[Top 5] Terraria Most Useful Accessories (And How To Get Them)

Ranking the best accessory classes

Terraria has over 300 different accessories which add mobility, damage, information, and even fishing boosts. With the sheer number of equipment in this category, how are you expected to choose the 5/6/7 slots you have in Classic/Expert/Master modes? That's why we're here to provide you with more information on which accessories do what in our short but sweet guide. Here are our Top 5 Terraria Most Useful Accessories and how to get them!

1. Movement

Beating the game without these is suicide

Terraria is fundamentally an action platformer game. Combat in this world is very dependent on how you can move around the world and your ability to avoid enemy attacks. This is why Movement accessories are the best things you should focus on when it comes to surviving in this boss-filled world

Why are Movement accessories useful?

  • Mobility directly equates to survivability in an action-platformer
  • Movement accessories are also vital in the exploration of your world
  • It's impossible to beat the Moon Lord without any speed-boosting accessories

Notable Movement accessories:

  • Wings
    • Allows flight and negates fall damage
  • Terraspark Boots
    • Increases run speed and the ability to walk on liquids
  • Soaring Insignia
    • Enables unlimited flight time

List of all Movement Accessories:

2. Combat

Increasing your damage output one accessory at a time

Increasing your damage in a game about beating enemies and bosses is a no-brainer. There are different types of damage in Terraria and there's always an accessory for all damage types. That's why Combat accessories are highly valued since sometimes raw damage just ain't enough.

Why are Combat accessories useful?

  • Increased damage means better stopping power
  • The less time you need to defeat enemies means the less time you need to spend trying to survive

Notable Combat accessories:

  • Emblems
    • Increases damage output by a fixed amount for various damage types
  • Celestial Shell
    • Highly potent combat item with a balanced set of boosts
  • Yoyo Bag
    • Makes the Yoyo weapons viable

List of all Movement Accessories:

3. Defense

Surviving a hit means surviving a fight

Defense is also important in Terraria as taking a hit is inevitable, unless you're a literal Terraria God. There's a wide categorization for defensive accessories including debuff immunity, defense boosts, and dodging accessories.

Why are Defense accessories useful?

  • Staying alive is important all the time
  • Keeping yourself protected means your party members don't need to worry about you too much

Notable Defense accessories:

  • Ankh Shield
    • Almost absolute debuff immunity
  • Cross Necklace
    • Doubles immunity frames after taking a hit
  • Frozen Turtle Shell
    • Reduces damage taken when below half health

List of all Movement Accessories:

4. Informational

Knowing is half the battle

Information is highly valued in Terraria. Knowing exactly what time it is and figuring out how many feet you are underground, these are all tiny things that having knowledge of makes a huge difference. A huge impact that these accessories provide is that they can work even without being equipped. This means having them in your inventory makes them valuable to have on their own.

Why are Informational accessories useful?

  • Knowing the exact time in Terraria is important as some bosses are locked to night phases. Reduce the risk of getting insta-killed by summoning night bosses during the day.
  • Some mobs only appear in certain locations in the world, making locational accessories extremely useful in hunting them down.

Notable Defense accessories:

  • Platinum Watch
    • Displays time to the minute
  • Depth Meter
    • Displays your vertical position
  • PDA
    • Combines most informational accessories into one

List of all Movement Accessories:

5. Expert Mode Uniques

Found only in Expert and Master Modes

There are some accessories in the game that offers one-of-a-kind effects that cannot be found in Classic worlds. These accessories cause unique effects that are closely related to the boss they're associated with. These accessories are widely known as "boss items" in that they only drop from the game's main bosses.

Why are Expert Mode accessories useful?

  • They offer unique "boss" abilities that can greatly affect how you fight in the game

Notable Expert Mode accessories:

  • Soaring Insignia
    • Empress of Light - Infinite Flight
  • Shield of Cthulhu
    • Eye of Cthulhu - Damaging Dash attack
  • Bone Helm
    • Deerclops - Summons damaging shadow hands

List of all Movement Accessories:


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