[Top 5] Terraria Best Flying Mounts And How To Get Them

Flying on a book above unsuspecting mannequins

Terraria is a massive game with many unique and adorable mounts. From slimes, bees, brooms, you name it! Terraria has it all! But, if there are so many of them, how can you tell which of them is the best? Journey with us as we walk you through our Top 5 Terraria Flying Mounts and how to get them. 

5. Honeyed Goggles

Bzzzt. Hey! How are you doin’?

Getting flight in pre-hardmode is a difficult task. That is why getting an early flying mount is quintessential to progressing through the early game. Many places can only be explored or are easier accessed by flight. At this point, the Bee mount is the best choice you have.

What’s good about the Bee mount:

  • Slow on land but compensates with fast flight. Can hover in place after reaching max altitude (or using up flight time).

Bee Mount Stats:

  • Cancels fall damage
  • 10 walk speed. 
  • 31 fly speed. 
  • 654 ft altitude.

How to get the Bee Mount:

  • Drops from Queen Bee


4. Drill Containment Unit

Armed with drilling lasers!

The Drill Containment Unit is a unique mount in that it can mine blocks as you are riding it. It gives you the ability to terraform your environment and dig tunnels easily. This ability is unique to this mount alone.

What’s good about the Drill mount:

  • Dig out tunnels easily and reliably.
  • Has a decent flight speed

Drill Mount Stats:

  • Infinite flight
  • 31 horizontal speed
  • 41 vertical speed
  • 51 diagonal speed

How to get the Drill Mount:

  • Crafted ona Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil with 40 of each bars:
    • Luminite
    • Chlorophyte
    • Shroomite
    • Spectre
    • Hellstone
    • Meteorite


3. Cosmic Car Key

Lost in Space. Literally.

Flying is a boon in Terraria. It allows you to battle bosses with increased maneuverability. The UFO mount is built for this as it offers a consistently fast movement with good acceleration. Flying diagonally with this mount will give you top speeds for exploration and combat.

What’s good about the UFO mount:

  • Fast movement when traveling diagonally. Always zigzag to get the best out of this mount

UFO Mount Stats:

  • Infinite flight
  • 41 horizontal/vertical speed
  • 58 diagonal speed

How to get the UFO Mount:

  • Drops from Martian Saucer during Martian Madness event


2. Witch’s Broom

*Insert maniacal witch laughter*

The Witch's Broom can be considered a direct upgrade to the UFO mount. It has insane speeds that can bring you end-to-end of your world in seconds. It also has a unique mechanic where your player sprite is only 3 tiles high, making you able to fit in player-wide gaps.

What’s good about the Witch’s Broom mount:

  • Faster and more compact as compared to the UFO mount

Witch’s Broom Mount Stats:

  • Infinite flight
  • 46 horizontal speed
  • 41 vertical speed
  • 62 diagonal speed

How to get the Witch’s Broom Mount:

  • Drops from Mourning Wood during the Pumpkin Moon event.


1. Shrimpy Truffle

Aww, how cute!

Now, we present you with the fastest mount in the game. The Cute Fishron mount, when used as is, is not fast at all. However, once this mount touches any liquid, it reaches unparalleled speed. You can set up an arena with bubble walls filled with honey to ride the Cute Fishron at its best potential.

What’s good about the Cute Fishron mount:

  • It has the highest speed stat in the game after touching any liquid
  • Speeds up when user is at low health

Cute Fishron Mount Stats:

  • Infinite flight
  • 33 horizontal speed
  • 41 vertical speed
  • 82 speed when submerged in liquid
  • 67 speed when below 50% or 6 seconds after touching liquid
  • 5 when touching any blocks

How to get the Cute Fishron Mount:

  • Drops from Duke Fishron


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