[Top 5] Terraria Best Ammo And How To Get Them

Chlorophyte Bullets vs Lunatic Cultist

Terraria is one of the only boss-rush-type games that have a variety of weapons. They have everything from swords, magic, to even guns. Although the guns themselves are very powerful, there are quite a few benefits to choosing your own bullet as well. In order to help our fellow Terraria lovers out there, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 Terraria Best Ammo And How To Get Them.

5. Meteor Shot

Gotta bounce!

The earliest notable ‘unique’ bullet type is the Meteor Shot. It can be crafted very easily through the use of Musket Balls and Meteorite bars. This ammo has 2 functions that work individually. It can either pierce 1 enemy or bounce off a wall, but not both. The base damage of this bullet is a bit lower than the Silver bullet, but the utility of the options it has makes it a bit more useful.

What’s good about Meteor Shot:

  • Can pierce an enemy or bounce off a wall, but not both
  • Reasonable damage for pre-hardmode

Meteor Shot Stats:

  • Damage: 8 
  • Knockback: 1 (Extremely Weak)
  • Velocity: 3

How to get Meteor Shot:

Guide on how to get the Meteor Shot


4. Crystal Bullets

Do you know what happens to dummies hit by crystals? Same thing as everything else.

Sometimes, a good shot isn’t enough to kill an enemy. That’s why we rely on special ammo effects to do the extra damage for us. The Crystal Bullet excels in this situation as the bullet smashes and scatters into shrapnel as soon as a target is hit. This causes two shards that deal 50% of the bullet’s damage to scatter and hit anything it touches.

What’s good about Crystal Bullets:

  • Shards add extra DPS to your weapon.
  • Highly effective when used with guns that shoot fast or shoot multiple bullets at once.
  • Can make easy work of the Mechanical Bosses up to Plantera.

Crystal Bullet Stats:

  • Damage: 9
  • Knockback: 1 (Extremely Weak)
  • Velocity: 5

How to get Crystal Bullets:

Guide on how to get the Crystal Bullets


3. Ichor Bullets

Eye of Cthulhu when hit by a Golden Shower. No, really.

Guns in Terraria do not have very high damage, which is why they compensate with higher RPM in order to deal massive damage. What if we told you that there’s a way to reduce enemy armor through ammo? Sounds interesting? Then the Ichor Bullets are your saving grace. This ammo greatly reduces an affected mob’s defense which allows your next shots to deal that extra damage.

What’s good about Ichor Bullets:

  • Reduces enemy armor by 15 for 10 seconds
  • Affects some bosses as well

Ichor Bullet Stats:

  • Damage: 13 
  • Knockback: 4 (Weak)
  • Velocity: 5.25

How to get Ichor Bullets:

Guide on how to get Ichor Bullets


2. Chlorophyte Bullets

Bet he didn't see that coming...

In any game that involves guns, accuracy is your key to winning. This is why Chlorophyte bullets stand high on our list. No more aiming is needed as these bullets will automatically home in on the nearest hostile enemy. This makes it an excellent asset when fighting fast bosses like the Twins and Moon Lord.

What’s good about Chlorophyte Bullets:

  • The homing effect makes guns easier to use against fast enemies.
  • Very cheap to craft as Chlorophyte can be grown and farmed.

Chlorophyte Bullet Stats:

  • Damage: 9
  • Knockback: 4.5 (Average)
  • Velocity: 5

How to get Chlorophyte Bullets:

Guide on how to get Chrlorophyte Bullets


1. Luminite Bullets

Curses! Missed again!

If you’ve read through our best arrows list, you’ll find that piercing is very important in ranged weapons. Luminite Bullets play very similarly to Jester’s Arrows which pierce infinitely for a set duration. These bullets are able to shoot 50 Zombies piled up leaving 49 dead and the last at 10% health. It’s also very cheap to craft as 999 bullets only cost 3 Luminite Bars to make.

What’s good about Luminite Bullets:

  • Infinite pierce for a set duration
  • Highest base damage for bullets in the game

Luminite Bullet Stats:

  • Damage: 20
  • Knockback: 3 (Very Weak)
  • Velocity: 2

How to get Luminite Bullets:

Guide on how to get Luminite Bullets


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