[Top 10] Terraria Best Armors (And How To Get Them)

All the end-game Terraria armor sets

Armor is always important in any game

Terraria is a game where you build houses, mansions, castles, and dungeons. But it’s not all about that. What sets this game apart from other “block-building” games is its immense and intense combat. The enemies are plenty and the damage they do is even more. Some people don’t even know what to do during their first night in this violent world.

So, how do you survive this monster-infested map that you’re on? The answer, my friend, is ARMOR. Get ready to suit up as we talk about the Top 10 Terraria Best Armors and how to get them.


10. Meteor Armor

One step for man, a giant leap for mankind...

Your first look at Terraria sees you making things out of wood and stone. Though it may seem primitive, there are a few advancements along the way; some more high-tech than the others.

After you beat your Corruption or Crimson boss, a Meteorite will crash in your world. Gather the ores and craft yourself a futuristic purple armor that’s sure to defend you throughout late pre-hardmode.

What makes Meteor Armor awesome:

  • Makes the mana cost of the Space Gun, Gray Zapinator, and Orange Zapinator into zero.
  • 27% increased magic damage (9% per piece)

Armor Stats:

  • Defense: 16
  • Set Bonus: Space Gun costs 0 mana (Zapinator perks are secret)

How to get the Meteor Armor:

Getting the Meteor Armor


9. Molten Armor

Be careful. It's hot!

At the very end of Pre-Hardmode, you’ll find yourself scouring the very bottom of your world. There you’ll be able to find Hellstone bars to craft fiery weapons of doom and also to craft this glowing red armor set.

The Molten armor is a melee-oriented armor set that boasts the highest defense stat during pre-hardmode. The defense on it alone makes it a good armor choice for other classes since their class armor just doesn't cut it.

What makes Molten Armor awesome:

  • Increases Melee crit chance, damage, and speed by 7%
  • Grants immunity to the “On Fire!” debuff
  • Leaves a fire trail where you walk

Armor Stats:

  • Defense: 25 (set)
  • Set Bonus: 10% Extra Melee damage, Cannot be set on fire.
  • Extra 10% stacks with the existing 7% the pieces give.

How to get the Molten Armor:

Getting the Molten Armor


8. Necro Armor

Made from the bones of your enemies. Literally.

Ranged-class users often have a hard choice between getting better defense or boosting their damage. This next armor allows them to have both pre-hardmode. This shadowy armor is a great mix of both offense and defense and is not hard to make to boot.

The Necro armor is a go-to set for rangers at the later part of pre-hardmode. It becomes available after you, the player, beat Skeletron and gain access to the Dungeon biome. It requires a hefty amount of bones and cobwebs to craft but is made worth it by the armor’s utility up to early hardmode.

What makes Necro awesome:

  • Easily obtainable after beating Skeletron
  • Boosts ranged damage by 15% (5% per piece)
  • Cool bone clunking sounds when you get hit, instead of the usual damage sounds
  • Afterimage effect when all set pieces are worn
  • Can be obtained pre-Skeletron in a Drunk world seed

Armor Stats:

  • Defense: 19 (set)
  • Set Bonus: 10% increased ranged critical strike chance

How to get the Necro Armor:

Getting the Necro Armor


7. Beetle Armor

Be careful of bug zappers.

After battling through the grueling early part of hardmode and defeating Plantera and Golem, you’ll be able to finally skip progression armors and get back into class armor for the rest of the game.

As they always say, the best defense is a good offense, or however that saying goes. This next armor has the highest damage reduction stat of all armors in the game. The Beetle armor has 2 different chest pieces to choose from, attack and defense.

What makes Beetle Armor awesome:

  • Split choices between attack and defense with different chest pieces
  • Damage reduction buff using the defense set offers a flat 45% reduction at max stacks
  • The Beetle Armor, Worm Scarf, Endurance Potion, and Frozen Turtle Shell together make for a 74% damage reduction at one time.
  • Having all accessories forged to Warding with a Frozen or Hero’s Shield boosts your defense over 100.

Armor Stats:

  • Defense: 61 (Attack set) / 73 (Defense set)
  • Set Bonus:
    • Attack:
      • +8% melee critical hit chance
      • +14% melee damage
      • +12% melee speed
      • +12% movement speed
      • Beetle Might buff: Up to 30% bonus damage on continuous attacks
    • Defense:
      • +5% melee critical hit chance
      • +11% melee damage
      • +6% melee speed
      • +6% movement speed
      • Beetle Endurance: Up to 45% damage reduction when not taking damage for a duration.

How to get the Beetle Armor:

Getting the Beetle Armor


6. Spectre Armor

I'm a spooky ghost. BOOOOO!

Mages in Hardmode get very squishy very fast. What better way to combat squishiness than healing yourself mid-battle? Unfortunately, using potions can give their specific potion sickness debuff which disables heal spamming. How do you get around this then? This armor is the answer to your problem.

The Spectre Armor is a post-Plantera armor that uses orbs to either damage or heals. Equip the Mask and you shoot orbs at enemies. Don the Hood and get lifesteal on your spells.

What makes Spectre Armor awesome:

  • Again, armor options allow you to be versatile with both damage and healing
  • Easily obtainable by making farms for Ectoplasm
  • Looks really edgy

Armor Stats:

  • Defense: 30 (Hood) / 42 (Mask)
  • Set Bonus:
    • Hood:
      • +17% magic critical hit chance
      • +25% magic damage
      • +8% movement speed
      • Orbs home and damage the closest enemy (100 base damage)
    • Mask:
      • -25% magic damage reduction
      • +7% magic critical hit chance
      • +8% movement speed
      • Orbs home and heal the player with the lowest health

How to get the Spectre Armor:

Getting the Spectre Armor


5. Shroomite Armor

Better hide from a red plumber

Let’s give our rangers some love with this next armor. This set allows for rangers to easily hide and perform a ‘Stealth’ shot that deals massive bonus damage.

The Shroomite Armor provides set bonuses for all projectile types by offering 3 different helmets. This allows for rangers with preferred weapons to get the best damage they can at this point in the game. Just like the other armors, you can get this right after Plantera.

What makes Shroomite Armor awesome:

  • 3 different helmet types: Headgear for arrows, Mask for bullets, and Helmet for rockets
  • Stealth mode: +60% damage, +10% critical chance, and +50% knockback at full stealth (1.5 seconds after doing nothing activates stealth)

Armor Stats:

  • Defense: 51 (set)
  • Set Bonus:
    • ×1.15 projectile damage based on headpiece worn
    • +13% ranged damage
    • +25% ranged critical strike chance
    • +20% chance not to consume ammo
    • +12% movement speed

How to get the Shroomite Armor:

Getting the Shroomite Armor


4. Nebula Armor

Purple is the new black

Let's get started on the post-Moon Lord gear. These armor sets are the most powerful you can get in vanilla Terraria. To kick things off, let’s start with the lunar Mage Set.

Nebula Armor is composed of the fragments dropped by the Nebula Pillar during the Lunar event post-Lunatic Cultist. The only way to make them into armor is by getting Luminite from Moon Lord, which spawns right after the pillars are defeated. 

What makes Nebula Armor awesome:

  • Special booster items appear when attacking with magic and summon projectiles:
  • Pink: Damage boost
  • Orange: Regeneration
  • Blue: Mana regen

Armor Stats:

  • Defense: 46 (set)
  • Set Bonus:
    • +60 max MP
    • +26% magic damage
    • +16% magic critical strike chance
    • −15% reduced MP usage
    • +10% movement speed

How to get the Nebula Armor:


Getting the Nebula Armor 


3. Vortex Armor

Stylish AF

The next armor set from the Lunar armors is the ranger class variant, the Vortex Armor. It offers a semi-permanent Stealth buff as opposed to the Shroomite armor which only lasts till the next attack.

Vortex Armor is composed of the fragments dropped by the Vortex Pillar during the Lunar event post-Lunatic Cultist. Again, we would need the Luminite from Moon lord to craft it.

What makes Vortex Armor awesome:

  • Special Stealth mode (activated by pressing Down twice): Stealth that is not canceled by moving or grappling. Dashing or mounting, however, disables stealth.
  • Stealth stats:
    • +80% ranged damage
    • +20% ranged critical strike chance
    • -33% movement speed

Armor Stats:

  • Defense: 62(set)
  • Set Bonus:
    • +36% ranged damage
    • +27% ranged critical chance
    • +25% chance to not consume ammo
    • +10% movement speed

How to get the Vortex Armor:

Getting the Vortex Armor


2. Stardust Armor

A Stardust whatever will protect you

Our next armor set is the best for our summoner friends. The Stardust armor not only increases minion slots, but it also adds a ‘unique’ minion that’s tied to the armor’s set ability.

Stardust Armor is composed of the fragments dropped by the Stardust Pillar during the Lunar event post-Lunatic Cultist. All of the Lunar event armors require Luminite, so Moon Lord is bound to die yet again.

What makes Stardust Armor awesome:

  • Comes with a powerful minion while wearing the full set
  • Most powerful summoner armor in the game
  • Makes the summoner very deadly even without summoning accessories

Armor Stats:

  • Defense: 38 (set)
  • Set Bonus:
    • +5 minion capacity
    • +66% minion damage
    • A Stardust Guardian minion will protect the player

How to get the Stardust Armor:

Getting the Stardust Armor


1. Solar Flare Armor

Burn your enemies to the ground!

Solar Flare Armor is composed of the fragments dropped by the Solar Pillar during the Lunar event post-Lunatic Cultist. This armor boasts the highest late-game defense stat and is the only armor set that gives the player a “dash” ability.

What makes Solar Flare Armor awesome:

  • Enables the player to dash without the Tabi or the Shield of Cthulhu
  • Has a passive health regen buff
  • Set creates armor charges (similar to Beetle armor) which reduce damage taken by 20% per charge used. Dashing into an enemy will also use a charge and cause an explosion that damages all nearby mobs.

Armor Stats:

  • Defense: 78 (set)
  • Set Bonus:
    • +26% melee crit chance
    • +29% melee damage
    • +15% melee speed
    • +15% move speed
    • Gain +900 aggro (useless in single-player worlds)

How to get the Solar Flare Armor:

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