Stardew Valley Best Fishing Rods (And How To Get Them)

Willy the Fisherman

Fishing is an important element of Stardew Valley (even if I struggle so hard with it). Gotta catch em’ all, right?

Early game, it gives your farmer crucial food and money to save up for those overpriced strawberry seeds at Pierre’s stand at the Egg Festival. Completionists will want to up their fishing skills as much as possible to try to catch those Legendary Fish scattered around. 

Here’s a basic guide to all the different fishing rods, and what they bring to your game.

4. Bamboo Pole

This is everyone’s introduction to fishing rods in the game, and it’s not a bad rod. It  may not have any fancy bells or whistles, but it gets the job done.  There’s literally no benefits to using the Bamboo Pole over any of the other fishing rods other than the fact that it’s cheap.

How To Get the Bamboo Pole

  • Get it by Meeting Willy on the Docks of the Beach on Day 2.
  • Best Part is it’s FREE! (500 gold to replace).

3. Training Rod

If you really struggle with fishing like I do, this rod might be a good investment. This is the only fishing rod in the game that will increase the bar in the fishing minigame. The downside is that  the Training Rod can only be used to catch basic fish.

How To Get the Training Rod

  • Can be Purchased Right Away at Willy’s Shop.
  • Costs 25 gold.

2. Fiberglass Rod

The Fiberglass Rod is the first major upgrade to the original Bamboo Pole that the player can get. The biggest difference with this rod is that you can now add bait, meaning that the fish will be bitinga lot more.

How To Get the Fiberglass Rod

  • Available for Purchase at Willy’s Shop after Player Reaches Level 2 Fishing Skill.
  • Costs 1,800 Gold.

1. Iridium Rod

Here it is! The cream of the fishing rod crop. With a name like Iridium, it has to be good, right?  Not only can you add bait to this fishing rod, but you can also add different types of tackle which add various buffs to your fishing minigame. This rod is a bit expensive, but it’s well worth it in my opinion.

How To Get the Iridium Rod

  • Available for Purchase at Willy’s Shop after Player Reaches Level 6 Fishing Skill.
  • Costs 7,500 Gold.

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