time to accomplish tasks.

Get it here: Night Owl  


5. Save Anywhere

Save anywhere, anytime

The Save Anywhere mod might seem small, but it can be very useful while playing with others! You can usually only save after going to sleep for the day, but this mod allows you to save at any time. This is great since some players might have to stop playing unexpectedly and not be able to wait until everyone’s characters go to sleep for the night.  

Get it here: Save Anywhere 


6. Movement Speed

Run like the wind with this mod

The Movement Speed mod lets your player walk faster and speeds up the charging feature on the hoe and watering can. Time can feel limited especially when playing in multiplayer mode, so being able to walk around faster and manipulate crops quicker can help.

Get it here: Movement Speed 


7. Bigger Backpack

Hold everything you can possibly imagine

You may find yourself wishing you had even more backpack space than just thirty-six slots. The Bigger Backpack mod can be especially useful for you then, since you might find yourself wanting to carry around more. This mod expands the backpack space to forty-eight slots!

Get it here: Bigger Backpack 


8. Mobile Phone

Call up the mayor to annoy him from afar

Rather than having to buy a house phone from Robin, the Mobile Phone mod gives you just that; a mobile phone! You can call different NPC’s, receive calls from NPC’s, and even replay heart events. 

Get it here: Mobile Phone


9. Better Ranching

Make sure your animals are given the love they deserve with this mod

The Better Ranching mod could be especially useful for multiplayer mode since it shows which animals have had attention and have been milked or sheared for the day. This way you aren’t repeating the actions of a friend who took care of the farm animals before you. 

Get it here: Better Ranching


10. Expanded Storage

Keep ten copies of any items you want with enough room in your storage

Having an even bigger storage space in Stardew while playing multiplayer can be useful! While playing with others you most likely have twice the amount of supplies and items you’d have when playing alone. Expanding this can help solve that problem. 

Get it here: Expanded Storage


11. Carry Chest

Show off your muscles by carrying your chests around

The Carry Chest mod can solve the annoyance of having to empty a chest before you can carry it. This can be especially annoying when playing with friends and having more chests than you normally would all over the place. 

Get it here: Carry Chest


12. CBJ Cheat Menu

Customize your preferences to you and your friends specifications 

The CJB In-Game Cheat Menu expands options offered to players to customize their character and the valley around them. You and your friends might not want to waste time running out of energy or health. This mod helps you change that! You can also do things like, manipulate the weather, add money to your inventory, or one hit kill enemies. 

Get it here: CJB In-Game Cheat Menu



13. Ladder Locator

Climb your way down the mines faster with Ladder Locator 

The Ladder Locator mod is a feature that highlights where the ladder is in the level you’re on in the mines, Skull Cavern, and the Volcano Dungeon. This can help you make your way through levels faster and is helpful for anyone looking for help in the caves!

Get it here: Ladder Locator 


14. Wear More Rings

Show off all your bling

One small annoyance in Stardew is that you are limited to only wearing two rings. In multiplayer mode you may find you have more rings since there are more people playing. The Wear More Rings mod expands this and lets you wear up to six rings!

Get it here: Wear More Rings


15. Stardew Valley Expanded

Expand your game for you and your friends with this mod

Stardew Valley Expanded is one of the most popular mods. If you find you and your friends are out of gameplay or want more content, then this is a great mod to consider. SVD Expanded offers some reimagined areas, 27 new NPCs, 50 new locations, 260 new character events, new marriage candidates, and tons of other miscellaneous additions. Plenty for you and your friends!

Get it here: Stardew Valley Expanded


16. Tractor Mod

Take a ride on your big green tractor

The Tractor Mod stuck out to me as a fun feature for you and your friends to play around with! It offers you the ability to build a tractor garage and buy a tractor. This helps you manipulate crops quicker and clean up twigs and weeds. It’s also fun to get to drive around in a tractor. 

Get it here: Tractor Mod


17. Multiple Spouses

Why choose one when you could choose them all

If you and your friends have ever had trouble choosing spouses or find yourself each wanting the same NPC, the Multiple Spouses mod lets you marry an infinite number of marriage candidates. This is a win, win situation for you and friends!

Get it here: Multiple Spouses


18. DeepWoods

Explore the deep, dark forest with friends

Deepwoods is a good mod if you’re looking for combat expansion. This mod produces an endless generating forest, similar to Skull Cavern, with tons of new secrets for you and friends to discover!

Get it here: DeepWoods


19. Fashion Sense

Pump up the glam with this mod

Fashion Sense is for players who would love more clothing choices and hairstyles in the game. This mod offers more hairstyles, shirts, hats, pants, shoes and accessories, letting you and friends customize your characters even further!

Get it here: Fashion Sense


20. Happy Birthday

Birthday presents are swell

The Happy Birthday mod lets you and friends each set a day for your character’s birthday. On this day you’ll receive gifts from villagers and letters from your parents. More stuff is always better!

Get it here: Happy Birthday


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