[Top 5] Terraria Best Weapons For Skeletron

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Skeletron is one of the earliest bosses you can face in Terraria. It blocks entry into the Dungeon which contains powerful items you can use to beat the game. Although you can technically skip Skeletron, you'd have to defeat it for the Lunatic Cultist to spawn. It IS highly recommended that you defeat it before the Wall of Flesh as it contains loot that can help you enter hardmode. With that out of the way, we're here to give you our Top 5 Terraria Best Weapons for Skeletron if you fight him as intended.

5. Beenades

It's like packing bees in a jar!

Skeletron is notorious for its 2 giant hands that are hard to avoid for the newbie player. This is why we bring the Beenades into the mix, as it can allow you to focus on avoiding Skeletron's attacks while just spamming the weapon.

What makes the Beenades awesome:

  • Summons 15-25 bees per Beenade which deals up to 12 damage each
  • Very easy to craft many of as Grenades can be bought
  • Pair with the Hive Pack in Expert mode to deal 1-4 more damage per bee

Weapon stats:

  • Damage - 12 (Ranged)
  • Knockback - 1 (Extremely weak)
  • Consumable
  • Critical chance - 4%
  • Use time - 15 (Very fast)
  • Velocity - 6

How to get Beenades:

Guide on how to get Beenades

4. Flamarang

It deals massive damage when you hit with it

The Flamarang is a direct upgrade of the Enchanted Boomerang. It has a chance to set enemies on fire, which is great for whittling down the health of this bony boss. Once Skeletron's hands are rested, they become an easy target for the Flamarang.

What makes the Flamarang awesome:

  • Fires a fast boomerang that sets the target on fire
  • Does great DPS along with the boomerang's high base attack

Weapon stats:

  • Damage - 32 (Melee)
  • Knockback - 8 (Very strong)
  • Use time - 15 (Very slow)
  • Velocity - 14
  • Inflicts the 'On Fire!' debuff

How to get the Flamarang:

Guide on how to get the Flamarang

3. The Bee's Knees

Not the bees! Not the BEES!

Bee lovers will love this bow. Bee haters, well, screw you. Just kidding. The Bee's Knees is a Queen Bee drop that fires special shots when used with regular wooden arrows. Similar to the Beenades, this bow will fire a stream of bees that split into 3-6 bees per shot.

What makes The Bee's Knees awesome:

  • Bees will track Skeletron and its hands
  • You don't need to fire directly at the boss, firing at the ground is fine

Weapon stats:

  • Damage - 23 (Ranged)
  • Knockback - 3 (Very weak)
  • Critical chance - 4%
  • Use time - 24 (Fast)
  • Velocity - 8
  • Wooden arrows turn into a column of bees

How to get The Bee's Knees:

Guide on how to get The Bee's Knees

2. Imp Staff

Name a better pet than a demon straight from hell

Imps are a hell of an enemy to face in Terraria. Their accurate projectiles have killed off many beginners in their time. What if we told you that you can get these sharpshooters on your side with just a few Hellstone bars? The Imp Staff will fire at any enemy near you with great precision, allowing you to have your full focus on dodging Skeletron's attacks.

What makes the Imp Staff awesome:

  • Cast it once and just continue dodging.

Weapon stats:

  • Damage - 17 (Summon)
  • Knockback - 2 (Very weak)
  • Use time - 36 (Slow)
  • Velocity - 10

How to get the Imp Staff:

Guide on how to get the Imp Staff

1. Starfury

Bring the stars down on your enemies

Skeletron chews on true melee class players for lunch. That's why you must have a melee weapon that has some sort of projectile. If you're unlucky with getting an Enchanted Sword Shrine, chances are, the Starfury would be easier to find.

What makes the Starfury awesome:

  • The weapon can be bought as soon as the Traveling Merchant has it
  • Travels very fast when thrown and ricochets off of enemies up to 2 extra times
  • Excellent for all mech bosses as they all consist of multiple parts

Weapon stats:

  • Damage - 22 [sword] / 44 [star] (Melee)
  • Knockback - 5 (Average)
  • Critical chance - 4%
  • Use time - 20 (Very fast)
  • Velocity - 20

How to get the Starfury:

Guide on how to get the Starfury


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