[Top 15] Stardew Valley Best Armors

Stardew Valley Best Armors
These items are both a fashion statement and a defense mechanism.

Mining is one of the skills in Stardew Valley that many players within the community enjoy. Players can explore the mines of Pelican Town as well as the Skull Cavern Mines in Calico Desert. One important detail that some players may overlook is what armor to equip when taking a trip to the mines. Today I’m going to count down the best defensive rings and boots to equip when heading to the mines. 

Disclaimer: While rings and boots can be used in conjunction with each other, this ranking is based on the individual item itself!  

15. Sneakers

Sneakers are a type of footwear found rather easily in the Pelican Town Mines. Their attributes are low but it is better to equip them rather than no footwear at all.

What Sneakers Provide:

  • Once equipped, sneakers provide a +1 defense to the player

How to get Sneakers: Found in the Pelican Town Mines levels 1-40, treasure chests, and the Adventurer's Guild. 

14. Rubber Boots

With a design and makeup similar to that of rain boots, rubber boots are just about as protective as sneakers.

What Rubber Boots Provide: 

  • Once equipped, rubber boots provide a +1 immunity to the player

How to get Rubber Boots: Found in the mines levels 1-40 from a special green slime or by breaking boxes and crates. Also found in fishing treasure chests.

13. Ring of Yoba

The Ring of Yoba is a craftable ring that players unlock after obtaining combat level 7. This ring will cost the player 5 iron bar, 5 gold bar, and 1 diamond to make. 

What the Ring of Yoba Provides:

  • If a player has the Ring of Yoba equipped, they have the chance to occasionally be  shielded from taking damage. 
  • The lower a players health and the higher the luck increases the chance that this damaged shield is applied.  

How to get the Ring of Yoba: Craftable 

12.  Leather Boots

Perhaps even easier to find that Sneakers, is Leather Boots. Their attributes are just a tad better than Sneakers placing them at number 13 on my list. 

What Leather Boots Provide: 

  • Once equipped, leather boots provide a +1 defense and a +1 immunity to the player.

How to get Leather Boots: All players are given leather boots at the chest on level 10 of the mines. They are also found in fishing treasure chests. 

11. Work Boots

A pretty fashionable shoe choice, the work boots are a type of footwear obtainable in Stardew Valley but rarely used by the community.

What Work Boots Provide:

  • Once equipped, work boots provide a +2 defense to the player.

How to get Work Boots: Fishing Treasure Chests.

10. Tundra Boots

A step above work boots, the tundra boots are found deeper in the mines and provide an increase in attributes. 

What Tundra Boots Provide: 

  • Once equipped, tundra boots provide a +2 defense, and a +1 immunity.

How to get Tundra Boots:  All players are given tundra boots at the chest on level 50 in the mines. They are also found in fishing treasure chests. 

9. Thermal Boots

A step above tundra boots, the thermal boots provide a slight increase in attributes. 

What Thermal Boots Provide:

  • Once equipped, thermal boots provide a +1 defense and a +2 immunity. 

How to get Thermal Boots: Obtained by breaking boxes and crates or from random drops in the Mines levels 40+ or in Skull Cavern levels 1-39. Also found in fishing treasure chests.

8. Cowboy Boots

Both fashionable for a farmer and a step above tundra boots, cowboy boots are currently unobtainable as of the 1.4 update. Despite this, I thought I’d include them as they are a part of the Stardew Valley universe and could become obtainable in future updates. 

What Cowboy Boots Provide: 

  • Once equipped, cowboy boots provide a +2 defense, and +2 immunity.

How to get Cowboy Boots: Currently unobtainable.

7. Slime Charmer Ring

As the only ring that prevents damage from a whole species of monster, the slime charmer ring is in a league all its own. Despite its uniqueness, in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t stack up to the remaining boots and rings on this list because it is used against a single species and not all of them. 

What the Slime Charmer Ring Provides: 

  • Once equipped, the slime charmer ring prevents all damage from slimes. This includes slime debuff. 

How to get the Slime Charmer Ring: Purchasable at the Adventurer’s Guild for 25,000g after the slaying of 1,000 slimes.

6. Combat Boots

Combat Boots are the first footwear item on our list that is found in both Pelican Town and Skull Caverns. These fresh kicks are also the first purchasable boots on my list. 

What Combat Boots Provide: 

  • Once equipped, combat boots provide +3 defense to players

How to get Combat Boots: Purchasable at the Adventurer’s Guild for 1,250g. Also found by breaking crates and barrels or special monster drops in the Pelican Town Mines levels 60-120 or Skull Cavern levels 0-39. Can also be found in fishing treasure chests. 

5. Crabshell Ring

One of the more interesting rings within the game, the crabshell ring is another item obtained after completing an Adventurer’s Guild quest. 

What the Crabshell Ring Provides:

  • Once equipped, the crabshell ring provides +5 defense to players

How to get the Crabshell Ring: Obtainable after killing 60 Rock Crabs, can also be purchased after this quest for 15,000g from Marlon at the Adventurer’s Guild. 

4. Genie Shoes

Genie Shoes have the highest immunity rating in the game currently. These fashionable shoes are found exclusively in Skull Cavern and fishing. 

What Genie Shoes Provide: 

  •  Once equipped, genie shoes provide a +1 defense and a +6 immunity to players.

How to get Genie Shoes:  Found by breaking crates and barrels or as a special monster drop on level 40+ in the Skull Cavern. Also found in Fishing Treasure Chests. 

3. Firewalker Boots

Firewalker boots are a step above combat boots, providing players with greater attributes. Plus look how fresh they are!

What Firewalker Boots Provide: 

  • Once equipped, firewalker boots provide +3 defense and +3 immunity to players

How to get Firewalker Boots: All players receive firewalker boots at level 80 of the mines. They can also be found within fishing treasure chests. 

2. Space Boots

Space Boots are a popular choice among players of Stardew Valley for their high defense and immunity attributes. Arguably they are the best footwear choice in the game.

What Space Boots Provide: 

  • Once equipped, space boots provide a +4 defense and +4 immunity to players

How to get Space Boots: All players obtain space boots after reaching level 110 of the mines. After receiving them there, players can purchase them at the Adventurer’s Guild for 5,000g.

1. Emily’s Magic Boots

Sitting at number 1 on my list is Emily’s Magic Boots. Although they provide the same attributes as space boots, they are both rarer than Space Boots and made with love. I mean come on anything made with love is just that more special. 

What Emily’s Magic Boots Provide: 

  • Once equipped, Emily’s magic boots provide a +4 defense and +4 immunity to players

How to get Emily’s Magic Boots: Players must be married to Emily and have 14-hearts with her to trigger her 14-heart event to obtain these boots. 

That concludes my list of the top 15 Stardew Valley best armors. With all of this knowledge, I think I’m going to go rethink my in-game marriage. Sorry Alex, but Emily has got me wanting a pair of her exclusive boots! Happy mining everyone! 

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