[Top 20] Stardew Valley Best Mods For A New Experience

Stardew Valley logo with modded buildings above
The Stardew Valley logo with modded buildings above

Stardew Valley offers hours of gameplay and content for the eager gamer, but if you’re a seasoned player who has put lots of hours into the game, you might be looking for mods that can offer new experiences and content. Here are the Top 20 Stardew Valley Mods for a new experience! 


1. Stardew Valley Expanded

Give Dusty all the head pats

Stardew Valley Expanded is one of the most popular mods for Stardew Valley, with over six million downloads. It offers some reimagined areas, 27 new NPCs, 50 new locations, 260 new character events, new marriage candidates, and tons of other miscellaneous additions. One of my favorites is the inclusion of Dusty the dog as a character, who you can now pet everyday!

Get it here: Stardew Valley Expanded


2. Ridgeside Village

The cable car takes players to the new Ridgeside Village

The Ridgeside Village mod adds Ridgeside as a new location for players to visit. Ridgeside offers over 50 new NPCs with marriage candidates, over 400 new events, over 50 new quests, new shops, among other additions, like the cable car. 

Get it here: Ridgeside Village


3. Stardew Anime Mods

Stardew Anime mod really makes your game more kawaii

The Stardew Anime Mod doesn’t offer new content. It instead modifies character portraits for the existing ones. Higher quality portraits can offer a new experience by making the villagers seem more realistic rather than their usual  cartoon style portrait. It is compatible with Stardew Valley Expanded too!

Get it here: Stardew Valley Anime Mods


4. CJB Cheats Menu

CJB cheat menu really offers a lot of options to customize your game

The In-Game Cheat Menu is a mod that offers an expanded settings menu with a lot of choices to customize your gameplay. You can do things like kill all enemies with one hit, add money to your inventory, or control the weather. 

Get it here: CJB In-Game Cheat Menu


5. Elle’s New Barn Animals

Which new cow will you choose? 

Elle’s New Barn Animals completely re-does the look of barn animals and creates a multitude of new color choices for cows, goats, pigs, along with the new inclusion of deer. The creator also has a mod for coop animals that changes the look of them too. 

Get it here: Elle’s New Barn Animals 


6. PPJA Artisan Valley

There are tons of new artisanal goods to make with the Artisan Valley mod

The creator of Artisan Valley has re-made the look of all the artisanal goods and offers 20 new machines and over 150 new items to expand your gameplay!

Get it here: PPJA Artisan Valley 


7. Fashion Sense

Customize your characters with even more choices with this mod

Fashion Sense is for players who would love more fashion and hairstyles in the game. This mod offers more hairstyles, shirts, hats, pants, shoes and accessories. 

Get it here: Fashion Sense


8. Free Love

Romance more than one NPC with the Free Love mod

Free Love is for players who have trouble choosing between marriage candidates or don’t want to choose! You can have multiple spouses with this mod or a roommate and spouse. 

Get it here: Free Love


9. Deepwoods

Explore deep in the forest with the Deepwoods mod

Deepwoods is a mod for those who are looking for a combat expansion. This mod produces an endless generating forest, similar to Skull Cavern, with tons of new secrets to discover!

Get it here: Deepwoods


10. East Scarp

Explore all the new locations of East Scarp

East Scarp offers a new location by the sea! There are new NPCs, fish, shops, and secrets. Some of my favorite locations are East Scarp Inn, the Vineyard, and the Meadow Farm which can become an extension of your character’s farm, similar to how the Ginger Island Farm works. 

Get it here: East Scarp


11. The Love of Cooking

Become a farm chef with the Love of Cooking mod

The Love of Cooking offers something new for the players who wish the game offered more detail and complexity to the cooking system. You gain your grandfather’s cookbook to add recipes to, new skills, and a frying pan as a tool. 

Get it here: The Love of Cooking


12. NPC Adventures (It’s Time to Adventure)

Take NPCs like Abigail out on adventures with you

NPC Adventures offers something new for the players who might not want to play with other people, but don’t necessarily want to explore alone. Take a villager with you on all your adventures and combat endeavors with this mod!

Get it here: NPC Adventures


13. Lunna - Astray in Stardew Valley

If you're bored of the same old NPCs, you can now romance Lunna who is full of secrets 

Lunna - Astray in Stardew Valley offers a new storyline for  players. The adventure follows the player’s romance, with a girl named Lunna who is hiding magical secrets! Along with this there is a new town to explore, over 50 new events, new fish, fruit, and foragable items. 

Get it here: Lunna - Astray in Stardew Valley


14. Downtown Zuzu

Go out to clubs with the Zuzu City mod

If you’ve ever heard the mention of Zuzu City while playing Stardew you might have been disappointed to know you couldn’t visit this place. With the Downtown Zuzu mod now you can! The mod is currently in early beta, but still offers over 40 new locations. 

Get it here: Downtown Zuzu


15. The Perks of Being Married

Marrying Sam will give you a cutscene with Jodi

The Perks of Being Married expands on the relationships you gain in your marriage. Each NPC available for marriage now has a new perk beneficial to the farmer and a new cutscene that triggers after your marriage.

Get it here: The Perks of Being Married


16. Stardew Valley Reimagined 2

Experience the seasons like you never have before

Stardew Valley Reimagined 2 offers a fresh new look to all the outdoor maps in the game. This mod also offers more foraging spawns and space. 

Get it here: Stardew Valley Reimagined 2


17. Platonic Partners and Friendships

Become best friends with Alex instead of romantic partners and get heart events like this 

Platonic Partners and Friendships is a mod that lets you further explore relationships with NPCs even if you aren’t interested in marrying them. You can choose individually if you’d like to romance an NPC or keep it strictly platonic in the in-game menu. 

Get it here: Platonic Partners and Friendships


18. Stardew Valley Gift of Gab - Marriage Candidates

Experience tons of new dialogue with the Gift of Gab mod

Gift of Gab Marriage Candidates offers hundreds of new dialogue for all the NPCs you are able to romance. This includes new dialogue for holidays, birthdays, and other events!

Get it here: Gift of Gab Marriage Candidates


19. Stardew Valley - Roguelike

Experience new events in the mines with the Roguelike mod

The Roguelike mod expands on the mines and offers an infinite layout of floors along with new bosses to fight and experiences to discover!

Get it here: Stardew Valley - Roguelike


20. Stardew Valley Armaments  

Try out tons of new weapons with the Armaments mod

If you’ve ever wished there were more weapons to choose from in Stardew, then Stardew Valley Armaments is a good mod to consider! This mod offers new stats, special attacks, and 44 new weapons. 

Get it here: Stardew Valley Armaments


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