[Top 15] Stardew Valley Best Mods For A New Experience

Mods for a new Stardew Valley Experience
A whole new world of exploration awaits with these mods

Planted the parsnips? Conquered the caves? Married the bachelor(ette) of your dreams? Ready for more? These 15 mods can help spice up your Stardew Valley game with a new experience. With mods ranging from simple recolors to full game expansions, the possibilities to keep your experience going are truly endless.  

I'll admit, I was hesitant to get on the mod train. I was worried I would inadvertently ruin the game experience for myself.  But several hundred hours into my Switch game, I happened to see my friend's PC game where she had the Waterfall Forest Farm (#12) installed, so I jumped on Nexus mods to investigate, and Pandora's Box was opened. 286 hours into my latest game, I'm still experimenting and finding new mods. Here are 15 of the best and most unique I've found. 


15. Medieval Buildings by Gweniaczek

Windmill and Farmhouse recolored with the Medieval Buildings mod
The windmill and farmhouse get a refreshing new look with in this mod by Gwenciaczek

This mod from Gweniaczek doesn’t change your actual game play, but it does give your farm buildings an aesthetically pleasing update. This mod will take your farm buildings from American vintage brown and red, to a striking white with black accents. 

  • Changes color and style of buildings to give your farm a quaint medieval look

  • Has options for more or less foliage

  • Does not change game play mechanics

Get the mod here: Medieval Buildings by Gweniaczek


14. More Trees by PPJA

Display of trees from the More Trees mod
Add texture and variety to your farm with the More Trees mod by PPJA

This mod from Project Populate JSON Assets (PPJA) was uploaded by paradigmnomad and brings a wider variety of tree starts to stores near you. Trees function just like standard trees in regards to growth requirements and seasonal harvests, but increase the variety of fruits immensely.

  • Adds 30 trees to the game, available through mail or shops

  • The fruit from More Trees functions just like standard fruit, and is able to be eaten or turned into artisan goods

  • Tree visuals are well varied, giving more texture to your farm

Get the mod here: More Trees by PPJA


13. Wild Food by Wildflourmods

Explore to find new forageables with the Wild Food mod
Explore new items to forage with the Wild Food mod by Wildflourmods

The Wild Food mod from Wildflourmods adds more forageable items to enhance your game experiences. These include fruits, flowers, and herbs.

  • Adds unique forageables such as cindersap cinnamon and calico vanilla to the game

  • New items can be eaten for energy and health, or used to make artisan goods

  • Forageables are in greater abundance, making them good reliable food sources in a pinch

Get the mod here: Wild Food Mod by Wildflourmods


12. Waterfall Forest Farm by ArchibaldTK

Map layout from Waterfall Forest Farm mod
The Waterfall Forest Farm features a brand new farm map with plenty of variety

The Waterfall Forest Farm by ArchibaldTK is a farm replacement that gives you the option for a beautiful farm up on the cliffs with waterfalls and rivers. It also gives you an additional shed. Live out your sprawling storybook farm dreams with this beautiful farm map. 

  • New farm map layout includes rivers, waterfalls, cliffs, forest, and even private beach access
  • Extra unlockable outbuilding
  • Plenty of space to set your farm up
  • Options for medium or large farm, and choices for extra shed placement

Get the mod here: Waterfall Forest Farm by ArchibaldTk


11. Automate by pathoschild

Machines linked through automate mod by pathoschild
Machines can work in harmony with the Automate mod by pathoschild

Embrace the industrial age by automating your farm! At its core, Automate by pathoschild creates an action loop that will take items from a chest, feed them to a machine, and retrieve the machine products when finished. But with a little ingenuity and a lot of patience, you can automate massive sections of your farm, ushering in the age of technology.

  • Set up automated loops that allow your machines to keep working, even when you’ve gone fishing
  • Loops can comprise several machines, even automatically moving finished products to your shipping bin
  • the options are endless, as utilizing paths you can put nearly every machine on your farm on auto pilot

Get the mod here: Automate mod by pathoschild


10. More Recipes from PPJA

Display of recipes available in the More Recipes mod from PPJA
Expand your culinary horizons with the New Recipes mod from PPJA

 Another mod created by Project Populate JSON Assets and uploaded by paradigmnomad, the More Recipes mod increases the amount and creativity of the dishes you can make in your kitchen. With soups, salads, sandwiches and more, elevate your cave dining to the next level (and the next, and the next… where is that elevator?).

  • Create new, exciting dishes with a wide range of ingredients
  • Lean into the creativity of cooking
  • Adds over 50 new recipes

Get the mod here: More Recipes from PPJA


9. Farmer to Florist by Kildarian

Display of flowers available with the Farmer to Florist mod
Enjoy a veritable flower frenzy with the Farmer to Florist mod by Kildarian 

Veggies not your thing? How about flowers? This mod is managed by PPJA but was original created by Kildarian. The new flowers add beautiful texture and variety to your farm. If you’ve ever dreamed of fields of flowers and flower based craftables, this mod is for you. With new crops, machines, and recipes, this mod will set you up to be the florist you were meant to be.

  • 23 new flower crops and 3 new trees give your farm some definite pops
  • 3 machines add capabilities for the new crops, and existing ones
  • 42 craftables and 15 recipes mean lots of opportunities to show off your floral skills

Get the mod here: Farmer to Florist mod by Kildarian (managed by PPJA) 


8. Walpurgisnacht by Alvadea

Abandoned witch tower from Walpurgisnacht by Alvadea
Witchy fantasies alight with the Walpurgisnacht mod from Alvadea

Live out your witchy aspirations with this mod that turns the wilderness farm option into a spooky swamp with an abandoned witch tower and a special monster spawning cave. Walpurgisnacht was created by Alvadea to make our spooky hearts happy.

  • Adds a unique aesthetic to the wilderness farm by turning it into a swamp
  • Unique questline attached to the map
  • Special ambient noises to match the vibe
  • Includes a with tower and a witch tower cave

Get the mod here: Walpurgisnacht by Alvadea 


7. Animal Husbandry by Digus

Bacon available through Animal Husbandry mod
Bacon makes everything better in the Animal Husbandry mod by Digus

 Have you ever looked at your abundance of virtual cows and thought “A burger would be just the thing”? Well have I got news for you. Thanks to the Animal Husbandry mod by Digus, you can turn your excess cows, sheep, pigs, or other animals into meat.

  • Adds a way to encourage certain animals to breed
  • Gives and option to give treats or enter the animals into the brand new Animal Contest
  • Allows animals to be turned into meat
  • Adds new recipes for meat based deliciousness

Get the mod here: Animal Husbandry by Digus


6. Life Cycle by nraittanna

New cut scenes from the Life Cycle mod
Love stories progress in the Life Cycles mod by nraittanna

Small town life feeling stale? Spice things up by allowing NPC’s to move on with their own dating lives. The Life Cycle mod by nraittanna gives new depth to life in town and the NPC’s we know and love.

  • Adds new events for couples in town
  • Gives new dialogue
  • Changes interactions with family once certain heart levels are achieved
  • Gives some options for wedding events

Get the mod here: Life Cycle Mod by nraittanna 


5. Stardew Valley- Roguelike by TheTrain2000

Dungeon from Stardew Valley- Roguelike
Enjoy a good old fashioned Dungeon Crawl in Stardew Valley-Roguelike

Ready for an entirely different experience? What about turning Stardew Valley into a classic rogue dungeon crawler featuring the monsters and loot you already know and…love? This mod by TheTrain2000 will drop you off directly in The Abyss, a seemingly endless series of cave floors featuring monsters, more monsters, and maybe some loot if you’re lucky.

  • Turns the game into a timed dungeon crawler
  • Leaves player with limited resources to begin, adding to the experience
  • Unique challenges and boss fights
  • Leaderboard ranking option when you upload your score

Get the mod here: Stardew Valley Roguelike by TheTrain2000 


4. Ridgeside Village by Rafseazz

Ridgeside village map
Venture beyond the town limits in Ridgeside Village by Rafseazz

 Looking to explore? Ready to expand your horizons? Ridgeside Village, a mod by Rafseazz adds a new area to explore without intruding on your base game. You can choose to explore the village on your own terms, and enjoy new adventures, great dialogue, and a special theme song while you’re there

  • Adds over 400 new events including festivals, friendship, and romance events
  • Adds in 50 additional NPCs, including some marriageable ones
  • New shops, medical services, and a hotel
  • Expands your dishes, drinks, and unlockable recipes, while adding new crops and forage

Get the mod here: Ridgeside Village mod by Rafseazz


3. Artisan Valley from PPJA

Display of artisan goods from Artisan Valley mod
Delicious artisan goods abound in Artisan Valley a mod from PPJA

 One more by PPJA via paradigmnomad, this one really expands your options for artisan goods and craftables. Lean into the elevated artisan life with creative new craftables and machines to expand your skills and rewards.

  • 150+ new items
  • 20 new machines
  • New gift preferences for all vanilla NPC’s

Get the mod here: Artisan Valley Mod from PPJA 


2. Adventurer’s Guild Expanded by LiveOnSupert

Visit the Monster Research Wing in Adventurer's Guild Expanded
The adventures continue in the Adventurer's Guild Expanded by LiveOnSupert

Ready for more danger? Daring? Friendships? Romance? Find it all in the Adventurer’s Guild expansion. With new NPCs, new questlines, and new unlockable areas, this mod by LiveOnSupert gives opportunities to hone your skills, accept new challenges, and maybe find a happily every after.

  • Introduces new NPCs with unique dialogue and cut scenes
  • A fun questline to follow
  • New items for decoration and an optional music download
  • New locations to visit and opportunities to show your bravery

Get the mod here: Adventurer’s Guild Expanded mod by LiveOnSupert


1.  Stardew Valley Expanded by FlashShifter

Meet Sophia in Stardew Valley Expanded
Meet Sophia, a new character in Stardew Valley Expanded by FlashShifter

Stardew Valley Expanded by FlashShifter is a massive mod for your Stardew Valley game. Much of this expansion takes place in the original map or areas just surrounding it. Adding layers of nuance, events, and even some special unlockable locations, this mod will enhance your game and add many hours of playtime.

  • Adds brand new NPCs (some romanceable) and expands dialogue and story lines for some existing ones
  • New character events and dialogue including both new and original NPCs
  • New locations, reimagined vanilla spaces, and farm maps
  • New festivals and questlines
  • New music, some new crops, new objects, and lots of other fun things to discover


Get the mod here: Stardew Valley Expanded Mod by FlashShifter 


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