[Top 5] Stardew Valley Best Fruit Trees (And Why They're Great)

Row upon row of fruits, cropping for the whole season!
Sweet and healthy, and VALUABLE.

Fruit Trees – they cost a lot and take a month to grow, but will produce their fruit every day for you to harvest for their fruiting season. Or, if you put them in a greenhouse, literally every day! Fruits have a variety of uses. They are liked as gifts by most Villagers, with some being loved by specific residents. They can be used for a variety of foodstuffs, and be processed into jelly, pickles, juice and wine for an even greater profit than their raw form, making them an excellent and reliable moneymaker.

You can also get some fruit from the bat cave if you select that option instead of the mushroom cave, and can also be potentially bought from the Travelling Cart. However, Seed Makers will not produce saplings, so if you want a regular supply, you have to get one the conventional way. Every fruit tree is a worthwhile investment eventually, but knowing which ones to pick up first can be difficult since they’re available all year. This guide should help you decide which to prioritize first. 



5. Apricot (Cheapest Tree)

Cheap and cheerful.

The apricot is the cheapest of the fruit trees available in the game, so it’s an easy one to pick up early. Outside of the greenhouse, it produces fruit in Spring, so you’re not going to be able to get your harvest until the start of year 2. Whilst they also sell for the least money of the fruits available to you, the lowest quality apricots can be sold for a more substantial profit if combined with blueberries and melons into a Fruit Salad – which is also loved by Haley.

Apricots can be used to complete the Artisan bundle in the Community Centre, though you have several options on what you submit for this bundle. In the Spring of year 2, Emily will request an apricot for gold and friendship, so it’s good to have a tree planted before then so it doesn’t clog up your quest log!

What makes Apricots Great:

  • Cheapest fruit tree to buy (2000g)
  • Can be used in the Artisan bundle

How to Get the Apricot Sapling: Purchase from Pierre for 2000g or 1500-2500 from the Travelling Cart

Apricot Tree details


4. Apple (Helps Complete the Fodder Bundle)

Not an effective doctor deterrent in this valley.

Apples. The classic fruit. Universally liked, even by the resident doctor, this is a medium-cost tree, costing notably more than apricots, but still potentially affordable early on. This is good, as apples are a required part for completing the Fodder bundle of the Community Centre, and as they produce fruit in Fall, it’s a good one to aim for early game, as the other parts of the bundle – wheat and hay – are easy to come by.

Apples are also used alongside cranberries and sugar to produce Cranberry Candy, which is loved by Vincent, but not profitable.

What makes Apples Great:

  • Required for the Fodder bundle, can be used for the Artisan bundle

How to Get the Apple Sapling: Purchase from Pierre for 4000g or 3000-5000 from the Travelling Cart

Apple Tree details


3. Peach (Good Profit)

Just peachy.

Peaches are one of the most expensive trees available at Pierre’s, but also sell for more money. They aren’t a required component for any recipes, so are a good candidate for wine production. They are also loved by Robin, making them an excellent gift choice. They produce fruit in Summer, so it is unlikely you will get a harvest before year 2, but fortunately are not a requirement for any bundles. They are, however, potentially used in the Artisan bundle.

What makes Peaches Great:

  • High profit (140-280g)
  • Can be used for Artisan bundle
  • Loved by Robin

How to Get the Peach Sapling: Purchase from Pierre for 6000g or 4500-7500 from the Travelling Cart

Peach Tree details


2. Pomegranate (Helps Complete the Enchanters Bundle)


Pom pom pom~

With a sapling cost and selling price equal to the peach, pomegranates are high cost-high value fruits. Similarly, they are not used in any recipes, but are a loved gift for one villager, in this case, the bachelor Elliott. Aside from its use as a potential spouse-maker, the pomegranate is also a required part of the Enchanters bundle, in addition to being potentially used for the Artisan bundle.  Since the tree produces its fruit in Fall, it is important to think ahead if you want to complete the bundles as quickly as possible, due to its cost and the time it takes to grow. Plan accordingly!

What makes Pomegranates Great:

  • High profit (140-280g)
  • Required for the Enchanters bundles, can be used for the Artisan bundle
  • Loved by Elliott

How to Get the Pomegranate Sapling: Purchase from Pierre for 6000g or 4500-7500 from the Traveling Cart

Pomegranate Tree details


1. Banana (Used for the Obelisk)

Technically, they're actually a herb.

The banana is a more recent addition to the game, only available once the Farmer makes their way to Ginger Island. It is one of the hardest fruit trees to obtain, as it cannot be purchased with gold. Instead, there are multiple ways to obtain one. Firstly, Farmers can trade a sapling for 5 Dragon Teeth at the Island Trader. These can be found in the Volcano Dungeon, either on the ground around a dragon skeleton, or dropped by Lava Lurks. They can also be produced by Stingrays in a Fish Pond. There is also a chance of obtaining a sapling by cracking open a Gold Coconut. Finally, you will receive one as a reward for completing the Large Animal collection in the Island Field Office. Bananas are also produced by Blue Discus Fish Ponds, but at a notably lower rate than by the trees. 

So are they worth all this effort? Bananas are the highest profit fruit in the game. More importantly, they are also a component of the Island Obelisk, allowing the Farmer to access Ginger Island more easily and conveniently than using the Boat service. Whilst actually less popular with most Villagers than other fruit, the banana can also be used to create Banana Pudding when combined with milk and sugar. Not only does this give useful bonuses to mining, luck, and defense, but it is also loved by Abigail and liked by most Villagers.

What makes the Banana Great:

  • Highest profit 
  • Needed for the Island Obelisk

How to the Banana Sapling: Trade with the Island Trader for 5 Dragon Teeth, found in Golden Coconuts, or a reward for a Large Animal Collection in the Island Field Office

Banana Tree details

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