[Top 5] Stardew Valley Best Keg Crops (Ranked)

Best Stardew Valley Keg Crops
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Top 5 Stardew Valley Best Keg Crops

Almost all fruit and vegetable crops in Stardew Valley can be put inside a keg to produce an artisanal good. Nevertheless, not all crops and the goods they yield are created equal. Some crops are more profitable to keg, while others are more profitable to use in other equipment, crafted into recipes, or to sell unprocessed. This guide covers the top 5 crops to grow in Stardew Valley in order to produce the best value goods. Find out which crops to conserve for keg manufacture by reading on!


Best Stardew Valley Keg Crops


Strawberry is a multi-harvest fruit crop that produces one strawberry per harvest with a slight probability of more. This crop can only be acquired during the Egg Festival on Spring 13, thus it's a good plan for players to earn as much money as possible in order to buy as many packets of Strawberry Seeds as possible. Keep some for use with the Seed Maker so that there are some on hand when Spring arrives. Plant them on the first day of Spring, and players will be able to reap more harvests throughout the season. A advice for planting on the day of the Egg Festival is to till the ground, apply any available fertilizer, and irrigate the area before the festival begins.

Why Strawberry is Great Overall:

  • Demetrius and Maru love it and is a Liked and Neutral liked item by the rest of the villagers.
  • Products it creates: Jelly sells at a base price of 290g, and Wine sells at a base price of 360g.
  • The fruit sells at a base Selling Price of 120g

Strawberry details:

  • Seed Cost: 100g from Pierre’s General Store Stall during the Egg Festival
  • Growth Time: 8 days and regrows every 4 Days
  • Wine Base Selling Price: 360g
  • Silver Quality Wine: 450g
  • Gold Quality Wine: 540g
  • Iridium Quality Wine: 720g
  • Planting after the Egg Festival will yield just two harvests, whereas planting on the first day of spring will yield five harvests.


Best Stardew Valley Keg Crops

The cranberry fruit shrub is a robust crop that grows from cranberry seeds. These sour red fruits are high in nutrition and a multi-harvest pleasure. Farmers normally earn two berries from each harvest, with the possibility of receiving more. Basic and Quality Fertilizers can boost the first berry of each harvest; however, Speed-Gro Fertilizers have minimal effect on the duration between harvests. So prepare for a fulfilling journey as you produce and harvest the bountiful Cranberries in Stardew Valley.

Why Cranberry is Great Overall:

  • All of the townspeople, with the exception of Abigail, Haley, Jas, and Vincent, like it.
  • What it produces: The base price for wine is 225g, whereas the base price for jelly is 200g.
  • The base selling price for the fruit is 75g per piece.
  • The fruit is used in recipes such as Cranberry Candy, Cranberry Sauce, Stuffing, and Super Meal. The culinary goods provide strong mining and defense benefits, as well as speed and energy increases.

Cranberry details:

  • Seed Cost: 240g from Pierre’s General Store and 300g from JojaMart
  • Growth Time: 7 days and regrows every 5 days
  • Wine Base Selling Price: 225g
  • Silver Quality Wine: 281g
  • Gold Quality Wine: 337g
  • Iridium Quality Wine: 450g
  • You can get 5 harvests in the season


Best Stardew Valley Keg Crops

Starfruit is a very juicy fruit that thrives in hot, muggy climates. Thought to taste mildly sweet with a sour undertone, it is a fruit crop that emerges from Starfruit Seeds and can only be bought after the Bus has been unlocked in order to purchase from the Oasis Store in the Desert.

Why Starfruit is Great Overall:

  • Except for Haley, Jas, Vincent, and Abigail, most of the townspeople like and like it indifferently.
  • What it produces: Jam is sold at a base price of 1,550g, while wine is sold for 2,250g.
  • The fruit is sold for 750g as its base selling price.
  • Building a Junimo Hut from the Wizard's Tower requires starfruit.

Starfruit details:

  • Seed Cost: 400g from Sandy’s Oasis store
  • Growth Time: 13 days
  • Wine Base Selling Price: 2,250g
  • Silver Quality Wine: 2,812g
  • Gold Quality Wine: 3,375g
  • Iridium Quality Wine: 4,500g
  • You can get 2 harvests in the season


Best Stardew Valley Keg Crops

Hops is a lush and growing vegetable crop that produces cones used in the creation of delectable beverages. It grows on a trellis from Hops Starter and is known as a bitter, sour flowering multi-harvest crop that ensures a steady supply of these aromatic and tasty cones. So begin growing Hops and allow their various flavors to fill your farm with the spirit of brewing excellence. Because it is a trellis crop, it cannot be walked through at any stage of growth. This crop grows best where it can be quickly watered and gathered, such as along the edge of a sprinkler.

Why Hops is Great Overall:

  • Pale Ale can be made by adding hops to a keg. Pale Ale offers one of the best investment returns in the game and can be aged in casks to improve quality.
  • It produces two items: pickles, which sell for a basic price of 100g, and pale ale, which has a base price of 300g.
  • Hops provide between 102 and 126 XP, which is the second-best amount for leveling up your farming proficiency in a single season. Hop starters in abundance might be a terrific strategy to swiftly advance your farming abilities during your first season.
  • The base selling price for the fruit is 25g.

Hops details:

  • Seed Cost: 60g from Pierre’s and 75g from JojaMart
  • Growth Time: 11 days and regrows each day
  • Pale Ale Base Selling Price: 300g
  • Silver Quality Ale: 375g
  • Gold Quality Ale: 450g
  • Iridium Quality Ale: 600g
  • You can get 17 harvests in the season

1-Ancient Fruit

Best Stardew Valley Keg Crops

This unusual crop is derived from Ancient Seeds and contains ancient DNA that carries the mysteries of the past. Ancient Fruit plants provide many harvests, ensuring a steady supply of these valuable fruits. Cultivating Ancient Fruits needs patience and strategic planning due to their unique development pattern and lengthy longevity. The fascination of Ancient Fruits stems not only from their excellent taste but also from their historical significance and the prospect of large earnings. 

Gathering seeds can be done in a number of ways, such as using the Traveling Cart or creating a recipe using an Ancient Seed item. After donating an Ancient Seed item to the museum, you can get this recipe. The item may be located in Artifact Troves or Fishing Treasure Chests, excavated from an item Spot, dropped by monster bugs, or found by slicing through flora in Volcano Dungeon or Prehistoric Floors.

Why Ancient Fruit is Great Overall:

  • All the villagers like it, including Abigail, Haley, Jas, and Vincent.
  • It is one of the high-profit crops.
  • Products it creates: Wine sells at a base price of 1,650g, and Jelly sells at a base price of 1,150g.

Ancient Fruit details:

  • Seed Cost: 100–1,000g from the Traveling Cart
  • Growth Time: 28 days and regrows after 7 days
  • Wine Base Selling Price: 1,650g
  • Silver Quality Wine: 2,062g
  • Gold Quality Wine: 2,475g
  • Iridium Quality Wine: 3,300g
  • You can get 4 harvests in the season
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