[Top 5] Terraria Best Wings and How To Get Them!

Terraria Best Wings
Beautiful chunks of pixels known as wings in Terraria

Are you sick of having your guts torn out by zombies and unicorns? With a shiny new pair of wings, you can avoid these pesky landbound monsters and get disemboweled by a friendly neighborhood wyvern instead.

This article contains everything you need to know about the 5 best wings in Terraria, ranked by ease of acquisition and usefulness. Post Moon Lord wings are not included.

5. Leaf Wings

The Leaf Wings are commonly regarded by the Terraria community as one of, if not the best early Hardmode wings because of how early you can get them and their decently high stats. These can be purchased from the Witch Doctor right after defeating the Wall of Flesh and entering Hardmode.

However, the reason these wings are number 5 is because they depend on the spawning of a beehive in the world. Without a beehive mini biome, the Queen Bee cannot spawn or be defeated. If the Queen Bee is not killed, the Witch Doctor cannot spawn. No Witch Doctor, no Leaf Wings. If you’re unlucky, you may never get the wings unless you start another world.


  • Flight Height: 81 tiles
  • Speed Bonus: 125%

Why this wing rocks:

  • Doesn’t require farming monsters to craft, unlike the Frost and Fire Wings, which have the same stats
  • Can be purchased right after getting into Hardmode
  • Great stats for early Hardmode; these wings are great until post-Plantera

How to get this wing:

  1. 1.Build a house for the Witch Doctor NPC in the jungle
  2. 2.Find a beehive in the jungle
  3. 3.Destroy the larvae to summon Queen Bee
  4. 4.Defeat Queen Bee
  5. 5.Defeat Wall of Flesh and enter Hardmode
  6. 6.Enter the jungle at night to purchase the Leaf Wings from the Witch Doctor for 1 Platinum

Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v221MjrDU9g

4. Steampunk Wings

The Steampunk Wings are a direct upgrade from the Leaf Wings. They are purchasable from the Steampunker for 1 Platinum after defeating the Golem.

Though they cost the same as the Leaf Wings, they are significantly better stat wise. These are ranked higher than the Leaf Wings as they are not dependent on the spawn chance of certain biomes, making them easier to obtain. However, they are only acquirable later in the game.


  • Flight Height: 91 tiles
  • Speed Bonus: 150%

Why this wing rocks:

  • Doesn’t require farming monsters to craft
  • Easily purchased wings with solid stats
  • Looks cool

How to get this wing:

  1. 1.Defeat a Mechanical Boss
  2. 2.Set up a house for the Steampunker NPC
  3. 3.Defeat the Golem
  4. 4.Purchase the wings from the Steampunker

Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1qMpDSGr3k

3. Fairy Wings

The Fairy Wings are, in my opinion, one of the easiest wings to obtain without making many detours. While the stats are not as good as the two previous wings, the relative ease with which you can obtain these earns them the number 3 spot.

Stat-wise, these are better than the basic Angel and Demon wings. To craft them, all you need to do is explore the Hallow and the Space Biome, kill some monsters as you go, visit your local crafting table, and voila! You’re a fairy now.


  • Flight Height: 67 tiles
  • Speed Bonus: 125%

Why this wing rocks:

  • Can be easily crafted by exploring new biomes (i.e Hallow, Space)
  • Better stats than many early wings, such as Demon, Angel, and Jetpack
  • Effortlessly fabulous

How to get this wing:

  1. 1.Obtain 20 Souls of Flight from killing Wyverns in the Space biome
  2. 2.Obtain 100 Pixie Dust killing Pixies (flying ping pong balls) in the Hallow (surface layer)
  3. 3.Craft at the Mithril or Orichalcum Anvil

.Video Guide:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWYNQz6v7oU

2. Betsy’s Wings

Betsy’s Wings are awesome. Not only do you get the satisfaction of ripping them off a dragon’s corpse for your personal use, the bonuses they provide are spectacular. Betsy’s wings enable you to hover, resulting in a gliding movement through the air..

What’s more, you move an additional 300% faster while hovering in addition to faster acceleration. These wings have a 25% drop rate from Betsy. On the downside, you have to continuously farm The Old One’s Army event until you get the drop, which could be quite tedious.


  • Flight Height: 119 tiles
  • Speed Bonus (base): 100%
  • Speed Bonus while ascending: 150%
  • Speed Bonus while hovering: 400%

Why this wing rocks:

  • Ability to hover
  • Ability to move super fast while hovering (zoom zoom)
  • Wings last 2x longer while hovering
  • You’re wearing a dragon’s corpse.

How to get this wing:

  1. 1.Defeat Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulu
  2. 2.Find the Tavernkeep NPC somewhere in your world (he can spawn in any layer)
  3. 3.Build a empty house for him and move him in
  4. 4.Purchase the Eternia Crystal Stand and an Eternia Crystal from the Tavernkeep
  5. 5.Build a minimum 123x10 tile wide clearing
  6. 6.Place the Eternia Crystal Stand in the middle of the floor of the clearing
  7. 7.Defeat the Wall of Flesh, a Mechanical Boss, and the Golem
  8. 8.Place the Eternia Crystal in the Eternia Crystal Stand and summon The Old One’s Army
  9. 9.Defeat Betsy when she spawns at wave 7
  10. 10.Repeat above two steps until the wings are dropped. Happy farming!

Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyRYQCdKPnk

1. Fishron Wings

The Fishron Wings are the best obtainable wings pre Moon Lord. They not only have the best flight time and acceleration, but also grant faster movement in all liquids.

The downside is that they are a rare drop from the game’s second hardest boss. Though the Duke Fishron is very difficult to summon, these wings are well worth the effort because the stats and the bubble effects are glorious.


  • Flight Height: 143 tiles (91 on mobile)
  • Speed Bonus: 167%
  • Speed Bonus while ascending: 150%

Why this wing rocks:

  • Longest-flying wings in the game pre Moon Lord
  • You can move normally in water, honey, and lava
  • Bubbles!!!

How to get this wing:

  1. 1.Purchase a Bug Net from the Merchant NPC
  2. 2.Find and catch a truffle worm in the underground mushroom biome. (they’ll flee if you get too close) Tip: Run at it and swing the net continuously until you come into range in order to catch it.
  3. 3.Use said truffle worm as bait and go fishing in the ocean. Other biomes will not summon the boss.
  4. 4.Defeat Duke Fishron (these wings have a 6.67% drop rate)
  5. 5.Repeat until you get lucky

Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPUnvH33vTs

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