[Top 10] Stardew Valley Best Fishing Spots

Stardew Valley Best Fishing Spots
It is up to you to keep the art 'o fishing alive. Will you?

Stardew Valley offers various activities for players to choose from and one of the most popular is undoubtedly fishing. Whether you’re looking to complete a quest, catch a legendary fish, or collect every catchable fish in the game, this list of Stardew Valley’s best fishing spots will surely help you complete your task! 

10. Pelican Town (near Jodi’s house)

Along the river that runs through Pelican Town is a prime fishing spot for river fish. Located in front of Jodi and Kent’s home next to a bush is a deep river area sure to provide quality fish. 

What Makes this Spot Great for Fishing: 

  • The darker colored area signifies depth, meaning this area within the river is deeper than the rest.
  • The deeper the water, the more likely it is that players catch quality fish.
  • Throughout each season, this spot will provide quality fish.

9. Island Near the Hat Shop 

Below the player farm past Marnie’s Ranch lies a hat shop. Beyond the hat shot on the left side of the island is a prime fishing spot for lake fishing. 

What Makes this Spot Great for Fishing: 

  • This location carries depth, increasing the likelihood of quality fish.
  • Quality lake fish will be caught in this spot year round. 

8. Leah’s House

Along the lakeside near Leah’s house are deep waters and a popular fishing spot among the Stardew Valley community. Players looking to gain hearts with Leah, this spot is a great place to gain fishing experience and visit with the girl next door.

What Makes this Spot Great for Fishing: 

  • This spot is one of the closest bodies of water to the player’s home.
  • This spot allows access to deep waters.
  • Master Angler Willy often fishes here (so you know it has to be good).

7. Where the Beach Meets the River

Past Elliot’s home and over the rebuilt wood bridge lies a largely forgotten area of Pelican Town. Right off of the shore of the beach where the river meets the ocean is a spot that players will find success. 

What Makes this Spot Great for Fishing: 

  • The various blues represent different levels of water, casting your rod out to the dark blue will increase quality level.
  • Rod can be cast on either side of the river.
  • This spot is close to Willy’s Fish Shop, where fish will sell for a higher price than anywhere else across Pelican Town.

6. Sewer 

Underneath Pelican Town within the sewer system lies a fishing spot full of mystery. Most players visit this spot on a mission to catch a rare fish.

What Makes this Spot Great for Fishing: 

  • Although the list of fish catchable in this area is limited, the sewer is home to the Mutant Carp (one of five of the catchable legendary fish).
  • For players looking to stock up on Green or White Algae, this is the place to obtain it.
  • If players are looking to catch Carp year round, visit the Sewer. 

5. North of Joja Mart

Just north of the Joja Mart where a wood bridge connects the two sides of the river lies a largely forgotten portion of Pelican Town. This location is home to a rare catch.

What Makes this Spot Great for Fishing: 

  • This spot provides a secluded area of town away from NPC’s or other players.
  • This spot is home to the Angler fish (one of five legendary fish) which can be caught in the fall season.
  • Outside of the fact that it holds the legendary fish, there are no deep waters and is largely average, which is why it ranks lower on this list. 

4. Pier on the Western Side of the Beach

The second beach spot in our countdown is at the western pier near the large rock. This spot is popular among the Stardew Valley community for its seemingly lonely setting. 

What Makes this Spot Great for Fishing: 

  • Casting near the rock allows players to access deep ocean waters close to the front of the dock
  • As the spot is directly connected to Willy’s Fish Shop, it is the closest location a player has to accessing shop supplies.
  • Easy access to Willy’s shop allows players to maximize their fishing profit by selling to Willy directly. 

3. Pier on the Eastern Side of the Beach

Over the rebuilt bridge and onto the eastern most pier on the beach lies deep waters. This location is also home to a legendary fish. 

What Makes this Spot Great for Fishing: 

  • Because this pier is surrounded by deep waters players have a great chance at quality catches.
  • Members of the Stardew Valley community recommend casting down or to the left side of the dock to maximize quality.
  • The Crimson fish (one of five legendary fish) can be caught at this pier in the summer.

2. Edge of Cindersap Forest 

This fishing spot is a bit of a walk for players. Placed at the edge of the map past the wizards house, this spot is home to some serious catches. Another one of the legendary fish spawns here. 

What Makes this Spot Great for Fishing: 

  • Year round this spot provides quality fish as it lies directly in front of a deep strip of water.
  • During the winter, this spot is home to the Glacier fish (one of five legendary fish). 
  • This is the third closest location to the players home even though the walk out to it seems daunting. 

1. Mountain Lake Log

Near the mine of Pelican Town across the set of bridges is a wildly beloved fishing spot in Stardew Valley. This deepwater spot provides quality fish year round.

What Makes this Spot Great for Fishing:

  • Casting near the log in the water during a rainy spring day will give players an opportunity to catch the Legend fish (the hardest legendary catch in the game).
  • Outside of the legendary catch, this spot is a deepwater lake option outside of cindersap forest.
  • For players wanting to go mining and fishing within the same day, this spot allows you to do so without burning away too much of your precious time. 

No matter where you decide to cast your rod, any of these places will surely provide you with plenty of fish. Whether you're spending your days in the forest, in the mines, or strictly at the beach, fishing opportunities are constantly at your disposal. With this countdown I hope that you’ll optimize your fishing time. 

As Willy himself says, “A true angler has respect for the water… don’t you forget that.” 

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